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  1. You are everything you are conscious of. And other Gods are everything that they are conscious of. So maybe you could say the line of separation is unconsciousness. Unconsciousness is non-existent, so in that regard there is no separation and they are One. In that way Absolute Infinity is still One. And yet each sub-Infinity is still distinct and seperate in a sense.
  2. @Michael Jackson Why should absolute existence be limited to one Infinity? If there can be one Infinity then there surely can be many Infinities.
  3. It could have been just his imagination with no God behind it, but it could just as well have been another God. You can't be certain. You are God, but I don't think you can be 100% certain that other such Gods don't exist too.
  4. I think you are Infinite. And your Infinity is solipsistic because anything you can ever become conscious of is you and in that sense there can be no other. Or at least you can never be sure about a other. Even if your solipsistic Infinity feels absolute, then that doesn't necessarily mean that other such solipsistic Infinites aren't out there too. What would prevent them from existing? From a direct experience perspective, you can never know whether there are or aren't. I think there are infinitely many such consciousness bubbles / Infinities and they can exist isolated or co-exist. The way most people think about dreams, that would be an example of an isolated existence. You imagine everything and your dream characters (as well as every atom) are not Infinities themselves. An example of co-existence would be what most believe to be how life on earth is. Everyone is Infinite and Consciousness and God and is imagining everything. These bubbles might coordinate these imaginations together. If you are talking with someone and that person jumps, then you imagine that person jumping and that person imagines himself/herself jumping as well. In that regard your actions affect other's bubbles. So during waking life you are connected to that collective and during dreaming you are disconnected. At least that's how it seems. You can't be 100% sure. You could theoretically be disconnected the whole time. But I think that's extremely unlikely. You can't know for sure whether there are other Gods, because at the moment of becoming conscious of something like that, it becomes you and part of your Infinity. But I think that is just how it seems to us based on our current level. I think it might be possible to directly know about other Gods without making them part of you as a consequence. Omnipotent Gods could surely figure out a way how to do that.
  5. @Benton good time to do a Buddha meditation/invocation!
  6. Magick is about causing effects with non-physical means. Magick includes: occult practices law of attraction religious prayer having thoughts, emotions and intention That means everyone is doing magick all the time and thus shaping their life. It's just that it's usually a very weak form of magick. The most powerful magick is working with spiritual entities. The simplest form of that is angelic magick. Angelic magick is far more powerful than law of attraction techniques. Every manifestation technique - in one way or another - essentially increases the probability of manifestation. If the inherent probability (from using materialistic/mundane means) is too low and manifestation techniques can't increase the probability enough, manifestation doesn't happen. - Law of Attraction Law of attraction alone is in most cases not powerful enough to manifest your dreams. Law of attraction techniques are mostly about aligning your vibration/state with your dreams and clearing intenal blockages towrads your dreams. It's like law of attraction decreases the probability of your desires not manifesting (removing internal blocks that hold you back from manifesting) but it doesn't do much in increasing the probability of manifestation (adding power). That's where angelic magick comes in, angels add power. You can add power yourself, and one of the best ways to do this is with servitors and thoughtforms as described in John Kreiter's books, but unless you are very advanced, angelic power is a lot stronger. - Results Unless you are insanely advanced, the main component for manifestation is always your action. You still need to do the work. Do everything you would do if you didn't use magick. The angels will add power to your efforts and support in more mysterious ways too. In most cases results will be sublte. Some coincidences happen and your efforts might seem to be slightly more fruitful. Usually only when you look back after weeks or months you see how much the magick affected your life. But even then it can be subtle, definitely subtle enough that materialists will say it's just coincidence. But after months or years, all that stacks up and becomes extremely extremely statistically unlikely. But sometimes magick is shockingly effective and can seem miraculous. Even for beginners, but in most cases it's subtle. Generally the more psychic power you