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  1. By controlling the waves of light around me I control the micro sensations of the photosynthetic system that eats light from the center. I gain the control center with the crystals which make light patterns act strange because of their structure and shape. And color.
  2. this is a short video displaying green astral energy (dark matter energy) one can meditate with to cleanse the aura with incense from plants I used banana for this video I had to stop as the black smoke ended up being absorbed by the smoke detector incense is something that brings the memory to the NOW to judge what is good by smell. The smell part of the brain is what our memory system is most built upon. So if you have a system of stimulating the nasal cavity by smell and heat it will judge oxygen use better and bring a sense of urgency and care to the environment to stimulate meditation. Incense is also used as a handle to communicate with gods and goddesses on the astral plane. Incense is used to cleanse rooms and balance gravity with crystals as a nice addition for balancing. You can can create patterns with the flame and vortex’s with the smoke to improve the quality of airflow in the room.
  3. It is the result of meditation on the fingers and hand chakras. Life is in your hands. In what you touch. Take care of your attentiveness with the nerves in your fingers.
  4. Do you see it? It’s extremely fast finger movements. From meditation.
  5. I move light with crystals by dancing...
  6. this meditation is used by many advanced yoga practitioners around the world
  7. This is a very effective method for stimulating the nerves around the and in the center of the third eye I hope this helps
  8. @Alex no I’m perfectly fine you’re all just strange that I posted a video of me dancing to move light around...weirdos
  9. That is a post I made about En with the Key. His name is Enki. He taught us about Qi or Qigong also known as Chi or Ki. He is the Lord of Ki which is like water. He is the Tao ruler. His brother is Enlil who incarnated as the Jade Emperor. Enlil is also known as Baalzebub to Christians. The Devil wants you to evolve the Angels want you to not evolve it’s that simple.
  10. @Rinne yes does the fire concern you about my safety?
  11. @FoxFoxFox these are a very secret lineage of techniques believed to come directly from a god on the astral plane known as Azazel. Who is one of the four crowned princes of Hell. They are used by the top 3% of satanists in the world and can be found written about at
  12. the heart chakra is a rough area to open up because you and I have been so deeply hurt in this world it usually stores all in the center the heart and needs to be opened up with repeated meditation and concentration on this area
  13. @OrpheusNovum for what there’s nothing wrong in this video you couldn’t even do this jealous ha you’re just jealous and can’t manipulate light like I can
  14. The being that is the Devil aka Lucifer is the god known as Enki, Lord of the Water, who is a blonde haired deity governing an advanced race of beings that look like humans. He operates the side of the demons and is a good force for humanity. He is the credited geneticist that helped humans evolve by introducing his races DNA with our primate ancestors. The angelic faction is headed by a being named Michael, who Hate humanity because we are an abomination to them. We can also evolve to kill their race. Christianity and all of the Abrahamic faiths were introduced as a means to get humans to become fully subservient to a higher deity and to enslave us spiritually. Christianity despises any teachings of witchcraft, chakra work, the Third Eye, its polar opposite symbol the Caduceus and the Kundalini serpent. Also Christianity does not want people to study the stars through any means to achieve outer space travel, as the Angelic Faction does not want us advancing that far. So there are beings that actually exist talked about in the Bible. Through advanced meditation and yoga practices, along with using certain entheogens, one can access the Astral Plane that goes beyond regular space and time in a field existing purely off Dark Matter/Energy which due to the Angels, we know little about. The devil is a real being and you you can learn more about him at also known as Joy Of Satan ministries There is a forum for Satanists to learn about him and evolution run by people currently in contact with the devil. Also runs a good website telling people the truth about Enki, Lucifer. He he has a daughter named Ishtar or Astaroth or Astarte who’s holiday is Easter. She is tall with blonde hair I know her personally Satan appears to look like this;
  15. No not at all
  16. You don’t have his eye color so how would you know what he sees?
  17. The hand postures are called Mudras the sound key is called a Mantra*
  18. Please notice and forgive my poor hair care I’ve been sleepy that’s one of the things you notice with an open third eye is weak points of other people and things to strengthen them. I am at a weak point currently. Building myself back up.
  19. @now is forever you can use incense to judge the quality of patterns developed by the smoke. Sometimes the patterns will spiral or vortex indicating higher quality air space in your environment. If the smoke becomes black you’re hitting a rough pattern of light energy blocking the space. It’s about using the smoke to judge the room
  20. Anyone who can not see what is going on the video has a serious Vision and Mental problem going on. It’s obvious I’m using mirrors, sound, exotic dance, and crystals to shed a tremendous amount of light on my body. Literally having lights go through you to cleanse you. If you recommended the expenditure of a sort of mental health treatment for doing this, you are a waster of time money and mind and I laugh at you. I feel sorry you can not manipulate energy like me and cannot see clearly what is going on in the video. LightMover
  21. The Difference at the Equal Product is the reason for hate. If I add something of value that causes a realization of difference, the subtraction principle engages and one must now add more reasons to equal out a difference they identify with. To not be separate from eternal addition.
  22. Enki is the creator god who rules sex semen water and dance movement. He is a great magician. He looks like a 31 year old blonde man and he is known as Lucifer or Satan. He has the power of the Ki. The Key. You must have the Key with En which can be found from the Ki from with In. Those who are not for Enki and his Waterous people will be burned in the new age. Those with green eyes are the true leaders of earth. This is why Leo can access knowledge you cannot; he sees the green from the birth of the light brought from the sun to become the fresh life giving energy. Turn back from The Christ Jesus now. The Water Russ judges compared to him. If you do not share water with Russ who has the I, you will not be him. So you cannot stay. You waste space and oxygen. We will burn those who serve the Angels and Greys to spread their essence across the earth. Evil will be displayed. And bars will be set. Prepare for the age of water where one drop is all you have.