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  1. @James123 All spiritual masters are overrated. Level of love, level of no ego.
  2. My ego burnt facing the sun of the truth, there was no where for the ego to hide, there was no ego. But still this was full of ego in comparison of what I witnessed As the most pure egoless phenomenon, God. Infinity. Anything but it is ego and selfish. 200 ug of acid.
  3. The God experience collapses all the notions of time, self, meaning, and limitedness. You literally become eternal, and start experiencing everything. And at this moment you know even awakening doesn't matter at the end. It is just roles we played in this life. @Advocate actually I am doing way better today. I much calmer and I feel healed. I needed some spiritual experience to shut up my mind. The next step for me is to get enlightened 24/7. @James123@J@James123@J
  4. @James123 I will make sure I make the no self more concrete in the next trip. This trip was great but Not as solid as I wanted it to be. But for now I really need to just sit in peace. You don't know what is OCD on a psychedelic trip is like, my mind was on fire, an dwilder than a rabid dog.
  5. @electroBeam IT was like I am burning in every inch in my body. But I didn't experience any ego death effect, weird, making me question if there was like legit ego death or I am fucking enlightened since the beginning, wtf ? But there was this small incidence in which I felt the ego trying to recollect and then it burned like a shadow facing the light. Honestly my OCD bothered me a lot so the trip was not that productive, insight Wise but it was a good base for further tripping. But take this I experienced God as the most meaningless detail as a grass in the mouth of a zebra and as tiny as a fraction of a nano second and as horrible as Hell itself. But for now, I am the mentally ill individual who is trying heal himself and shut up his fucking mind (OCD).
  6. Tonight I am tripping. I hope I got some juicy insights.
  7. @andyjohnsonman nice!!, lol. But requires more leo quotes less visuals.
  8. Huwaei released new sexy looking laptops. I think huwaei hardware easily beats many brands, maybe even apple for the price?
  9. My life purpose is to become a teacher, an intellectual and personal development coach. But I must let go of all these dreams for now and focus on healing myself. I must realize the truth before doing any intellectual work and yet more essential is to heal myself.
  10. I let go of OCD. I LET GO of my truamas. I JUST embrace infinite love.
  11. This is it. This is the cause of all of my suffering in the last years. I didn't just accept infinte love as the most important thing ever. I just kept, going, kept thinking, kept doubting, kept being affectes by my traumas., But from now on, I am living with only onw philosophy, infinite love. I let infinite love shape my life. Healing, I need a lot of healing. I need to form my baseline of peace and happiness.
  12. @SS10 debate with yorself.
  13. Ok, I stumbled upon the most important teaching for me personally which is to trust infinte love. I have been asking too many questions and making a lot of conflicts within myself which leaves me with headaches and a damaged ego. Now, I decided to stop the brain all together and embrwce this one simple teaching. Trust infinte love. It heals, it guides.
  14. Yeah, I got a sense sometimes here that by talking about all those spiritual insights, that we forget about the most important thing to do to reach those insights and states which is to have a solid a baseline of peace and happiness. Another way of putting it is radical acceptance. When you are accepting for everything that happens you have no fear and you are happy.
  15. @Preety_India thanks!
  16. I didn't go deep. I was challenged by OCD thoughts but I managed to to ignore them, and break though into peace. Cheers!! P. S : I got a haircut.
  17. @Leo Gura Mohammud used to believe in such things. He always adovcated that there will be "signs" as he called them that come before the judgment day. But still I am not sure if he truly said them or it is all made up.
  18. Great overall . All the symptoms almost disappeared. But still it looks like it is affecting my ability to do psychedelics. Yeah and it caused me hypersexuality, lol, and premature ejaculation which sucks.
  19. Nope. It has nothing to do with dopamine. I know what's like when you have overactivation of dopamine. You tend to feel numb and low level of consciousness. What I experience is literally pain all over my body.
  20. Guys, it is not about shame, it is not about dopamine. I am already aware of all these things. What I experience after fapping is different. Just imagine that all of the sudden after just having orgasm that you suddenly have every symptom you have when you have flu, just like that. One second you have nothing and out of the blue you are now extremely exhausted and depleted. It is like that. It is something physical. It is a disease. Actually I have always thought that orgasm feel like this for all people and it makes you sick until I stumbled upon this disease. No orgasms for me,not anymore.
  21. Yeah that helped me a lot previously. When I had Whole body emotional orgasm I almost never had any symptoms vs dick orgasm which causes a lot of symptoms. I was on SSRIs so I had almost zero sexual desire so after coming off them I thought I would enjoy sex again but looks like one of the symptoms of stopping SSRIs is premature ejaculation and extreme sensitivity so I had some of the worse and most unconcious fapping sessions ever. And it really sucked so I am going nofap until all of this resovle.
  22. Nice!! I kinda lost hope from reading articles. Maybe I sholud research the articles again.
  23. Yeah, conscious sexual activity previously almost resolved the symptoms. I will look further into it.
  24. Nope. It is not like just tiredness. It is exhausting and extremely infuriating. It is actually a disease and the theory says it is an allergy to your own semen It has been with me since more than 17, I am 23 now.