have, the more powerful your magick becomes. - Ritual What is usually called a technique or practice, is called ritual in magick. It can mean ceremonial stuff like wearing robes and all that stuff, but that is only one form of magick, and definitely not necessary. I've never done that. The most basic ritual includes some law of attraction stuff (to clear blockages, to ensure you are not in the way of the magick) and then calling upon angels to add power. So it usually looks somewhat like this: contemplate the problem glance at the sigil (if there are words, scan them) feel as though your dreams are already manifest. Pretend like it's already your reality call the angel names feel gratitude That's it. In some books the ritual is more complex. If you want you can just do this simple version and it will still work, but the more stuff you add, the more powerful the ritual becomes. A sigil usually consists of the angels' names in certain languages (hebrew, angelic language) or of symbols. The sigil acts like a gateway to the angels. By glancing at it you subconsciously connect with the angels. Here some rituals which I think might be most relevant for manifesting a great life. The name of the book is in brackets, all of them are by Damon Brand (except the "angels of omnipotence" that is by Jareth Tempest, and "sigils of power" that is by Adam Blackthorne) - Opportunities and Manifestation Road Opener (greater words of power) Bless an Undertaking (archangels of magick) Gain from Change (archangels of magick) Zachriel: stir up reality, create change (angels of alchemy) Kamael: improve the Quality of that which is sought (archangels of magick) Open the Road to new Opportunities (sigils of power) End bad Luck (words of power) End misfortune (mystical words of power) - Insights, ideas, knowing what to do Obtain Wisdom (to make a decision) (words of power) receive Guidance (greater words of power) Ideas for Projects (mystical words of power) find Clarity when confused (mystical words of power) - Discipline Peserverance (archangels of magick) complete a Task (greater words of power) strengthen Willpower over temptation (mystical words of power) dedicate yourself (words of power) overcome bad habits (greater words of power) Bualu (angels of omnipotence) - Love and Attraction There are plenty of love rituals out there. Most of them manipulate or affect other people to a small or great extend. That's obviously not good. Rather than aiming magick at others, aim it at yourself. Use magick to become more attractive, and to support your efforts to become more attractive: Attract through inner Light (mystical words of power) Amiel: become more Charming and Attractive (angels of alchemy) increase Confidence (greater words of power) strengthen personal Confidence (mystical words of power) Tulatu (angels of omnipotence) And you can also do magick to cause syncronicities to meet potential partners: Attract a Romantic Partner (with the intention to meet a potential partner) (greater words of power) Attract Romance (sigils of power) You can essentially also do any of the above-mentioned rituals for opportunities and have the intention for syncronicities to meet a potential partner - Emotional Relief from anxiety (mystical words of power) reconnect with your Soul (mystical words of power) improve intuition (mystical words of power) stop negative thoughts (mystical words of power) Lavel: ease sadness and depression (72 angels of magick) ease depression (sigils of power) - Personal Development Uiazel (angels of omnipotence) Add Momentum to your Efforts (mystical words of power) Achieve more with less effort (mystical words of power) Recover your Passion (greater words of power) enhance Creativity (greater words of power) discover your true Passion (sigils of power) discover creative Talents (sigils of power) pass an exam (greater words of power) Learn with ease (sigils of power) - Healing My favourites are the 5 healing rituals in mystical words of power Raphael (archangels of magick) several angels for healing in 72 angels of magick Ebuhuel (angels of omnipotence) It has nothing to do with angels, but this health subliminal is pretty good: - Spiritual Uiazel: Enlightenment (angels of omnipotence) Lucid Dreaming (sigils of power) Dream Recall (sigils of power) Ublisi: Lucid Dreaming (angels of omnipotence) Ublisi: Dream Recall (angels of omnipotence) Metatron: Ascension (archangels of magick) There are a lot more rituals in these books. All of the books involve angels, except the "sigils of power book", that one involves no spiritual entities. I listed rituals mostly from the words of power books, because these rituals are quite simple and effective. But you can also look more thoroughly into the archangels of magick, 72 angels of magick and angels of alchemy books. And there are still more books by Damon Brand. And you can also check out other authors: Ben Woodcroft Jareth Tempest Tristan Whitespire Zanna Blaise Adam Blackthorne Rose Manning ... Usually a ritual needs to be done only once. But when working with one angel (like Uiazel, Metatron, Amiel) (rather