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  1. This would probably be the most interesting episode (at least for me). I would like to know what Hell really is ( maybe you can explore the so called "hell realms") and in general I would like to hear Leo's voice in this matter. Is hell real?? Is there really eternal hellfire? Does enlightenment entail that you ARE hell? We've been talking about heaven/nirvana all along, so i guess talking about heaven would be pretty redundant at this point. Hell, however... Would love to hear about that.
  2. The critique starts at 48:02. What do you guys think?
  3. @ajasatya i agree with that.
  4. @ajasatya disagreeing with someone and proposing a different idea than someone else is childish? That wasn't very infinitely loving of you ajasatya
  5. @DreamScape do you even know what the word projection means? You use that word everytime I say something that opposes your belief system and call me out on it. Same with the word "devil".
  6. @Preetom your argument just backfired on you. If my well being depends on me calling other people sheeple and YOU defend Leo, doesn't that mean that YOUR well being depends on Leo being right and you following Leo's philosophy? The fact that you dismissed the video i sent you and refused to even make a sound argument considering the points that Zzenn made just shows that this forum ISN'T SO OPEN MINDED AT ALL
  7. @DreamScape "i know the absolute truth" and yet you are on this forum, engaging in a debate with me. If you "knew the absolute truth" you wouldn't be here on this forum. S O R R Y M A N
  8. @Preetom exactly what i am talking about. You have stopped thinking critically for yourself because you are so brainwashed by this actualized.org cult. The definition of a sheep
  9. @DreamScape "not pursuing the truth too much"? Lmao. Get educated about his story before judging him.
  10. We've all heard Leo talk about his breakthroughs on 5MeO DMT, but what I wonder is what is his level of consciousness while he's sober. Can you describe to us how non-dual it is, Leo, how you experience the world? Thanx
  11. Music of the Gods.
  12. Yoyo, i wanna start a thread of posting epic trance songs. ONLY trance. It's truly a magical genre so, here goes my selection: cKIVEY0tuPM
  13. @Leo Gura ok, so you're saying i created the entire universe? Also, are you saying that if i DIE (physically), i will be able to do whatever i want as god because i will have fully let go by then? How can you say that if you have no evidence of what happens after death? I've seen your video on the topic of "what is death" but the whole vid is predicated on the fact that the only thing that exists is consciousness and that consciousness is something that ISN'T generated by the brain
  14. @DreamScape stakres is exactly right. There is no astral plane, it's a projection of your biology
  15. @electroBeam relationships are based on "what can i get out of this person". No altruism here. If the other person stops giving you what you want (sex, love, companionship,... ) the relationship ends. End of story. Spiritual people aren't immune to this fact
  16. Nothing special here. She took a drug and went into fantasy land while talking to the interviewer like she's in some sort of a "higher spiritual dimension" that he's just not able to understand thus making him inferior to her becuz he's just "not at her level". Happens every single time someone takes acid/shrooms/what have you
  17. @AwakenedSoul444 oh and also, dont mix it with weed. Weed mixed with acid is what caused HPPD for me, not the acid itself. Magic mushrooms reduced my HPPD by 90%, fun fact
  18. @AwakenedSoul444 dont take it. I've seen your other posts on this forum and you really dont strike me as someone who should be taking acid. Im sorry, just telling you my honest opinion. I suffered (and still suffer from some) of the similar problems you had and taking acid was THE LAST thing i should be experimenting with. I visited a hell realm, was stuck there for "eternity" and experienced the embodiment of evil. I had psychosis /HPPD for 4 months and still have , but thankfully, at this point it is very mild. So yeah, dont mess around with it. If you want true spirituality, handle your shit first son. Ain't no drug gonna save you
  19. @electroBeam lol, i'm sorry, she doesn't love you anymore. Her being an "introverted shy girl" doesn't make her any less prone to being a sex-crazed maniac who likes to get f00ked. I'm sorry but the only thing you can do right now is start seeing other girls and getting on your purpose. Forget about her. She aint interested. There are millions of "spiritual" girls out there, whatever the hell that means. Besides, most "spiritual" girls i've dated are crazy new age hippies who you wanna stay away from. Mark my words. You will get more and more delusional, the more time you spend with them. I knew this one girl who was totally convinced we are shapeshifting reptiles and are going to transcend into the 5th dimension by the end of 2020. Geez. huge acid head too
  20. Btw bobby's perspective is just like all of the other "truthers" out there. Jumping from one fad to the other... He used to be a radical vegan. Then he became an carnivore extremist. And now he is a fundamentalist christian. Lol. What's he gonna be tomorrow, muslim? You can't take ppl like this srsly. Nothing changed, he just replaced one belief system with another belief system. I guess thats why his channel is called bobby's perspective? The joke's one me lol 😆
  21. @Codrina umm... Can you prove it? Can you MOVE a table by looking at it? Can you make it dissapear? No? Yeah, that's what i thought..
  22. @Leo Gura also, leo, you talk about being open minded.. have you ever tried praying to jesus? Did you ever experience the holy spirit? From what i've read you haven't, so how can you speak with such authority on the topic of christianity?
  23. @Leo Gura umm i still cant get over the fact that you said in a previous video that you can manipulate physical reality if you become "sufficiently conscious".. but then you use a cop-out statement "if god let everyone be able to manipulate physical reality the world would be chaos". I mean what, do you srsly believe you will be able to make a table dissapear one day for example just because of your sheer will? I think you've been watching way too much nithyananda and sai baba.. hint hint.. both have been exposed as NOT being able to levitate AND not able to "materialize" objects into existence.