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  1. who cares then? if you can get her in the beginning and the real truth is that you just want to get laid then why do you care what she thinks? just do your rebound thing (without leading her to believe it's more than what it is) also after your rebound if you want more, you should know that lots of girls prefer boring doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing if you're with someone that you care about and you can do online dating and search for someone who is into whatever you're into...staying home, meditating, or whatever
  2. @Nahm thank you, I love what you said and thank you for mentioning abraham hicks too, it's funny because I love her but I have been wondering if she was authentic so you answered another question that I didn't even ask...
  3. @DrewNows wow that video is amazing, it's all right there at the end, it explains everything, of course I don't understand it but it is right there, seems to be exactly what I'm doing, so I'll just listen to it a few more times and see what happens, who knows someday it might sink in @Truth Addict you'd think it would be terrifying but it's not, it's the opposite... thanksss!
  4. ugh! thanks you guys! do enlightened people have challenges like this arising? do they live a life of ease? and if they do is it because they are not attached to the outcome or is it because hard challenges just don't arise? I was wondering if these thoughts are correct: things will never stop "going wrong" I have no control over anything just subscribed to lisa cairns, she's beautiful, can't wait to listen...
  5. I started purposefully focusing on positive energies and was able to almost completely change my life then one thing after another happened and I wasn't able to stay positive, now I'm just all messed up so what is this? is this just life or am I really creating this by the way I think? details: I was in mental and physical pain every day, hated waking up in the morning, could barely walk, suffering financially as well, couldn't take it anymore, found hope in "law of attraction" type videos, started doing it, turned everything around, was pain free, started making money found deeper stuff, eckart tolle, rupert spira, watched them every day, started meditating every day, had a profound mystical experience then my narcissistic mother showed up and told me none of the horrific abuse of my childhood happened and that I am actually the bad one not her then doctors told me I might have a brain tumor, had to go through 2 months of tests and not knowing, turns out I'm fine but I still have symptoms and they don't know why then one of my room mates moved out and the other one had a mental break down so I've been spending my savings on rent, now my savings is going fast and we don't have enough money coming in to cover the rent so I've learned that my happiness doesn't depend on anything outside myself but come on...I don't want it to be this challenging, this is too much, what do I do? thanks
  6. I love him, I'm trying to watch every single upload, I was doing breath and mantra meditations in the morning, very nice, but for a change I started using his guided meditations, very different from just meditating on my own, he's very clear and good, love him
  7. I see that everything is just something that I'm aware of, my ego, my body, my thoughts, feelings, states of mind, trees... but I don't see non-duality or any of that other stuff, how did you finally see that? how long did it take?
  8. does the dark night have only to do with difficult emotions or difficulty staying on the path? or also with things going horribly wrong in life? like troublesome people from the past showing up, circumstances where you suddenly can't pay rent, weird symptoms where doctors think you have a brain tumor...etc
  9. I have semi-awareness of my separate self not total and I also underwent jaw surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth and I'm quite old, I was scared but it was literally nothing they gave me the anesthesia and less than one second later I woke up in the recovery room, no time passed for me at all and there was 0 pain.
  10. @alankrillin good point, I've been a vegetarian/sort of vegan for 28 years and my blood tests perfect, I take supplements and I make an effort to eat a variety of super healthy foods but I also eat a lot of cake and nachos on the side and that's not just blood tests for nutrients, my blood pressure is low, my cholesterol levels are great, my weight is great, and so on... that's my direct experience after eating 0 meats for almost 30 years plus I look super young, no one believes my real age
  11. thank you, I believe that is true, can't trust the body/brain, and applies to way more than just food...
  12. @DrewNows yes, that's another question that I've been having: what does "beyond the mind" mean? or how do you transcend the mind, and know that whatever it is isn't just another movement of the mind...?
  13. my point isn't that heroin and meat are the same, my point is that you can't always trust your body to tell you what is good or what is right...
  14. @How to be wise oh lol! never heard of her, I don't get out much...