than using a ritual with a group of angels) with the intention of causing internal change, then repating the ritual can be valuable in order to add additional power, to keep the energy for internal change flowing more strongly. For that purpose, you can also consider doing it more the way I described in my invocation post. Invoking that angel, sitting in its presence and having a specific intention for internal change. These kinds of invocations are mainly for the energetic effects and the effects on your state of consciousness. And when done regularly with a certain intention, they are good for any internal change (personal development). In my opinion, magick is the most powerful manifestation technique. It can make life a lot easier and better. I think the second most powerful manifestation technique is using Subliminals. Then next is servitors and thought forms, and next is chaos magick sigils and law of attraction stuff. If someone is interested in more occult practices:
  7. Safety Angelic magick is not 100% safe. But neither is life. Doing the magick as described in the books is pretty safe (according to all these authors and what people say on the internet). We live in a crazy world, life is most likely better and safer with angelic magick, especially if you also do protection magick from these books: Magickal Protection by Damon Brand Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft Angelic protection can protect you from non-physical stuff (negative emotions and intents of others projected towards you, astral entities, black magick,...) as well as physical stuff (violence, theft,...). It's of course no guarantee. But the likelihood of harm can be decreased. If someone is not comfortable with angelic magick, you can ask ascended masters too (or do manifestation techniques without any external entities). Usually angelic magick is more effective. But for example for protection, ascended masters can also be quite good I guess. For example you could do an ascended master visualization once a day. Visualizing how you are surrounded by ascended masters, and knowing that you are protected. Generally, the closer your relationship with a particular ascended master, the stronger the protection. I think that the more famous ascended masters are more willing to help. Like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Babaji, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene. Also those that New Agers claim to support humanity in its ascension.
  8. @Someone here Empowering spiritual and personal development growth
  9. When your state of consciousness becomes high enough, it becomes impossible to keep surviving physically. The only reason why enlightened people are alive is because they are not 100% devoted to the enlightened state. They are devoted both to the human state as well as to the enlightened state. The human state, the biasedness, is what keeps them alive.
  10. @Someone here I'd recommend doing these 2 rituals with the intention of finding your dream wife: Attract a Romantic Partner (greater words of power) Attract Romance (sigils of power) And if you want you can do these as well, with the intention to find your dream wife: You can also listen to this subliminal. You can let it play during daily acitivities and or during sleep. And you can support all that by doing some basic law of attraction visualizations. After waking up and before going to sleep for a few minutes. Visualizing how you already have your dream wife. During the day, you could try to be in the vibration of already having your dream wife. If that's too difficult, try to have a knowing that you are on that timeline where you get together with your dream wife.
  11. I was writing about being unbiased vs biased. And that from a human pov, it is better to be biased, because in that way it is more likely to experience the good. Because when you are unbiased you allow both bad and good. I wrote this for living life in general. This doesn't at all mean that striving to make the seperate self Immortal is necessary for a good post death experience. The process of making the seperate self Immortal as described in that first post can be done to increase goodness after physical death. But I don't think it's the only way. It's just one way. For example, some new age people say that the post death experience depends on your vibration and intent. That you can go to great realms with your intent alone. I think that could easily be true. That you don't have perfect lucidity and that the seperate self starts dissolving, could possibly be a feature of this realm we are currently in. But if you go to a different realm after physical death, then rules can be different there. That means there it might be very easy to keep lucidity and maintain the seperate self, even if you did no preparatory work during physical life. Just by having a strong intent and wanting to get to such a great realm might be enough to get there. I think that is a very real possibility. Maybe not a certainty. But neither is the philosophy of my first post. Both are theories.
