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  1. He found himself as a king. He won't just give away monarchy. you are asking him to die essentially.
  2. nope he is orange not red. killing Jamal was "necessary" as he was actually funding and supporting anti-Saudi organization. Putin does a lot of these things but still He is orange. The other things you said are essentially bullshit.
  3. one month, one fap. I used @mmKay advice and it actually works and I had less symptoms but still I prefer not to fap
  4. What do you think guys? many spiritual "gurus" say it is very important and you should take some supplements to help decalcify it. did anyone have any positive experience with such things?
  5. MBS is one revolutionary stage Orange personality and he already made a lot of progress in Sudia arabia and planning to make a lot more in the future. Study MBS if you wanna see stage orange person making changes in stage blue community.
  6. +1 Maybe karma is the answer to that.
  7. I think yes, otherwise why I lost this realization if I had it from the beginning.
  8. @Rolo Maybe there is an underlining trauma that needs to be healed and the weed is just pointing out that for you. Dig deep, heal yourself
  9. I don't know, it used be like that 2 years ago when I did two to three trips but now It is radically different, it is very very clear and gentle for me. visuals are minimal and insights are everywhere.
  10. Is there any way to just find all of them in one place instead of surfing through every page of his blog?
  11. @Leo Gura what's the difference between LSD and 5 meo from your experience? I mean Acid produces very clean state and I am wondering if it can get any cleaner.
  12. @Leo Gura Are people a little too obsessive about the privacy thing? I mean if you are living in a respectful liberal country, and you are not doing anything shady you shouldn't be worried.
  13. So you back off because it is to painful to access a higher state or by choice?
  14. @Leo Gura What keeps you from dying?
  15. @Breakingthewall My OCD damaged my Self esteem so much. Poor levels of Self love is my problem. I must make a habit of giving my self proper amounts of Love to raise my level of esteem.
  16. Nothing too great. I couldn't handle the trip as my OCD Was overwhelming. I let my mind go wild. I must slow down everthing in my life and focus on healing my OCD and my low self esteem. But here are some lesson I learned : Ego death has stages. In order to experience the next stage you must conquer the previous one. Death literally dismantle your ego into the whole blend which is the truth. You must have Serious amount of Self love and the truth to handle death, otherwise it will be painful AF. I was offered the choice to die all the way. I couldn't. I was not prepared to do it. Acid was gentle, like no rush, just do it like u want. following the guidance of God/ The Truth is essential. God will always tell you what u need to do, just listen to God. Everything is made of the Truth/Love. Everything is absolutely Good. It is the resistance of the Ego that make things feel bad. Bad is an Illusion of the ego. The more you embrace the truth, the more you enjoy things. Even if everything in your life doesn't change,everything changes by embracing love. Everytging is Pulsating "The Truth" all the time, the problem is our level of consciousness is too low to see it. I have a damaged ego. All this time I kept going without doign serious healing for my ego. I have low levels of self love. I must heal myself. I keep wondering about higher stages. I must stop doing that. I must embrace and conquer the stage I am in. Everthing will come in its time.
  17. One insight I got from my last trip is that even the most enlightened beings are still selfish by a big margin. Maybe Osho was the most obvious example but still many others carry a subtle version of selfishness. I remember Leo saying something like " I bet Jesus was all brave and courageous until he tasted the cross". I know you can be selfless and still enjoy the pleasures of life as you are not attached to them but still it looks like it is a very long road to reach high levels of selflessness.
  18. Psychedelics are the best. I reached a new level of understanding through them. Now I am almost enlightened. All I need to do is to prevent the ego from reforming. My ego is highly dependent on my OCD. My mission now is to live life through no ego. My OCD wants to think over and over again, but I will not let it. No ego what so ever.
  19. I will start to meditate at least 1 hour, two times a day plus an hour of kriya yoga. I will be uploading videos of me meditating daily. Today I had a crappy meditation session becuase I had a massive OCD backlash yesterday. I had to restabilise my brain which was wild AF. I moved alot, and I was very anxious. It was painful but I managed to push through it. P. S : I need a haircut.
  20. @electroBeam I am interested in your answe to this question. How would you answer it?
  21. Nice! I have tons of limiting beliefs and conceptual bullshit to work on.
  22. @James123 @Nahm How do you guys answer the question, Am I being selfish for wanting material things, a car, a comfy hose, a nice career, even things like a comfy bed?