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  1. interesting, I'm female and I am definitely more interested in people, I actually make people so I need to know a lot about them lol I became interested in enlightenment because of people at first I just needed to fix my life which was mainly problems (suffering) with certain people, it was not spiritual at first at all, but it led me there I'm also very interested in reality and how things work and in finding what is true and what is not true but I'm not interested in those things just to know I'm interested in them because of what they lead to which is bliss, that's what I want is some of that the same for men?
  2. I sit there for 25 minutes a day, about twice that on the weekends because I have more time in the morning but I'm definitely not meditating the whole time, it's mostly just me reminding myself that I'm supposed to be meditating lol
  3. hmmm you might try to then just accept the fear, hello fear, I see you there, you are a feeling, it's fine for you to be here, thank you for coming you don't have to examine it or try to get rid of it, it's fine, it's just a feeling but if that doesn't exactly work then you can just say "I don't want to do this" and switch to another thought you can have one ready for when it happens, if you're meditating then you can just gently go back to your focus object, or if it's during the day you can go to anything, I used to make grocery lists in my mind, plan out what I would do with my hair, just anything to retrain myself away from negative thoughts it used to take me longer to get back out of negativity, but with practice I'm getting a lot faster a mantra might help you, just don't examine your fear feelings, just go straight to your mantra instead "I am at peace because I know the truth" or you can make one up that is the opposite of fear "I am calm" or something hope that works for you or at least gives you some ideas towards something that will work
  4. so you try to accept your thoughts, then you become afraid, then you try to get rid of the fear but instead you go into the fear and examine it deeply? is that right?
  5. I love gratitude, you can't suffer with anything if you're thankful for everything this is my favorite gratitude saying "thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever"
  6. being thankful works for me a lot of the time, if I have an unwanted thought I try not to get caught up in the thought but instead I try to accept it fully, I say it's okay to have this thought/feeling, then I try to be thankful for it, I just totally look at it and say "thank you for this thought, thank you for everything" and it actually works or partially works a lot of the time, then I'm able to return to my meditation if I'm meditating or I return to having neutral/good thoughts if I'm going about my day so you doubt yourself and others, that's okay, those are thoughts and feelings, you are something else, you say thank you for those thoughts and feelings, you go back to being something else
  7. yes, I asked myself that for my whole life why did I go through such horrific suffering? it was because I never wanted to live a superficial life do I want the blue pill? no way! how can having a "good" relationship or a "nice" car compare to being on a quest to see the face of god? lol!
  8. @DrewNows thank you! haha I thought the same thing after I wrote that, like what am I waiting for? I honestly do not just works sometimes and sometimes doesn't haha
  9. I think I'll do the same stuff but in a different way I will clean up after my kids but be thankful to do it instead of pissed lol I will eat nachos but they will be vegan nachos I will have detached empathy for dumbshits instead of anger I will work at my job but I will take joy in the work instead of working for a goal... I can't wait
  10. I just started doing sitting meditations again, my goal is to become as much like an enlightened person as possible, even if it's just a little bit but I want to go as far as I can the book I'm following says to choose a divine being as an object of meditation but I'd like to choose sounds instead what do you think of using sounds, mostly deep chanting sounds as the object of meditation instead of a visual object? can you focus on more than one thing at once, like breathing and a visual or sounds and a visual? thanks!
  11. when I do it right after drinking a cup of coffee or tea it seems easier also if I can go outside for a walk after a nice cup of tea
  12. this is really working for me, sometimes I cry if I do it really good I just start listing everything I'm grateful for my hair looks fantastic the sun is shining or the rain is beautiful I have a wonderful son etc. then I say "thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever" (I got that from eckhart tolle who got it from somewhere I forgot) it's so powerful when you can actually feel that there is truly nothing to complain about, amazing (now to just get that to last haha)
  13. if it's only on one side and especially if there is also some hearing loss on that side then you should just call your doctor and ask if you need to be seen for that I think there are about 300 causes for ear ringing so it's hard to know what's going on in there, doctors don't even know more than half the time, probably nothing but I would at least ask my doctor if it was me