  12. This post is about the process of preventing the seperate self from dissolving after physical death, so that it continues to exist with full control and lucidity. This post is based on John Kreiter's book "the way of the death defier" (as well as "the way of the projectionist"). I'm basically summarizing the main concept and adding my own spin. This post is obviously not about becoming more enlightened. But it isn't necessarily about becoming less enlightened either. There are 2 kinds of no-self. Becoming conscious how the seperate self is an illusion (relative to that state of consciousness). This realization is not in contradiction with the topic of this post. You can strengthen the seperate self and at the same time be awake and conscious of its illusory nature. This realization is in the pure consciousness dimension. Actually dissolving the seperate self. The more you do it, the more difficult it will become to survive, and eventually that seperate self completely dissolves (at that point the physical body is dead). So this process is indeed in contradiction with the topic of this post. That process tends to be more in the void dimension (more nuance later) - What You Are I recently made this post about the layers of the self from a more non-dual perspctive, maybe that post helps to reconcile this post here with non-duality. We are made of two components (from a dualistic perspective) Consciousness Appearances These appearances range from gross to subtle. Let's go down from gross to subtle: Mental stuff and activity like thoughts and images. Here is the intellect and here happens understanding and recognition. Appearances of a seperate self. These are made of energy and intangible stuff like a personality and a sense of self. Unconscious data. Here is stored everything that is unconscious to the seperate self These appearances from gross to subtle are like a vertical line from up to down. Ultimately everything is consciousness. So let's merge this vertical line with consciousness. This vertical line correlates to some extend with the Alertness Dimension: By merging each of the 3 layers with consciousness we get (now I use John Kreiter's terms): The conscious self. The conscious self is made of mental activity (like recognition) + enough consciousness (which is the case when the alertness dimension is high enough). There might be some mental activity during deep sleep and dreams but the alertness dimension is too low, therefore the conscious self is dead, as a result these sleep stages are unconscious relative to you. During waking life there is also mental activity and the alertness dimension is higher, therefore the conscious self exists during waking life. When the conscious self exists and the self-referential recognition (recognizing that you exist, that you are conscious, that you are alive. Being present and mindful rather than being on autopilot like most people are 99% of their day) is strong enough you are lucid. Conscious self + self-referential recognition = lucidity. I guess the conscious self is what most people are identified with. The Ghost in the Machine. The appearances of a seperate self alone don't really form a real entity. But if we merge these appearances with consciousness, then it's a real entity. Let's use the term ghost in the machine because that's how John Kreiter calls it. Relative to ego consciousness, this entity/self is real and exists. Relative to an enlightened state of consciousness this entity is illusory (relative to that state, you are consciousness conscious of these appearances). The ghost in the machine has intent and desires. It can observe the body and thoughts. And it is able to control the body and thoughts (but usually most thoughts are not thought by it). The ghost in the machine can interact through a pysical body, but it can also leave that body and interact through a astral body. At physical death, the ghost in the machine continues to live. Relative to this whole post, what you are is not the conscious self (,or non-dual consciousness) but that ghost in the machine. The Unconscious. By merging unconscious data with consciousness we get "the unconscious". It might sound contradictory to say that the unconscious is partly made of consciousness. But ultimately everything is consciousness. It's just that relative to ego, relative to the ghost in the machine, this is unconscious. It works similar as with deep sleep. Actually there is still a sliver of consciousness there, but it's too little for the ghost in the machine to remenber this experience (similar to how it can remember dreams) because the alertness dimension is too low. Therefore deep sleep appears like unconsciousness relative to the ghost in the machine. By most people's definitions, the unconscious is the soul. There is a collective unconscious (human oversoul) and our unconscious/soul is a small part/extension of that. The Unconscious is also where all the power lies (as explained Here). - What happens at physical death? Most new age people agree that the nonphysical