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  1. 12 minutes ago, BipolarGrowth said:

    I’m not personally claiming this, but this was a direct realization that occurred to me on my first experience of God Consciousness on 5.87 grams of shrooms. The only thought I have to make sense of this is that I’m “better” than Jesus because I am God. 

    How would you make sense of this realization if it happened to you in plain, unquestionable English? 

    If You are God could you make the sun to rise form the west next time it rises? Thank You :)

  2. 23 minutes ago, Bulgarianspirit said:

    Too much pain,disappointment and finding no reasons to live. Many people take their life, it is a result of fate i think (as we have no free will).

    I judge no one, but for me i will stay to see how the movie ends. I know i can't die anyway FUCK


    Yes, it seems that there is always a reason behind.

  3. Usually people are asking the question of "what motivates you to live", however, recently during meditation, I got a question that I see worthy to be asked:

    Is there anything that could happen in your life that would break your will to live?

    I think this question speaks the most of who we really are inside. 

  4. 1 minute ago, arlin said:

    In fact, i don't want to believe this anymore. And im changing my beliefs also about spirituality because it's where it's leading me naturally.

                                                                                                       What is that you value most if I may ask, Truth or Happines?

  5. 11 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    @arlin It's like you are locking yourself into a jail cell and calling that life.

    Okay, that's what you're willing to settle for.

    But don't be surprised when you get depressed and miserable in your little jail cell and start to wonder why life is so shitty.

    Hurray it seems that we ARE on the same page Leo, I feel the same way most of the times. But if I wrote this would I get an answer of this sorts : "everything is good, everything is love all is one etc"

    So we can agree that once one grows consciously one realizes that there is more to existence then just being a limited and weak primate on one planet? ;)  And that it is only natural to evolutionorize and not devolutionorize. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    @WHO IS Don't worry, that's where life will end up.

    If you really want to go there permanently, just set that intention on your deathbed.

    But also, don't be too much in a rush to get there. Enjoy the dream.

    Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

    I want to say thanks a lot for explaining these things, appreciate it. However could you explain Leo, why going to infinite-love-forever(aka. heaven) is associated with death all the time? Because thats what your last phrase "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." I understood to be hinting at.  

    How could killing something/someone be the only way to transport that thing into infinite-love-forever, when if that thing/person is killed then there is no one left to transport into infinite-love-forever/heaven? lol ;)

  7. Allright. Then, I ask you please tell me how do I travel/transfer myself to my truest-self (infinite love forever) ? Not  for minutes/hours on a 5-meo or other psychedelic etc. But go to my most true to the original state for EVER? Lets say Im tired of the "show" and of running around the lake, and I would like to just jump right into the lake to be there for eternity, without worry and limitations,                                                                                                               ehh one could dream right :)


  8. 5 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    Since God is perfect and has no biases, nothing is a downgrade for God. God is so high that he's willing to stoop to the lowest of lows.

    God doesn't mind becoming a turd squeezing out of a dog's asshole.

    Of course. Here you are!

    Ta-da! ;)

    Sounds like a huge disrespect towards God. At the very least understanding that everything we own and us being alive is Gods mercy to us, only for these things alone out of gratefulness to God, we should not disrespect God like that Leo.         Dont You think God is worth the best of words? How  would you react if it was told towards you as an example, honestly speaking ?

  9. The current idea in the forum is that we are God and God is Eternal Love and Complete

    At the same time people here usually agree that our reality and us being humans is a way for God to entertain himself out of boredom. HOWEVER, THIS MAKES NO SENSE !  Let me explain.  First of all God in his natural and most "true-to-the-source" habitat, dwells in a perfect completion/harmony and infinite love forever. Its a perfection of Being, which automatically means that ANY other state of being/existence is by default is a downgrade from Gods true state and point of view.

    And we must believe that God would agree to such downgrade willingly? To say it by the 21 century standards : lol what m8?

  10. Just now, Nate0068 said:

    @WHO IS  because that's hevean buddy you can be anything you want your free my friend 

    I believe that what You say is probably true. I too had an experience in which I understood that whatever I imagine it is reality.

    However, when I put it in practice, it seems to not work. For example, I will imagine right now now that my human body is suddenly 10 meters tall, but my body doesn't change. Why is that? 


  11. 1 minute ago, Nate0068 said:

    @WHO IS  you are a mirror of nothingness you reflect anything its infinite litteraly no bounds just take away all the bounderies it can be itself it can be anything it wants 


    Interesting. I understand why you choose to call it "boundless", but why did you also use the word "heaven" to describe it? Because if it can by anything, then the range of things it can be, can be the worst/hell to the best/heaven?

    Also if this mirror can become anything it wants, and I am this mirror, then I can decide whatever reality is? But why when I will/think that I am 10 meters tall, my body doesnt transform into 10 meter version? 

  12. I do not disqualify your experience Vlad, I too had this experience. However, for the sake of being open minded and considering everything. 

    Have you noticed how people also have "delusions" ? Even though from their POV what they experience is very real, because it is what they are conscious of directly. Yet, even the people here would not accept for example a schizophrenics  "delusions" as truth. 

    Now QUESTION IS : What decides which direct-experiences are "true" and which are "delusions" ? 

  13. Hello the wonderful people of the forum, 

    I have a genuine question to all of us, what is the fastest way to get into Infinite-Love Forever? Not for a limited time like on a psychedelic for example etc. But get into Infinite-Love for eternity?

    Is the fastest way is what most people call "physical death"? 

    Im asking this question because it is the most obvious and most attractive destination for anybody who wants to get to the best "place", so to speak. 

  14. Here is the 1 billion dollar question Brother, why can I project whatever I want to? I believe your words because I myself became conscious of this, that I project the reality with people in it around me. However, why can't I project the reality according to MY will, if I cant, then who is deciding what the projection is? Dont we see the problem here? We should be.