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  1. Maybe you right, but at least I would feel scared to be dependent on the sanity and stability of someone else. Also Fakhrizade is everything except innocent person. He did everything to keep in secret his plan to build nuclear weapon. He also ordered to execute his good friend that betrayed him.
  2. You dont really say Israel has now give syria (or what that remind from syria) the Golan right? ?
  3. Leo would you let a 14 year old boy to drive?
  4. Leo can you explain why do you think that Israel is not innocent and why it bullies others? I dont say its an angel (nobody is) or didnt make mistakes of course there are mistakes, but I wanted to know what do you think.
  5. From Israeli point of view, a stage red regime who says he wants to destroy Israel and can technically erase Israel with one atomic missile cannot be allowed to hold this weapon.
  6. I received a response to my post and I dont know how to answer it. My post on facebook talked about the black hole effect and was aimed to the point that somebody awakes from the modern science that although save lives, yet only worsen and increases chronic physcial and mental illnesses, and he starts to see the whole system and us as a complete biological system, and to reconnect to nature and use natural methods to help himself to heal. Then he comes back to his friends from college and they say to him "That is not scientific. prove it!". I wrote it to show my facebook friends the problem with science today and the matrix we are living it. But I got this response and I am struggling to find how to answer it well: " In principle, there are many scientific fields that based on subjective feeling of people. The scientific part in those studies is the statistics. Of course we need to isolate parameters and to prove causality. Intuition is a great tool to start with, but science gives you tools to prove that your intuition is right (and there are many tools in science to prove with). I think that you are mixing here couple of un-connected things. Indeed usually a research is focused on the micro, but doesn't underestimate the macro. " It sounds to me from what she wrote, that science today is just wonderful and there is no problem at all. thats the feeling I got from her answer. What do you think I can answer to address this?
  7. @JonasVE12 great answer. I also have to do this more and your answer helped me a lot too.
  8. @Gesundheit she is around my age. I'm 33 and she has learned earth sciences with me.
  9. Not just as a foundation but as a way of living for all of your lifetime. Not to just validate prior stages healthy sides, but be them. you will always need them. The question is how much do you live in your head rather than in your "tribe"? In times when I felt disconnected to society and family members I was very anxious. It improved lastly. Thats why I insist on this point. Can you explain what have you felt, and why do you think you have felt this
  10. How you were in the past with the relationships issues and feel connected? I think stability is not possible without integration of spirituality with conventional life style. One must have both. What do you think about getting a job, even 1-2 shifts a week along with college?
  11. @soos_mite_ah Do you work? Do you feel connected to your family and/or friends?
  12. I think its only seen like that if you think that every stage has its strict story but its not true. Its a structure based model. Not content. Its HOW you think and not what you think. If your are a teenager and you adore a pop star - its stage blue. Conformism. You dont have to be religious at all. It can own 100 forms, as long as it has the right stracture of the stage.
  13. Maybe they really believe in stage green content but in a BLUE way (their real stage is blue) in a communistic and very tough and non-flexible way. He was, but it has shown in a different way like trying to be the best in school games for example or get good grades. OR that he is blue. Also one don't have to exhuast stage orange as a whole. He can conquer 25% of orange and from them learn lessons and grow 7% of green, then get more 20% of orange and from there get 9% more of green. And then 4% orange >> 0.5% green 7% orange >> 1.5% green >> 0.25% yellow. That's how developing really happens. In brackets we have to remember that this is a model therefore not perfect and may not fit perfectly for everyone, the reality is wider and its better to try to make conclusion from outside the model and only after that think also about it, but its a hard skill to develop and takes time. I hope I will be able to do it well in the future.
  14. You can't absorb a stage, you have to build the ability to think like green on your own. You will always need to exhaust orange in the neurological level. no matter in what exact form or costume it will be seen from outside (competitions, bussiness, hard work etc).
