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  1. @Manusia You can check Joddy Hatton and Eric Bartel on youtube.. I think they are no longer making beats , no much new videos but there is already a huge collection of very good videos on their channels.
  2. Maybe it would be nice to see your artistic side more. I don't know how but integrating your art side to web site and even videos. Your drawings are very nice.. I remember that cat trying to get it's tail. That sort of graphics, drawings etc. would be so nice to explain absract subjects. Also some live streams in a more natural, friendly manner. a little bit personal life.. at least just to put on blog.
  3. Hey, I'm also interested/working on my finance.. The books; the richest man in babylon and rich dad poor dad are good for starting. Also this woman is doing a good job on yt
  4. To me, sexual intercourse supposed to include some emotional connection. At least pysichal attraction from both part. We are not robots. I agree it is possible to have fun for the one who is paying and some times for the prostitue also..Yet still by buying sex we might contribute to lots of suffering.. Still everyone can choose their own entertaintment sources.
  5. It's around 11:00 am. I am sitting in a coffeeshop and having some cofee. I am wathching araound since my table is just near the window( which is like full of glass a big one). Cars are passing, young man and women are walking, someone is running, the other in hurry for sth. , the sounds of horn and engines coming from cars.. My eyes and ears are like a camera and recorder and watching something super good. The best movie ever. So, this one; every second of realtiy is like a movie. I like this.. And regarding my inner situation movie become sad, thrilling, happy, dram etc. The best parts are a sudden ispration and joyfull motivation which came just after the some worst scenes..
  6. if I wouldn't had sex with prostitude and instead study pickup, or try some other way to improve my relationships with opposite sex I would be much more experienced and lucky. The worst thing about prostitutes when you have sex that way, subconciusly you say yourself nobody want you without paying for. buying sex is serious harm to your self-esteem. Also most of sex workers are doing that with force of somebody that seizured their passports or purely pyhsical forcing. I saw some some of them stay in some dirty shed without appropriate electricty, water etc. if you know how hard is life for them you will stop buying it and not buying that is more of support to that womens. Most of them have similar personal stories, abusive fathers, abusive and achololic boyfriend, gambler husband etc. some are doing it to support their families, their child . also the girls are victim to some life events at some point they start to abuse drugs, alcohol..they might be violent and crazy. finally when it comes to getting sexual experience, for prostitutes the best trade is to spend less time with man and get more money.. they also try their best to manipülate man during sex so it can finish fast and they can leave.. So don't expect that women to be some kind of fairy for you.
  7. it seems like my passion is studying personal development concepts. But I understand what you mean. Thank you As I understand convincing part is about life experience. So my fear is probably not to be able to find client since even I might be a good coach I am not experienced in different areas of life. Also I don't really think on finding a niche, I used to think I will be a life coach and thats ok. I can coach people about anything. it seems like finding a niche really will be helpful. Most importantly bottom line which I guess is briefly ''just do it'' so clear.. Thank you so much
  8. Hello everyone,l would like to hear your perspective on something l'm trying to deal with. I want to go and start a coaching course and start to build a business on coaching. But when I search the marketplace there is lots of coach who had good cv. they used to work in big companies as manager and that kind of jobs. I don't have a bright background about career. only for a short period I worked as a coordinator at a small company.. but mostly I used to work at restaurants as waiter, I delivered brochüres, I worked parttime at small shops, and finally I was a receptionist at a hotel .. Even I've graduated from a good university a didn't work well at any big company or with a nice title. Other issue which is pardoxical ; I want to start coaching but I don't have a good backround about most domain of life. I am inexperinced about dating, I ve not start a business till today so no experience about that too. Even I progressed a lot on my personal development journey I still have confidence, esteem related issues. To be a good coach it would be better to advance most domain of life I think. On the other hand without starting a business it will be difficult to be able to feel good and work better on the aspect of life that I want to improve .. Nowadays I even think to start another business first at least to gain some experience but it won't make sense since I am almost totally in personal development. I read, I watch videos and took notes on that. So with not much interest in the industry but interest in doing businesss is it making sense to start a business like selling something, opening a online shopping market etc. summary; --to start at coaching business how much it is important, first to improve and get results by yourself. And to what degree should I wait ? --how is it looking to start another random business just for the sake of learning business and gaining experience before going for coaching business ? -- since for any other business nobody is interested with your personal life. Will it be locigal to approach coaching business that way or should I prove customer that I myself already succeed in life. -- Won't they tell me you don't have any important success in life how are you going to help us ? ( I think that is obviously inner critic and self judgment) So what are your thoughts?
