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  1. Reality is much more malleable than you might think. I think you’re thinking about finding enlightenment - I’m just talking about how to direct your energy.
  2. Then so long as the ego is dissolved, may your will be done.
  3. Not really so, maintaining conscious effort always is very hard - that's why meditation is good, it strengthens that. As it stands for most people, their pre existing delusions may lead them to direct their conscious efforts in the wrong direction, then they'll turn off and spin down a hole completely unawares. If you blindly drive the wrong way down traffic you're bound to have a few nasty collisions. If you want to change direction it takes time and effort. After going one direction for so long you can't just consciously decide 'lets go this way now' once and expect it to happen effortlessly. However, after some time and the right intent you will find everything to be effortless.
  4. Let me tell you a secret, You are God.
  5. Everyone runs around these days believing they are the operators of their life, that their free will is constantly implied. This is rarely actually the case. Free will requires a conscious effort, otherwise all you are doing is reacting, and your brain is very good at convincing you that it was you making those decisions. Therefore we should not blame people or get angry with them over seemingly mindless acts. Understand and give compassion - help them wake up.
  6. How can there be individual atoms when the universe is one unified field or wave-function? Wave particle duality applies to all things but lets talk about light - there is a light wave and a photon, apparently existing in both states at the same time. There is currently a problem with trying to understand this in science, with theories such as pilot wave theory etc. What if I told you that the photon/particle does not exist at all - it is a figment of your imagination. This is why we have the observer problem. How can there be green while there is red? There is really neither. Again, your imagination. Side note: Nemo28 is dogness
  7. Choice. YOU consciously chose to be exactly who, where and what you are right now.
  8. You absolutely can experience the dog from its point of view! You could do the same for a dead carcass on the road or a rock in a path. Your belief that you are just that body is too strong. You are not your body. Go try again.
  9. @Leo Gura Can you offer any insight based on my experience and these reactions? Also the powder I received is quite floury - most stuff I've had before has been more grainy/sandy.
  10. It's unlikely today - I had a big weekend at deadmau5 with many phenethylamines and lysergamides plus some MDMA to boot! Probably this weekend/next week.
  11. Reality is exactly a dream. Fear is unknowingness.
  12. I had a very strange experience when I smoked this sample that, whilst definitely feeling tryptaminie, did not really feel like my usual experience of DMT (and I have had many experiences). Now this could purely be down to my mental space at the time but it was very strange - no closed eye visuals (well not colourful, more ketamine like tunnelling - waves of contrast if that makes any sense). Open eyed things went somewhat cartoon like but also with my peripherals strobing at me. If anyone could help verify these reactions look legit it would put my mind at ease. Many thanks!
  13. Yea I suppose it's more to increase my level of confidence in it. It seems to line up quite well. About to make another thread regarding some NN_DMT that I am a little dubious of.
  14. Found this resource - I think my product is legit. Hopefully this can help others in the future! Top scale is for Ehrlich's Reagent