part of us survives physical death. And they say that this part then reincarnates after some time. But this is too unnuanced. If we look at reincarnation reports, then yes it looks like there is a constant between different lives, like something continues from life to life. But there are also major differences between these different incarnations, the main one is personality. From what I know, in each live you have a new personality, a new ego, a new self. John Kreiter says that the unconscious is the constant during these incarnations. Evolution from life to life happens because apart from formeless consciousness, also the unconscious data goes from life to life. So in your next incarnation, you would still have the same (or some of the same) unconscious data and then new unconscious data is formed in addition. In that way evolution happens. The conscious self and the ghost in the machine die with physical death (or some time after). In each new life, a new ghost in the machine and a new conscious self is created. So the conscious self and the ghost in the machine don't reincarnate. From a more spiritual perspective, what you ultimately are is the unconscious (the soul), and relative to that you are already immortal, and have many more incarnations. So relative to the soul, it is not bad when the ghost in the machine dies. Relative to the ghost in the machine, this incarnation is the only incarnation, it is the first life it has ever lived. And relative to it, this dissolution of the ghost in the machine might not be positive (unless you are detached or enlightened). So up to the point of dissolution you (the ghost of the machine) might resist the idea of dissolution. But at the point of dissolution you (the soul) realizes that it never was the ghost in the machine and that it's dissolution is not bad, it's like changing clothes. So whether that dissolution is bad or good depends on the perspective. So at the point of physical death, the conscious self usually dies too (in the same way that it dies during deep sleep and dreams). But the ghost in the machine plus the unconscious keep living. This after death experience is very similar to dreams. Due to no conscious self, there is usually less lucidity than during waking life (but probably still more than during normal dreams). Now that you've left the physical realm, everything is made of energy. So it's all about energy. Your ghost in the machine is also made of energy. It has a certain amount of energy, and when that energy runs out (that could be seconds, days, months, or millions of years after physical death, depending on the amount of energy), then the ghost in the machine dissolves. At that point only the unconscious is left, and then it can reincarnate again and form a new ghost in the machine. (John Kreiter actually says that it first merges with the oversoul and has a blissful oneness experience there. And it's actually even more complicated than that, he explains it in his book). There are also paralells with other perspectives. For example Tom Campbell says something very similar. He essentially says that the character dies after death, and only the soul reincarnates and creates a new character. There is also a paralell with some eastern systems who have the concept of "the second death". So the after death experience is dream-like. In the beginning you might still be here on our plane and see your actual dead physical body. But this plane usually fades more and more into the distance and then you are like in a void and everything is created by your unconscious (like during dreams). But it's also possible that real entities come and help you (for example helping you to take control of your experience). And I think it's also possible that you go to objective astral planes, like the christian heaven. But I don't think you can stay there forever, because at some point the energy of your ghost in the machine runs out and you dissolve. So how to make the ghost in the machine immortal? There are 2 main components to this: lucidity and energy. - Energy Without energy there is no life. It requires energy to do stuff, even just thinking thoughts requires energy. During physical life you get most of your energy from food (as well as prana from the air, sun, environment, external sources,...). That food energy source is no longer availabe after physical death. So there are two important things to do: Energetic containment. Means that you try to lose as little energy as possible. John Kreiter explains how to do that in his books. Energetic absorption. On the nonphysical plane there are places where there is energy floating around that no one needs anymore. So this is the replacement of physical food. Rather than eating external physical food which then your body converts into energy, you absorb energy directly. John Kreiter explains how to do that (most comprehensively in his magnum opus book). So someone who wants to make the ghost in the machine immortal, needs to practice these techniques while physically alive so that you