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  1. So I have been suffering nonstop for at least 3 or 4 years now and in these last few days I have been able to put my finger on the cause. It is just these two ideas that my subconscious mind is very attached to. It is the idea that I am weak, and that I lack social skills. Just these two thoughts turnes my life into hell. They have been going on and on in my subconscious my mind unchecked and caused me to become what they say. I became weak, creepy and lost all my social life. I am just amazed by how much suffering limiting beliefs can cause. And I considermy self a conscious guy but I was blindsided by these thoughts. But today is a new beginning to me. I decided to let go of these thoughts completely and start working on rehabilitating myself. I have a lot to do actually. I became all the things that I have been working to not be. I am living a crappy life with just constant suffering. I need to work on the basics, clear my head, work on my personality and begin working on my life purpose. I know it is not going to be easy and these thoughts will try to reestablish themselves in my mind but there is no other way. I was actually on the verge of suicide for months now because of all the suffering I experienced. But I couldn't let all this potential that I see in me just go to waste. So yeah, running away will stop today.
  2. @Leo Gura maybe those genetic freaks enlightened masters are more prone to abuse others,maybe because they didn't suffer enough to attain their levels so developed less compassion??
  3. I lost about 8 kg in a month by eating a carnivore diet and doing one meal per day only. It wasn't hard at all.
  4. I want to get inspired and motivated. Share names of some of the people you get inspired by.
  5. Maybe Aliens have the technology to destroy all life on earth and then reproduce more conscious humans instead of what we got. Would this be a valid line of action towards spreding consciousness ? The fact that we are still alive means that they rejected this idea, but why? I think I am missing something important here.
  6. @tatsumaru yeah fitting in is one of these thoughts that I must let go.
  7. Guys it just a thought I had , and I just want to find the lesson here to learn.
  8. This egyptian girl was beaten up by people in her village for not wearing a haed scarf. They said to here" you are not muslim now, you are different from us" Blue at its core
  9. @EntheogenTruthSeeker A better and more effective way to preach to people is by working on your life purpose. Become a celebrity like Leo who actually can preach to thousands and thousands of people and help them in thier lives instead of wasting your energy and potential on random dudes in bars. But This will take from you at least 10 years of hard work and research and study before you can achieve that. So yeah choose this or that.
  10. Maybe the wisdom here is let everything play its role in existence. And to provide guidance not unnecessary interferance.
  11. @Javfly33 Search POIS ( post orgasm illness syndrome).
  12. I have a deep appreciation for how painful life could be, which causing me to resist God. I feel sometimes traumatized actually from all of this thinking about the suffering of beings. I need to accept That infinity include and uses suffering as part of the design but I keep resisting and keep using suffering as a justification for this resistance. what do you think guys? did you go through any of this?
  13. @Javfly33 Maybe I should stop thinking about suffering for now and focus on thinking about infinite love because when I do that I have no problem with life. You know, this is it! This what I should be doing.
  14. @Vision His mind is unready to open up to new things. He needs to suffer so much first before he decides to move on. sorry but this is how life works. Don't push too much too. things takes time,
  15. @mivafofa take your time! But still work on it.
  16. Judgment is a tool that the Ego uses to support its prespective. Others are idiots and that's why they do what they do. I am different. I am right. We know that already. But how much judgment is okey? Zero judgment. If you are smart, that's good but you could easily have been that idiot drug addict. It is all about karma. Karma dictates everything. So yeah,don't judge anyone. Just embrace that they are at different levels of development than you. Being a piece of shit is a developmental level. And it is all relative. You are an idiot compared to a spiritual master ??. So just embrace everyone and don't let the ego judge.
  17. @Leo Gura Maybe this is why prostitution is legal in some countries like netherlands. Jobs for some women and sexual satisfaction for incels.
  18. This show is just hilarious. You just see people react in the most unconcious ways. Managers and owners are too lazy and ignorant to see all the wrong things about thier restaurants. Gordon is also unconcious and doesn't provide a good non pushy advice to the owners. He just keep yelling and deal with the owners like little kids. The idea of the show is very interesting actually and could have been done much better, providing insights for how to run a resturant or a business and hjat are the common traps in these fields. But no, it became just a drama of yelling and anger and denial. Typical stage orange.
  19. @Leo Gura and another question. Do you think this monk was able to naturally attain DMT levels of consciousness so he could be able to even transcend that to mahasmahdi?
  20. @Leo Gura Will we keep doing it forever or will we just be forever after mahasmadhi? or "who knows?" maybe the answer?
  21. I would have killed myself a long time ago if this is true. There is no way out of existence but through existence.
  22. @SoonHei He had a misunderstanding that he is going to complete the journey of life by physically taking his life. And this is something Leo never supported. I also contemplated this thing many times, but always reached the conclusion that it is wrong to do that. Don't worry Sunny was never lost. He will just reappear in a different form and as a different Human. At least he did it peacefully. I wish you all find peace and acceptance, sorry for your loss.
  23. @fopylo Yeah, the bad self-image is something I suffered from. I imagined myself as this weak individual who cannot do anything when in reality I am strong and smart.
  24. I have been trying for too long. I mainly complain of Anxiety. I know it takes time but I have many things to do in life and I am doing none of them.