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  1. You dont "deal", you just talk with them and listen to them and be interested in them. And B. You dont know if you are "above" someone in SD. You can only see one issue the person externalized (for example - conservativism). Since SD is stractural based model (and NOT content) you cannot know to what colors and how % of them the person has reached just using his head and his thoughts. Consevatism for example can hint you a center of gravity of him but you have to be very very careful cause you really dont know enough. He can still have 18% of yellow and 6% of turquoise for example (or even more). Only violent people or dictatorship leaders are more clear in their location on SD. Treat everyone as basically equal.
  2. Maybe you right, at least partially. This forum dehumanizes trump to the extreme. Be aware of that maybe trump with his mentality has larger chance to understand middle eastern thinking better than green and even than yellow people.
  3. By 'distraction' do you mean - from inner work?
  4. Like one level up relative to my first experience last summer that was weaker and not as clear. What happened today is that I tried again to accept the negative feeling I had (I am in a negative phase this month), because I know that acceptance is the right way. So I tried to do the "Acceptance" on the current negative feeling I have. After couple of minutes I finished a small purchase in the supermarket, came out, and then I realized - OH, but if to be sincere, all I just did right now (to accept the negative feeling) was in the aim of feeling better. Which means, in a deeper level (?) I was resisting the feeling! I DID try to accept it, but it was from a desire to make the negative feeling go weaker and disappear. Even if there was acceptance its only a shallow version. And then I realized - There is nothing I can do to "accept", becuase everything I will ever try to do to "accept", will be in the aim of feeling better. in other words - hidden resistance to the bad feeling. When I realised it - I just released it. Ok. I Can't do nothing. I'll don't try nothing. In that moment I felt I have reached a new level of "releasing", and then the feeling became better! The interesting thing is that I quite knew about that principle in the content level even before, but I couldn't benefit from it. Only today I felt I reached it in the stractural level and convinced my subconsious mind. Like see the exact berrier as a content or story, is SO different than actually meet it stracturally in real time and passing it.
  5. Leo gives great hope in managing and reducing mental conditions and illnesses without medication. He challenges the mainstream thinking and thats gives strength to people. And to me too. And I really believe that medication will be needed less and less maybe until zero as you grow in your consciouseness during the years. Of course, generally speaking, i dont agree with everything Leo says and I always try to not just to adopt but think and if it doesnt fit to me I dont adopt it. But I try to keep an open mind.
  6. Always. And you will have more and stronger ego backlashes until you (and me) learn the lesson the inner child wants to teach us, and that is you are a vulnerable child always and in any age. You are also equal to your friends and family and never above your environment. This night i had 20-30 minutes of crying which during them I felt re-integrated again to my inner child. Now i understands that i felt many months that i am a little "above" my family. Its not that i really thought this in a rational way absolutely not. But i had a subtle FEELING all the time the I like felt that i am above them or knows more and etc. After this reintegration I feel now more pure, more child, and more equal to my parents and family and this is a great feeling. Feels far more healthy. And my anxiety reduced. I hope its ok just to share and show here my insights and feelings. I post it not only because it is very significant to me, but also because i think it can be valuable also to other people here.
  7. Do you mean "better in x", "above in y"? Just "I am above you" does not exist. "I am above you in x and in y" - 2 out of hundreds and thousands of parameters - does.
  8. More knowledge is a different thing than going meta and see the bigger picture from a zoomed out perspective.
  9. Personally I feel very high resonance with the content Leo share, and some of it I experienced and tought for my experience even before I heard from it in any source (for example the system fights back after you start do behavioural therapy agaisnt anxiety). Still many things Leo give are new for me and enrichs me a lot! Last couple of videos are less resonate with me. Maybe its just because of the content. Only Leo knows what he really feels and I think as long as he takes into account many resources, not falling into the "feeling above" trap, and into the "pursuit more enlightenment" trap which transmits the subconscious mind that you are not good enough now - he will be Ok. Thats my opinion. More traps in my opinion are: Solipsism. Isolation psychologically and physically from other human beings. I dont know if Leo fell into it I just mention whats most potentially problematic from my point of view.
  10. This remind me perfectly also someone else...
  11. You say in other words that excitement and fireworks must reduce and be replaced by a calm version of happines. More like to be child again?
  12. "Israeli elite" is not one thing and there are many people there with many opposite opinions and personality types. they are just human beings... Netanyahu loves money, thats one of his weaknesses. Actually I dont like the current government. I wish the opposite party will win. We gonna have the #3 elections within a year(!) in March 2nd.
  13. Its not about evillness at all. They dont want a foreign country in their area. It threaten their identity as they see it. Israel doesnt want any piece of land outside Israel. Even the right wingers dont want. and I am even not right winger. Get your face above your biased water too for one second.
  14. So why does Iran hide its activities 60 meters under the ground? One of the facilities is under a mountainside.
  15. @Annoynymous UN has RECOGNIZED and APPROVED Israel as a legitimate state. And only AFTER that, the arab coutries invaded Israel. But EVEN if it was illegal, do you really think you will bring ALL your army and risk your life because of law stuff? Only in the name of a logical law? its insane. ?
  16. @Annoynymous you forgot to write that your neighbours countries usually dont decide all of them to kill you only 1 day after you have been established.
  17. @Annoynymous If 5 countries encircled you and tried to kill you (1948, 1973) you also would develop a strong army and great detterence psychological power in order to survive. Be sure about that. Survival made Israel to develop a such strong and sophisticated army.
  18. Because of their self biases as arabs who feel threatened by Israel the only and super tiny state in the hugh arab middle east. Today people in the arab region start to understand that Israel have not any intention to do any bad to them. Just wants to live in its tiny piece of land that we have an hystorical connection to and to be able to defend ourselves in order that events like the holocaust won't able to relapse.
  19. Again - The thought that only a VISIBLE war makes this kind of elimiination legitimate is a mistake, becasue Iran does every day more steps into its goal to encircle Israel and spread across middle east, and this is itself is enough threathment that justifies preventive actions.
  20. This self bias here is fully symetric. Don't say to me you are responding to me from a yellow perspective. I'll try to look at the picture also from US perspective, but you also have to think of Israel perspective if you want to be fair.
  21. How? Its quite naive to think that Iran wants to diminish Israel only because there is still not a solution with the palestines (and I want that solution). It much deeper than this.
  22. Nuclear weapon in the hands of RED regime who declares usually it wants to diminish Israel is too dangerous. Please remember that Israel is a small dot in the map compared to US and one missle with nuclear weapon might really destroy Israel. Take into account Israel's perspective too.
  23. Do you recgonize this BLUE rigid assumption (disguised as spiritual content) you did right now?
  24. The thought that only a VISIBLE war makes this kind of elimiination legitimate is a mistake, becasue Iran does every day more steps into its goal to encircle Israel and spread across middle east, and this is itself is enough treathment that justifies preventive actions. At least for Israel there is a big significance of this elimination. why? because Iran leaderships have declared very clearly it wants to destroy Israel. You can google about what middle east experts think about the hegemonic aspirations of Iran to spread across the middle east and encircle Israel, and this isn't because of love and desire to hug Israel. I understand what you say about look outside my perspective, ok, but try also to take my perspective into account.