know how to do them after physical death. If you manage to maintain your energy level after physical death you can theoretically live Infinitely long. - Lucidity But really the most important component of this whole process is lucidity. After physical death, you can't really do these energetic containment and absorption techniques without lucidity. Also without lucidity you have no control of what to experience. So the goal is that during the whole after physical death experience, you have uninterrupted full lucidity. For your physical life this means 3 things: Attaining lucidity during waking life (rather than being on autopilot) Attaining lucidity during all your dreams Attaining lucidity during all sleep stages And that essentially means that the most important practice for this whole process is sleep yoga If you manage to be conscious during all of your sleep, you will have full lucidity after physical death (that's also what tibetan buddhists say). - The complete Self The way I see it, if you are interested in making the ghost in the machine immortal, then sleep yoga is what the majority of your focus should be on. There are some more things that need to be done to make the ghost in the machine immortal, but I think these are relatively easy to achieve once you are conscious during all of your sleep. Attaining lucidity is essentially a merging of the ghost in the machine with the conscious self. And by becoming conscious of usually unconscious sleep stages, you merge the ghost in the machine with the unconscious too. So you merge these 3 parts into one Complete Self. There are more nuances and things involved to create this complete self, John Kreiter describes that in his book, he calls that part of the process the 5th room of the projectionist. - Some more points: When your ghost in the machine is immortal you can do whatever you like, explore Infinity or settle in a heaven-like place with like-minded real other beings Let's say you don't do this approach. Then still, the more spiritually advanced you are, and the more energy you naturally attained during life, and the more spiritual power you attained, and the more lucidity you attained, and the stronger your ghost in the machine became, and the more experience you have with OBEs, and ..... the more lucidity and control and energy you will have after physical death. And it might be enough to continue living for hundreds of years until the ghost in the machine dissolves and you finally merge back into the oversoul. John Kreiter explains all of that in more detail. If you are interested read his books! In this post I wrote what I think is most important. He mentions some other stuff and other practices too. But I don't think that most of these other practices are necessary. They can surely help but I think sleep yoga is the only component you should primarily think about if you are interested in all that stuff. But make your own opinion on it. John Kreiter is extremely advanced and knows far more than I on the topic. I think John is already conscious during all of his sleep and has been astral projecting for years maybe 8 hours each day. And that is just the time relative to the physical plane. Time runs differently in other more distant planes. He says it's possible to experience years during hours of physical time. That means John has spent MUCH time exploring and trying to understand how the death process works and what exactly happens after death. Based on my understanding and direct energetic perception so far, most of what he says makes a lot of sense. His perspective on the afterlife seems to be the one that makes most sense and can make sense of many other perspectives. But his perspective is not perfect there are some critique points. For example the white light of NDE reports. He says that this occurs probably when people have very little stored energy and they quickly merge with the oversoul. From the little I know about NDE reports, around 10% of people who survive a near death, report remembering an experience. And maybe around 70-90% of these experienced a white light. I think it could fit but it's not a perfect explanation that deals with all the complexities of NDE reports. The second critique would be that with his perspective it is not easy to make sense of some between life regressions where people report choosing their next live and so on. My best guess currently is that this all happens only to the unconscious and well, the unconscious is unconscious so the conscious mind can't really understand it. So with these inbetween lives regressions these people try to translate that data which is stored in the unconscious into sensical stuff that the mind can make sense of, and then these reports are the result. I'm not satisfied with that explanation yet. There are still inconsistencies. I think John Kreiter probably doesn't care about investing deeper into these things because for him it is completely obvious that the after death process works the way he describes, so he probably doesn't care about making sense of