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  1. This would also mean that every ill person is ill because he/she projects the illness out of his/her mind. But do people get healed in an instant just by imagining that they are no longer having the illness and other issues that they don't actually want to have? I'm saying let put the theory to test.
  2. What about when this, we don't think about our food getting digested and all the process until it goes out of the body, yet it still happens without us thinking about it and projecting it, etc. It happens in the background and the result is we get the urge to go to the toilet to let the stuff out.
  3. If You are God could you make the sun to rise form the west next time it rises? Thank You
  4. If I may ask a personal question, if somebody would with a gun towards you, you wont run away honestly?
  5. If I may ask, what do you by coming out of denial about life and not being able to wake up form it?
  6. Yes, hope must be the fuel for someone to keep pushing forward even when things seem grim.
  7. Usually people are asking the question of "what motivates you to live", however, recently during meditation, I got a question that I see worthy to be asked: Is there anything that could happen in your life that would break your will to live? I think this question speaks the most of who we really are inside.
  8. At the end of the day, dont we just want to be happy? want things to be our way, why have a will, when we cannot exercise our will?
  9. Hurray it seems that we ARE on the same page Leo, I feel the same way most of the times. But if I wrote this would I get an answer of this sorts : "everything is good, everything is love all is one etc" So we can agree that once one grows consciously one realizes that there is more to existence then just being a limited and weak primate on one planet? And that it is only natural to evolutionorize and not devolutionorize.
  10. I want to say thanks a lot for explaining these things, appreciate it. However could you explain Leo, why going to infinite-love-forever(aka. heaven) is associated with death all the time? Because thats what your last phrase "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." I understood to be hinting at. How could killing something/someone be the only way to transport that thing into infinite-love-forever, when if that thing/person is killed then there is no one left to transport into infinite-love-forever/heaven? lol
  11. Allright. Then, I ask you please tell me how do I travel/transfer myself to my truest-self (infinite love forever) ? Not for minutes/hours on a 5-meo or other psychedelic etc. But go to my most true to the original state for EVER? Lets say Im tired of the "show" and of running around the lake, and I would like to just jump right into the lake to be there for eternity, without worry and limitations, ehh one could dream right
  12. Sounds like a huge disrespect towards God. At the very least understanding that everything we own and us being alive is Gods mercy to us, only for these things alone out of gratefulness to God, we should not disrespect God like that Leo. Dont You think God is worth the best of words? How would you react if it was told towards you as an example, honestly speaking ?