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  1. I also noticed something with my ex partner, when we were in love and made love, i would always feel energized and more blissful afterwards compared to near the end of the relationship when we were no longer in love it just felt draining and put me to sleep.
  2. You can do similar experiments with cooked rice. Remember everything is consciousness, everything is alive in some way/shape/form. Cook rice with water then add equally to 3 jars. One jar label "i love you" another "i hate you" and the 3rd completely ignore. To enhance the effect you could also give loving thoughts, emotions to the "i love you" jar and negative ones to the "i hate you". You will notice the negative and one jar you ignored completely will rot and die much faster. This is why its important to bless everything, your water, your food, your plants and even minerals, rocks, crystals, everything is consciousness.
  3. The key to all life's questions is to find the absolute center point between duality and non-duality and be there fully! - The Holy Trinity
  4. Oh hey, i have learned a lot from your posts in the past! Thank you so much for all that you have shared with us.
  5. Dan is a Certified Detoxification Specialist and has been studying plant based nutrition for the last 17 years. With over 2,000 videos on his YouTube channel demonstrating raw food nutrition, juicing, detoxification, fitness and spirituality – Dan has been a tremendous inspiration and guide in helping people to take responsibility for their health in the simplest and most natural way – with the food we eat! With over 275,500 subscribers and over 40 million video views, he has truly made an impact on the health and well being of people’s lives all over the world. Dan’s magnetic personality and true passion for regenerating every cell within his own body has made his show on YouTube a contagious and inspiring ministry for those who are seeking the highest levels of health information. I have been following him for many years, he is great stuff!
  6. Most probably copyright nonsense as usual.. In the past there were thousands of videos free for everyone, now they all get removed for copyright and other reasons. I always download them using a youtube downloader website ASAP cause i know this will happen, sadly this one, which was really good i did not. Do this for every video on youtube you value and want to share and or watch again because these days videos like that always get targeted and deleted very rapidly. Many of the channeling videos that provide vital information are becoming targeted so many have move to other websites like Vimeno, D-tube and a few others. This is not just channeling videos alone, most videos that have some useful information to "wake you up" from the matrix are targeted. The amount of psychedelic awareness videos and war on consciousness and Alien/UFO ect... that have been removed and hidden or banned goes beyond that of challenging for example. Download everything you value worth sharing, we may need them in the future.
  7. The substance, tool or how Bashar masterfully puts: " Permission slips" that we are drawn to, work best for you but not for everyone else . I do not believe in one thing or method works best for all, nevertheless i am glad it wasn't Adrenochrome.
  8. The craving for chocolate is more a magnesium issue than anything else. @Hellspeed Yes i experience subtle psilocybin mushroom-like experience when i do ceremonial cacao 28g - 42g or higher. I feel wired and am able to disconnect from the mind/thoughts.
  9. I believe its amazing for detoxifying the body and activating the pineal gland but i believe there should be breaks because it contains a truck load of chemicals and can end up over-stimulating your nervous system which you don't want if you value Enlightenment, Spirituality ect... Same for all other foods or substances that can stimulate or excite you in any way, now cacao is far more subtle and in my opinion superior to coffee but it can catch up to the same negative effects if you dose heavy every day. I prefer large dose ceremonial cacao and do it every once in a while and maybe once or twice a week i have small dose raw cacao powder with my smoothies but i do take time as this is important. If you want to detox and nourish your cells with goodness you are most probably deficient in i would probably do 1 month on and 1 month off or 3 weeks on 1 week off or something sensible like that.
  10. @Rilles Does make sense, i did not really sleep or eat those several weeks or however long that period went, i struggle to recall how time worked during that phase, maybe random days i would eat fruit or sleep for a few hours at most, i was like a feather but eventually i needed to ground myself because it was not sustainable it seemed, I felt like i was going to fly away somewhere else.
  11. @lennart Excuse my choice of words, i did not exactly mean the "excited" state all the time, just the bliss, the love, the ecstasy without the druggy, super happy, supper excited state. Its more like a blissful peace or calmness yet the same level of unconditional love for all life can be experienced naturally.
  12. Next time you do it, do it with the intention of your question and the answer will or at least should arise so you don't have to keep going back to the substance because substances can delude you further if you abuse them too much. I abused them all, i am so much better now without substance because i actually started to apply the teachings of what i realized during substances on a daily basis so i never have to go to the substance to feel that way or have those insights again. Of course this is not to say i will never do them again, but i allow them to come from a spiritual calling rather than a mental one so the once in a blue moon i do reconnect with the plant teachers, its a divine marriage and cosmic orgasm that lasts and lasts long after the substance has worn off. MDMA is one of the harder drugs, it should not be used more than once every 3 - 4 months but if it turns into a habit of taking it every 3 - 4 months then you are not really learning anything. Same for all other substances, I prefer mushrooms or DMT as they feel most natural and healing too me. I personally experience low-dose MDMA high almost all the time now that i have stopped using all substances and all chemicals in processed food and over-use of technology in my diet/lifestyle including weed which was masking my natural enlightened state and giving me a false-enlightened state. I will say there was a time where i felt on a high dose MDMA high all the time naturally but i was Alien to everyone else around me and i understood i need to find a more neutral or balanced point to get by with everyone else or else i would have to become a hermit and move away from society completely. Namaste
  13. Well this is common knowledge, the semen should only be expelled when creating life, its vital life force energy we should not waste.
  14. Leo says a lot of things, following anyone blindly is not wise. Don't take everything he says literally, he is a human being at the end of the day and these substances can tend to make us delusional in what we say and think, especially if we use them too often and do not allow proper integration and stabilization of energy before we choose to express what we have experienced. I have been through this phase myself, it shall pass. Nowadays if i choose to do a substance, i personally wait several months to years in between substances and few to several months before actually sharing with others what i have experienced and come to understand. It is not wise to share straight away because you are in a mental and emotional energetic whirlwind and the more i stay away from substance, the more truth of reality and the nature of existence i can actually embody and express clearly and effectively. I believe Leo will be much greater of a teacher if he stopped with the substance path for a while so he too can see for himself what i have foreseen in myself and many others of have chosen these paths. Peace
  15. What i forgot to mention also is frequent use of psychedelics energetically overstimulates us thus we can never remained in the enlightened state if our nervous system is overstimulated. This is very common among cannabis users because it has a tenancy to be abused more often than stronger psychedelics.