all the other post death experiences. But his perspective makes still a lot more sense than any other I've heard about. Despite that, it is still only one perspective. And the post death experience can be very diverse. So I think it is possible that other perspectives are true too, even if these perspectives have a seeming contradiction. So this perspective here doesn't automatically mean that any of your other perspectives are false. So if you don't like this perspective you could still go for one of the other perspectives in the new age community, but I don't know how likely it is that they are true, this then is up to you to decide. And even if this perspective is true and others false, there might still be other alternatives to this whole post death topic that are better, which are based on the same understanding, or at least have no contradiction with that understanding. (I know of two more alternatives but they sound far more crazy and far out. In case you want to know more about that you can pm me) Void dimension and Seperate Self. I wrote in the beginning that a high void dimension usually results in a weaker seperate self. However regarding this post, there is further nuance, because it is possible to have a high void dimension and at the same time a strong seperate self. Usually the higher the void dimension, the more the seperate self dissolves. But through intent and doing the practices of this post it is possibly to actually make that seperate self stronger despite a higher void dimension. In a few past posts I mentioned the term "conscious self" too, but there I used it in a different context with a different definition. John Kreiter uses the term "soul" differently, he calls the ghost in the machine the soul
  13. @Taus The ego is NOT the problem. The ego is bias. So as long as the ego gets eveything it wants and it gets nothing of what it doesn't want, the ego is perfectly happy and in paradise. There are infinitely many such heavenly realms in Infinity and all egos in these heavens are perfectly happy. Suffering only begins when the ego doesn't get what it wants and gets what it doesn't want. And these realms can be regarded as hellholes. A all powerful God could theoretically create only perfect realms. But God is unbiased therefore God allows all scenarios of Infinity. God is all of Infinity. God loves all of Infinity because God's love is unconditional. So in a sense the problem is not that the ego is biased, but that God is unbiased.
  14. Hi It can be very different from person to person. Some people have strong kundalini symptoms and crazy kriyas, and for others it might be very subtle or they feel nothing at all. Just having kundalini symptoms also doesn't mean the kundalini is awakening for real. From what I know, stuff like vibrations and pulsating in the spine and bliss energy going up to your brain, and bliss in general, belong to the more reliable signs of actual kundalini awakening. When the kundalini is fully awake and has completed it's purification process then you might intuitively feel that the job is done. (The process probably keeps going, on ever more subtle layers, but relatively speaking, the big stuff is done.) Someone who is very psychic or a good kundalini teacher might be able to tell you where you are in the kundalini process.
  15. Yes, that's how karma can work too. True!
  16. Ratings Rating different models of consciousness, entities and techniques regarding their percentage distribution of the different dimensions of consciousness. That means these are not absolute numbers. That means if for example one technique has 60% void and another technique has 60% void too, then that doesn't mean that they target the void dimension equally strongly. One technique could easily target the void dimension 10 times as strongly. It just means that the relative share of void is 60% for both techniques. Ramaji's 1000 LOC Scale from 600-1000: pure consciousness (100%) David Hawkins 1000 LOC Scale from 600-1000: magnitude (50%), void (25%), pure consciousness (25%) 10 Ox Herding Pictures: pure consciousness (50%), void (45%), magnitude (5%) Law Of One 7 Density Model, beyond 3rd density: magnitude (80%), pure consciousness (10%), void (10%) Non-Physical Gods (like Zeus) and Angels: magnitude (80%), void (12%), pure consciousness (8%) Ascended Masters: magnitude (40%), pure consciousness (30%), void (30%) Advanced Invocations: magnitude (40%), void (30%), pure consciousness (30%) Psychedelics: void (45%), pure consciousness (35%), magnitude (20%) 5-MeO-DMT: pure consciousness (60%), magnitude (25%), void (15%) Brahman Consciousness: void (70%), magnitude (20%), pure consciousness (10%) Sleep Yoga: void (80%), magnitude (10%), pure consciousness (10%) I made these ratings on the fly. Based on my experiences, psychic perception, understanding, and assumptions. So these ratings might be far from accurate but maybe they help to better understand these different dimensions. It is extremely likely that I will change my mind about these ratings at some point.