  9. Name: Ahmet Yıldırım Age: 33 Gender : Male Location: Turkey Occupation: currently unemployed. ( on a search for a career to do with purpose) Marital Status: Single Childeren: No Hobbies: Travel, long walks in the nature, personal development, watching movies, reading, it was 3 years ago when I was in a really desperate situation. Since I used to live my whole life extremely unconcius finally it hit. I got my first panic attack which now I see as a wake up call or gift. Of course it was not looking that way at that time. I lost my father next year. which was my biggest fear at that time .. it was horrible I was in the depth of despair. That was when I met with . I watched llots of videos, not only Leo's videos but a lot of video on anxiety, panic attack, depression and so on.. I read a lot of books on that issues. it was a difficult time when I was self-diagnose myself with all sort of mental disorders. And consuming all sorts of information on web about my percived ''disorders'' . During that time I was working as a receptionist at a hotel. Since I used to work at night shift there was plenty of free time to watch videos, read books and have anxiety crises:)) Long story short; then years passed not easy and not quick but definetely healing, transforming. Back to today ; Challenges I ve overcome - taking control of my panic attacks; almost no panic attack for the last two year - Greatly reducing my anxius and depressif moods ( I was even afraid of going out at that times) -Reconnecting with some old friends - Saying truth to my family about my work ( I used to lie them) - Avoiding some toxic people that I used hang out with - Becoming aware of my self biases, shits, lies, fears, - Finally this year after quiting my job and moving to my home town; quit smoking, starting to work on my diet and made some changes for good, mediatating daily, exercising every other day, journalling, and a lot of other benefits that I gained from that journey that I even forget some and lots of little things that can full a few page.. Something I am currently working on; - since I am recently applying some important concepts to practise there is lots of backslide, depression, confusion I am working on - Dating and relationships in general - Assertiveness - Engineering and thinking a lot on of my life , social circle, family relations, beliefs, customs, - Working on lack of theory and filling the gaps - İn search for Life Pupose, - Personal Finance - Overcoming some family related issues - starting my own business and so on... Thank you so much and Leo for contrubuting a change I even couldn't dream few years ago..
  10. @Flowerfaeiry thank you for this understanding and encouraging words. @The Buddha nice point of view. thank you
  11. Hello there. even I've been member for a long time I'm not active in forum. Among many other reasons; one reason is before posting here a question, I answer my own question in my head but as someone from here answered. Even sometimes I critise myself for askin such a ''easy, silly, etc'' question. This situation confuses me because I feel like I already found answer to my question on the other hand it might be my self judgment and fear of being judged so instead of asking the question I project it on some random people here and got my answer. What are your thoughts on this? another issue is; I like to read posts here in forum. But l am really feeling overwhelmed since l visit forum for a spesific reason but then found myself jumping from one title to another, from one post to another and spend a lot of time here and feeling guilty for that. I read lots of content here it feels like addiction... any thougths or advice will be appriciated. Note: English is not my first language
  12. in my experience I felt most powerfull when I less care about being strong or in your term ''machiavellian'' and connect with my feelings. Here I think the most important thing is to observe yourself, it is not about others it is about you and your emotions. So maybe you can practise releasing. Sedona Method type of work might help. when you are not comfortable with feeling anger and fear against yourself and others, it is difficult to function effectively. so working on your emotions is probably best place to start.. good luck
  13. I really get good results sometimes when I go beyond my comfortzone. Even now by writing this comment I am moving beyond my comfortzone since I am even anxious about sharing sth puplic and fear of not doing well, not expressing well, not good english etc. What l struggle with a lot is not mostly the outer danger. When I decide to try something new or behave in a different way I struggle with confision a lot. Lots of scnerios in my mind? What is my motive? that is the main question mostly. Sometimes the fear of rejection take it is place, sometimes fear judgment, I fear my own judgments tword myself and other, try to find the ''best'' ''fittest'' '' most honest'' etc. answers, behaviors. I don't know it guarantee growth but I think comfortzone is not only external also there is lots of internal comfortzones and they both effect eachother. In my experinces when I am in a comfort inside it is not making huge difference external changes.
  14. I am reading book for a while now and letting go almost everyday any time that I am able to concentrate I don't know if I am doing it true but at first days it was looking difficult but also awesome. But after a few weeks I get difficulties to do the techique and also l have a feeling like l am a walking dead. I don't have too much tension in my body ı feel lighter, l am more relaxed in some situations but also it feel pointless, no desire, no action to do anything, ı don't have a desire to react to any situations which makes me feeling like ghost. Also during that time of letting go practise l've been a lot of dreams, dreams are generally making sense it feels like I am dissolving my wounds or integrating my shadow .. l don't know really what's its like to letting go because now even sometimes it feels amazing most of times l am like no matter what, ı feel no excitement any advise?