  15. Also if you feel fully functional, never go off at once becuase you will have severe withdrawal symptoms for months and even years. Even the regualr doctors recomendations about cutting 25% of the pill at once are too aggressive and also cause severe withdrawal, what makes them say its "a relapse" while its mainly the withdrawal. Tapering down should be done at no more than 10% of the last dose at every drop, and no less than 2-4 weeks of holding between drops. If you want more information there are exetremely serious and responsible forums that are all dedicated only to tapering down antidepressants issue (much more responsible than most doctors advices I promise you) and one must do the reduction of the pill together with them, in addition to the doctor. Still its better to find a doctor to at least accompany you. I do it myself with my cymbalta 60mg which tommorow it will be already at 46.8mg. I started tapring in mid May after bad mental health months as I suspected 10 years on drugs made my anxiety worse in the last couple of years, and thats why I feel I must go off graduately. At this point I really don't trust my doctor consideration and POV about what I need, and I must do it by myself regardless her refusal to support this.
  16. When you find your life purpose you will fill in "high" and very unusual positive emotions. Given that your brain and your mind want to maintain homeostasis, after couple of days/weeks it will respond in anxiety and/or depression episode to compensate. Give it more time and it will adjust, stabilize and calm down. Look at it as a complex bilogical system that you destabilize it and moved it away from its familiar place, and now it will oscillate for a while. Also when your brain thinks you are in a new area that can be dangerous it will react negatively at the beggining as it is rooted in your biological system which wants to survive.
  17. Maybe the self-actualized-flowing-creative-different-than-others self is now turned out to be a dogmatic self image which keeping you stuck instead of advancing you. The lower stages are also very important and you have to integrate them in order to develop. I would advice you, by now, take the next 6-12 months to invest mainly in your "lower" needs. Its important to have a stable job when you work with other people and interact with them in a weekly basis. Maybe in that way your self identity will get more flexible and you will start to see yourself as both conventional and post conventional person and not only one in the cost of the other. Stable work, nutrition, social skills, social meetings, familiy relationships, reconnect with nature etc. Only you will know what is the right order to do all these "regular" things and in what to invest first, but i think this is the right direction to take by now.
  18. Expert: early orange Achiever: late orange - early green Pluralist: late green - early yellow Strategist: yellow
  19. In Balfour street in Jerusalem, near his house yesterday night, I was there and took the picture: Also the protest is made under the quarantine Netanyahu ordered which already started this week. The protests are very wide including many areas over the country and the core location which is in jerusalem with thousands of people every weekend. If to try to map the protests its mainly late Orange, Green, Achiever, pluralist.
  20. 1. Leo you said that oppression is only relative to one's identity and that there is no such a thing as oppression in the absolute sense. But what about the slaves themselves? Can it be that they don't feel oppressed, Or at least most or part of them don't feel it? It seems to me that in the physcial sense they must feel oppressed anyway. 2. You said that whats "wrong" is only a reault of culture and education. But relatively speaking, as we raised our consciousness, we started to see that slavery is more wrong than not-slavery. Means - its not that it is equal - and slavery and not-slavery are right/wrong equally, its our upgraded Consciousness that chose a side and eventually chose to reduce and eliminate slavery. Because we became more aware and our sense of self expanded to the slaves. Slave owners didn't see that their slaves were suffering? Or they did see but didnt care?
  21. But when you stand aside a man (a slave) that have 99.99% anatomy just like you, how can you not reflect his physical pain onto yourself? It supposed to be instinctive trough your mirror neurons. It seems to me that its more complex than this, and that even 2000 years ago, slave owners, as a minority (in analogy to nowadays - slaghter house workers) kept their thing far from other people eyes, so most of the population didnt see it, but if they saw it, at least a decent part of the population wouldn't support it. Like today - most people won't support slaughterhouse if they see it in their eyes. Why that it will not be the same in the slavery issue 2000 years ago?
  22. Please read this:
  23. Its not yellow because its about engineering the crowd thinking. Super corrapt red/blue mentality. yellow would never do it. One yellow book I think is really good is "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" by Mark Manson. Also I think a lot of books from Leo's list, and NLP books as well.
  24. @soos_mite_ah As I see it, if you do active things like reading many books, learning about yellow attitude, meditate etc you can reach at most 25-33% of yellow. The rest 2/3 or 3/4 (66-75%) is going to be only from passive yellow development, which is the most natural and authentic one, that occures as a natural result of satisfacting the more basic needs from orange and green and exhausting them. Only then your mind will be really free to think about the next step and be grounded in more 'being' state. That is the more subconscious kind of development but the core of it.
  25. "5Meo says your physical body doesn't matter" "God says another races physical body doesn't matter"