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  1. @Ashleyy yeah, sometimes those experiences can be a bit freaky, specially if you find yourself in a situation where you can't escape the dream. or maybe you can escape it, but then you are just found in your bed , still surrounded by oddelements/ elements of the dream... and sometimes depending on what those elements are can geta bit scary. i ve had creepy experiences and when i say creepy , it's all about you being conscious YOU are in your bedroom and something is just not right. some variables being added to your own environment and you kinda sense a bit of danger/fear. i would say its pretty normal reaction for our egos that dont know much of whats actually going on. have had hundreds and hundreds of those experiences: while i am about to sleep or after the sleep cycles. And i can say that it fascinates and bothers me at the same time lol. sometimes i just want to REST and those states show up. however, the frequency of those experiences kinda let me got used to it, and lately, when i find my self caught up in those states, i tend to deal with it very well, like just another episode.. and it is able to me to consequently exploring it. But there is stuff complicated to get used to it, but it's not impossible. i am sure it's okay for some people to sometimes wake up surrounded by aliens, pterodactyls , pokemon ghost-type and so on.