  17. For someone who is interested in ensuring ongoing good, it doesn't automatically mean to avoid high states. For such a person, high states are great, except for the unbiasedness. So such a person might want to attain a high state and have the love and bliss and peace, but at the same time maintain bias. That means, taking all the good (good relative to the perspective of the seperate self) from enlightenment (= love, bliss, peace, oneness) but without taking the bad (bad relative to the perspective of the seperate self) from enlightenment (= unbiasedness, dissolution of the seperate self, unrealness). So that is no longer a full complete enlightenment. But it is also no longer a full complete ego state. It is a combination. Taking the good from both, and leaving out the bad from both.
  18. You have that selfless enlightened attitude as long as you are in that high state. But once you are in a low and bad state again, that attitude completely flies out the window. And you suffer just as much as anyone else in similar states. And some other guy who is still in that high state will tell you how your hell is actually good.
  19. The high state is good relative to that high perspective. But in that high state you are unbiased, so nothing prevents you from eventually lowering that state again and experiencing suffering again. And then you are in a state which is bad relative to that perspective. So this high and good state is not exclusively high and good, it also entails the low and good and the low and bad. There are basically 3 options: Low and bad Low and good High and good + low and bad + low and good Having only high and good is only possible for a limited period of time, because due to your unbiasedness you eventually allow low and bad as well as low and good. You essentially allow all of Infinity. Whereas if you exclusively choose low and good, then that can theoretically stay that way, because your bias towards the good protects you from wanting the low and bad. The only way to ensure ongoing goodness is by being biased towards low and good.
  20. Yeah you most likely won't feel something from these KAP videos. KAP usually only works if you join a live session. I mentioned the KAP videos only to convey how strong it can be for some people. In regard to? Currently my state of being is peaceful and blissful but there is also frustration. There is some surrender but there is also control. I could change my attitude and be the whole day in bliss without frustration, but that's not what I currently want. I like having some level of frustration and even some anger because that makes me more productive. Currently my priority is progress. But at some point my priority will become happiness and then I will prefer bliss and peace over frustration and anger. By subjective change and improvement.
  21. Yes In my opinion, sleep yoga is the most powerful skill for both self mastery and spiritual mastery.
  22. When there are appearances of a seperate self and when it feels completely realistic and real that there actually is a real seperate self then that is practically true. Imagination is reality. There really is no practical difference between this scenario of a perfect 'illusion' of a seperate self, vs an actual objectively real seperate self. Relative to the perspective of this apparent seperate self, this seperate self is completely real, as real as real gets. So relative to that perspective it is true that the seperate self exists. Relative to a higher state of consciousness this apparent seperate self is an illusion. But from the perspective of the seperate self, this truth (of it being and illusion relative to a high state of consciousness) has no value or significance, because relative to the seperate self, the seperate self is completely real. It is a bias to prefer what is true relative to a low state of consciousness. But it is also a bias to prefer what is true relative to a high state of consciousness. You can't escape bias. So practically speaking, it doesn't matter whether a decision is a bias or not. It only matters whether that decision brings you happiness and wellbeing or not. And that is of course relative. For some the bias towards what is true relative to a high state of consciousness brings satisfaction. For others the bias towards what is true relative to a low state of consciousness brings satisfaction. No choice is inherently more true or better. (But it can be argued that the second choice brings overall more wellbeing. Because that second choice is essentially the bias towards only "the good", that which brings wellbeing. Whereas the first choice is the bias towards no bias, which means accepting both that which brings wellbeing and that which brings no wellbeing.)
  23. @Salvijus @Seraphim Interesting! Thanks for sharing! That completely depends on one's perspective. If you prioritize surrender, non-duality, high consciousness and being in harmony with the natural flow of reality/Infinity, then this immortality stuff is the opposite of what you value. If you prioritize control, the seperate self, the dream, duality, practicality and eternal wellbeing even if it goes against the natural flow of reality/Infinity, then this immortality stuff might have some value.
  24. The youtube channel "absolute power subliminals" put some of his best subliminals to his patreon (concordia, omptimal reality, ideal reality). His patreon is for free, and you don't need to become a patreon. Just follow the link to his patreon and scroll down till you find the subliminal. There is a download link.