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  1. I Think I got it. It is like , you are the whole thing, consciousness, and not identified with the body so the body works on its own. You are not connected exclusively to it so it is like there is no doer.
  2. @mandyjw It actually consumes your body. But yeah it may be a good experience but hey taking a shit can be a profound experience as well.
  3. pregnancy sucks. We must find away around it, synthetic wombs. If I was a woman I would not get pregnant, maybe I would adopt some kid .
  4. We should not be afraid of the ego. We must accept it and then work to release ourselves from it. If God hated the ego or was afraid from being an ego , there wouldn't be any of us here. Imagine being an ego for entire life, it is good but there is better. This how we should deal with spirituality. To seek more, not to flee from anything.
  5. @Gesundheit I decided I will not be doing any mental effort indifinitely until my brain heals. I decided to focus on my life, my self, my life purpose and the Truth. I will not think about any other people or any problems out there in the world. I decided to withdraw from everything and focus on my self.
  6. or get addicted to spiritual pleasures and then start hating life when you cannot get any of them.
  7. awareness alone is curative. watch that episode that Leo released a long time ago. by ignoring them and working and doing what you believe it is right at least for now. Answers will come eventually you just take baby steps in the right direction.
  8. The Quran was made to be read as a poet or in a musical manner, and it can be really beautiful, after all it is claimed to be engineered by infinite intelligence. give it a try, maybe you will like it.
  9. Yeah but forca relative being there is a difference between my singing and Harry styles singing, as there a difference between a delcious meal and a shit.
  10. I can relate, but not entirely. Maybe you need a trans girl, do you get turned on by dicks tho?
  11. I think this is what happened with me. I discovered the gay part of me, lol. Sometimes I be like, damn I am gay but sometimes nah I am not. Maybe I am bi
  12. @Leo Gura Does spiritual work make you less hetro and more bi or even pansexual? Because I noticed the idea of being attracted only to women is such a silly idea.
  13. It means that if you wanna go more deep, you must replace this motive with the more core and selfless motives like the Truth/Love but it is totally Ok to seek using this motive to transcend suffering. As you go deeper you will let go of this and embrace the more selfless motives, just give it time.
  14. @joshuahuebner research tantra sex. Try to be more conscious during sex. Don't let your sexual energy be concentrated in your penis, let it flow freely in your body .Don't rush the sexual practice, do a lot of foreplay before engaging in sex. treat Sex as something spiritual rather than materialistic.
  15. @joshuahuebner Spirituality doesn't make things unsatisfying. On contrary, spirituality makes everything several times more fulfilling, and sex is one of the things that get way more satisfying with spirituality. Sex even can be a spiritual practice, so don't just dumb it down as something materialistic.
  16. Nice!! I will message you in a couple of days, thanks!!
  17. anyone offers this type of service? I need psychological/spiritual sessions. @Nahm @Inliytened1 , do you do that bro? I noticed I resonate well with you. @electroBeam are you interested in doing therapy sessions? MY problems are OCD, social anxiety, anxiety, energetic blockage.
  18. So I have this disease called POIS (post orgasmic illness syndrome). And every time I fap I literally become ill for like 1-2 days duration. It is like having flu. All the exhaustion and loss of energy and muscle pain hit me after finishing jerking off. It is also challenging emotionally. I tend to become more depressed and less motivated for life. So that's it I will never fap ever. Not until I find a solution for this problem. One might be is raising my baseline level of consciousness which worked previously but I still don't know for sure.
  19. Yeah Richard is an idiot but still way smarter than Ben shapiro. Ben literally has nothing to offer but idiocity. At least with Richard, you get some understanding of the ego when reading some of his books.
  20. Yeah I know but what is the message in this movie? He could have pushed Islamophobic ideologies by using some indian/Pakistani guys but he used white people. He could have pushed anti black propaganda but again he used white people. Maybe he wanted just to make some money by making a silly action movie.
  21. @Leo Gura it is just a stupid film, why would you assume it is right wing propaganda? What is the right wing message here? I don't get what are poinnting to. He even didn't use people of color as shooters, lol.
  22. Finally after so many battles with myself and so many episodes of OCD and anxiety, I am starting to feel myself again. I didn't listen to the divine guidance and it lead to my destruction. Now I listen to love, I quit thinking, I quit thinking about the world, I quit thinking about politics, I quit thinking about advanced stages of spirituality. I embrace my own path, I embrace myself, I embrace healing myself. I embrace Love. I focus on embracing Love. I focus on my life purpose. I focus on me. I let all the distraction go away. I just be.
  23. @Nivsch less than a year.
  24. @Nivsch what 4 more years to get off a drug??!!. I couldn't have waited this long. the withdrawal symptom were severe for almost a week and then mild for at least a month then nothing.