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  1. Great! Now the color came back to the forums face.
  2. How old are you? Why do you think you cant move up?
  3. I think the degree of independency in your thinking is the main thing that change between the stages.
  4. @Preety_India If it was that simple we wouldnt need self development forums and watch videos. The reason you know what you know now is because you have reached that level. If someone is struggeling with hard conflicts in his head and specific thought patterns he is addicted to, he will not be happy by just sit down. Yes it will help! But wont solve his problem.
  5. To me it happened only when I started to really feel self love and it happened overnight last month and since then I am not the same person anymore it was hugh. I moved from emotional crisis to discover self love in a second. Before that, nothing I heard about self-love helped.
  6. Which is getting stronger as time goes and as quarantine cycles persist. Green believes in reducing the quarantines and have less restrictions while meanwhile we have to eat healthier, expose more to sunlight, do physical activity and trust more our body abilities to fight the virus, while orange believes in more restrictions and what western medicine suggests. personally when I see a facebook friend post the green pov I tend emotionally to agree with him 10-times more because I know how much better green understands in health, but I know that Covid is a complicated story because of the high-risk population and the need to protect them and the higher spreading rate this virus has etc. Also, most people aren't conscious enough to appreciate the importance of natural healthy lifestyle and tend to underestimate its significance, and their chances they will change right now is small. So we have to understand they will not accept green's way but mainly the western medicine, which is gross and have Low-resolution point of view of the human body but requires less energy and responsibiliy from the person. Whats funny is that even though that stage green people sometimes exaggerate in their attitude towards Covid (and sometimes fall into blue conspiracy theories) and overlook the complexity-collective responsibility-stages of consciousness issues - still - most of the people who comments them in facebook and shout on them on their naiveness - criticise them from below! thats what I think. Do you think that the way western world deals with it is a good way or unproportional and the damages from the steps we take are far worse than the damage the Covid can make? Aren't you fear there can be an inflation in how from now on we will see every other virus and so maybe the quarantine cycles and distance keeping will never really ends?
  7. @neutralempty animal agriculture exists for thousands of years. Why that the biological mechanism you mentioned will take so much time to move and only after this long time will backfire humanity?
  8. What do you want the world to do more than it does right now?
  9. @neutralempty maybe ? But why only after 1000 years?
  10. We dont think its a belief. Our subconscious mind feels its real and it doesnt even recognize the "it's" yet.
  11. @lmfao thank you and Good luck to you too in your recovering!
  12. Thats the reason.
  13. How much time have you been on drug/s in total?
  14. This is EXTREMELY fast! Highly insecure. X axis has to be months (not weeks) and the curve exponential that will be seen in that resolution almost flat during the last couple of months.
  15. @Eren Eeager @lmfao I'm on cymbalta and reducing between 2.5% to 5% (% from the last dose!) every 3 weeks as it needs to get slower exponentially. It will take me at least until 2025 but the trend is the important thing. I was on ssri's for 10 years, so 5 years more to reduce (and be most of them in relatively very low doses in comparison to what i was) is OK to me. The trend is the real beautiful thing in the process. The destination of dose 0 is secondary. Do it slowly exactly as your body can.
  16. I think I am mostly Green but I do aware to the complexity and the evolution everyone has to go through, I understand myself much better than even one year ago. I see how my thoughts are affected by what I eat and how I slept etc and what I need and I has craved many years in the root - be more connected and to love myself more. Blue doesnt trigger me at all now. In the past it was, but Orange toxic medicine with his manipulation on nature and his thought that he is smarter than nature and outgrew nature - this toxic attitude triggers me a lot. Orange is so stupid! How dare he to think he has got nature and better than it. So basically I feel I think many times in a yellow way but I "walk" green. GREEN-yellow today.
  17. Where can I find them and read about them? Do you know about high quality sources of any kind of reality sense making web, from another culture, that is at least at the same level of consciousness of modern science (Orange / 'expert' or above) ? I watched all the three parts of docunstruction the myth of science Leo's series and I want to learn about another parallel 'science' that works for the culture that created it, but again must be developed enough that can really compete/add the same value as modern science.
  18. Thats exactly what I ask here. I know that go outside any dogma is the more conscious way, and I practice spirituality stuff. But in this topic I am searching a science-like believe system from another culture, to make a contrast to our science and help me to expand my view on reality in that way. Yes, practice meditation, mindfulness and so forth is the best way and I do it anyway and I agree with what you wrote but now I am asking for something else.
  19. The obssesive thoughts are a filler, a compensation mechanism the brain use to fill a deficiency (psychological mainly) it feels subconsciousely, but you have not discover yet. Three questions: 1. How are your relationships with your family? with friends? With yourself (and your self-image)? 2. Have you been through a trauma in the past? (social rejection also counts). 3. What is your nutrition? Do you feel comfortable with your stomach or do you have gut irritated symptoms?
  20. I really don't know. Maybe this disease is somehow more dangerous than flu. But the defend steps we do against it is ×100/1000 more harmful to the mental health of people who lost their work, lost their sense of meaning and sense of self significance to society, and now survive to leave. obviousely the governments steps are totally un-proportional.
  21. But the suffering invovled in some mental states are too high to not want to change them.
  22. @Forestluv there are others and everybody and everything is a one unit. You are not really alone, but just flow with everyone else. You can't control yourself ego-ically speaking, and you cant control others and therefore you and other are one. But that doesnt mean you are alone. I cannot buy the soliphsist pov. I did watch the last video "guided excercise to realize you are god" ALL of it. but the aloneness pov triggers my anxiety and sounds very depressing to me so i cannot accept it, and really dont feel its true at all. 95% of what leo said in the video makes sense to me but not the aloneness.
  23. Can it be that you feel disconnected to other people? Also, What is your nutrition?
  24. I would replay but you just dont know what you talk about at all. You are invited to leave in a small country that 7 countries around you (and every one is 10 times bigger) want to kill you. Then talk how much you want with this moral nonsense about a piece of land which is 1:100 of your western country which you dont have to defend 24/7.