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  1. eckhart tolle was repeatedly asked about psychedelics so he tried it in order to be able to answer the questions and you'll have to google around to find out exactly what he said but basically he said entering the now naturally was better and that he found psychedelics forceful or he might have even used the word violent idk.. who knows
  2. I love him too, I try to listen to him daily, he's super legit try his meditations, he doesn't just speak words, he actually shows you how to see what he's talking about
  3. yes, this! I'm doing the same and I have been supporting a family doing it for years and years I got rid of almost all my bills, my car, everything I could and I make art, and do other things to make as much money as I can like he says there are endless things you can do if you don't work you have all day to look for benefits and apply for them, we get free electricity, free phone, free medical, free food... I worry sometimes but it works for me even though I only "know" everything will be fine part of the time
  4. that's so true for me, I used to think exercise didn't work because I was just going on little 30 minute walks but if I go on a long 2 hour walk up and down hills then I sleep
  5. that's beautiful, I want to live my life from that perspective
  6. so beautiful, I love him, I read that he was an artist before this, he made pottery with writing on it, and he said something like that he wanted to eliminate the pottery all together and create just with words, I wonder what he meant by that, maybe he meant poetry? but I think all of his guided meditations are poetry, I just want to listen to him all day
  7. I had a traumatic childhood and the memories of it kept going through my mind over and over again throughout every day, causing me to live in constant pain and fear, I was in both physical and mental pain I finally spoke out as an adult and my abuser, my own mother blamed me and was able to convince most everyone that I am actually the bad one and not them, so I was just constantly trying to explain myself and defend myself in my mind, planning how to explain and what to say to try and convince people including myself that I am not the wrong one, I was a child, just going over and over everything that she had done so that I was sure that it really was abuse, was horrific, I am not wrong about it and so on... so I started this path to try to find some relief and I found it! and I'm not enlightened so you don't even have to go all the way to start finding relief maybe a combination of therapy and/or medication and this path would be good? abraham hicks is really good with thoughts, if you ever listen to her, she showed me how to watch my thoughts and feelings and how to shift my thoughts and sort of rearrange the way my mind is going to go throughout the day (I'm still having some unwanted thoughts pop up pretty regularly but I am not just blindly going into them anymore or allowing them to rule my life, eventually you will be able to see that even the most painful thoughts are actually made from love)
  8. I have personal experience with this, my mother constantly devalued every other person in the world or idolized them, no in between and the idolized ones I could count on one hand... I spent my whole life trying to figure out what the hell was going on with her she was never enough in her own mind and lived in a constant state of pain and fear that others would also see her that way if she could hurt someone, put them down, make them feel inferior to her - it gave her a temporary relief from that pain and fear she was abused as a child, it was bad, two of her siblings ended up in mental hospitals as children editing to add that she also did not see other people or animals as having real feelings, so when she hurt someone she assumed that their reaction was fake most people like her are very similar so maybe it helps to know that they are not trying to hurt you because they don't even see you as a person who can really be hurt - they are only trying to relieve their own pain
  9. I also think it might be nice to just go, making your parents happy is so nice, I liked the feeling of being in a church sometimes and I also never understood anything in the bible until I started reading more about non-duality, it starts to make sense with that deeper understanding that said, when I was younger I just got a job that required me to work on sunday so there was no way I could go...
  10. I meditate in front of people at the playground everyday when I'm picking my little guy up from school, I let him play then I just sit in a normal position and if I've been perfectly still and staring for a long time, I just look around a little and pretend to be I noticed that pretty much all the other parents there are doing the same thing, they're either just sitting not really looking at anything or they are on their phones, I've even wondered if they're meditating too but what else do you do when you're alone at the park or on the bus, you just sit there anyway...
  11. I've had multiple mini-glimpses with just 30 minutes a day of meditation but I also listen to chanting, and non-dual speakers a lot on you tube, plus I try to meditate or self inquire any time I'm just walking, waiting in line, doing the dishes, etc. oh actually sometimes I go longer 45 to 90 minutes on the weekends...and I do graphic design so I don't have to think while I work, I can listen to videos or whatever so I do that all day so the mini-glimpses are really the coolest thing ever for me, there is no mistaking having one, I just all of the sudden feel like everything is absolutely perfect, I laugh, I cry, I am amazed, things look really detailed, and more intricate than I ever noticed before...everything is either very beautiful or extremely funny, it's very funny, all of it at first I didn't even know why that happened because it doesn't happen for me during meditation but just randomly with no notice but now I think it's because meditation causes that to happen later just at random times I started with the instructions in the "psychology of mystical awakening" and I also try to read from this book a little each day, then I also tried meditating to sounds and just having only sounds in my mind, and I am now following along with rupert spira's guided meditations, love them I haven't done any psychedelics for spiritual reasons but I did a lot when I was a kid just for fun I'm going through some pretty intense ups and downs too, idk why that happens yet but I don't really care because I feel like it's totally worth it and I'm in an upswing right now so...
  12. what's the difference between experiencing the truth and knowing it's the truth and experiencing the truth and doubting it?
  13. maybe try looking at it a different way, instead of "I don't exist" try "I don't exist in the way I used to think that I did" because "I" as a person don't exist either, yet here I am typing away, thinking about breakfast... time doesn't exist either, yet my alarm clock went off at 6 am this morning...
  14. idk but I have that too, it started last fall mine was sudden onset so they gave me a bunch of medication which didn't do anything and they did a bunch of tests including a brain scan and found nothing which is what happens most of the time, they just can't find a cause, they say but in very rare cases they do find something so if you can see a doctor just to rule it out, I would do that I've been experiencing spiritual growth as well, and it also disappears for me when I focus on something else otherwise it's very very loud and I also read that tinnitus is angels singing so I'm just going to go with that...