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  1. well...yes, that is very strange but yeah get rid of the notion of good and bad I mean it makes perfect sense but I guess it will just take some time for this to sink in I get it but I don't live by it - my body and my mind react, and also I don't always "get it" I forget lol I will keep going, thank you!
  2. omg yep that's totally true as well - I make an effort to be or to have the image of a really good, nice, sweet, selfless person, I like it when I can be like that and I do believe that is how I should be so I will keep questioning my beliefs and try and see what's really going on, thank you!
  3. this whole thread is so helpful to me, thank you not too woowoo I love the woowoo there is a lot to this and I've been reading it for hours and will read it again but I am starting to see that I am very attached to an idea of myself that I don't want to let go of "the victim" so I see myself "my personal identity" is a victim who is afraid of being viewed as wrong or bad - I think that's why I was defensive “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.” so I have a strong reaction to others being "bad people" because I am afraid that I am a bad person and/or I am afraid that people will think that I'm a bad person @student yep that seems to be it, thank you! I am doing what you said
  4. yes, I am beginning to recognize the victim mentality that I have, I allow and sometimes even create situations where I am the victim sometimes there is a very easy solution but I watch myself continue to be the victim instead of accepting the solution! there is something in me that is attracted to that, oh I think that is again part of my "personal identity" the victim... thank you
  5. @Derek White thank you for helping me If you hate big noses on people then you’re constantly going to judge yourself to see if you have a big nose. I can see that, I react to what I am afraid of being maybe if I react strongly to being stolen from it doesn't mean I am a thief but I am afraid of being a thief or afraid of being seen as a thief and I am afraid of being seen in a negative way so...and that's my "personal identity"
  6. @Mulky haha yes! I had a dream about this, people take my artwork and sell it as their own with no credit or money going to me, but in my dream I saw that artwork belongs to no one - it flows through me, I am not the creator or the owner of it - but my body and my practical mind do not agree and I don't really even understand what I just said, kind of I do but not really so the art is very much a part of my personal identity, strange
  7. @Barna hmmm I actually understand part of that, it's true I do resent the feeling (in me) not the act because sometimes something happens and I don't care, there is no bad feeling and nothing in me to resent or be upset about - another time the same thing can happen and I am upset thank you for helping me
  8. I resent being treated unfairly but I don't understand how does it mean that I am the one who is treating people unfairly? and now I resent the idea that I am the one treating people unfairly
  9. “Anything that you resent and strongly react to in another is also in you.” so if someone steals from me and I get mad, then I resent being stolen from and my strong reaction is anger so if resent being stolen from does it mean that I am also a thief? or does it mean something like that I (as a person) and the thief both appear in my awareness? I see that I see myself as a victim quite a bit so I would love to understand this, thank you!
  10. what can I do to improve my financial situation? thank you!
  11. yeah, that's what I thought they were saying, so far I am only "aware of" but I am beneath one of the first layers (I think) and this is amazing, I will keep going back, thank you!
  12. it's my favorite topic too, I will continue my effort, thank you!
  13. when will I see the whole truth? what should I do to make money? what color shirt is nahm wearing?