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  1. I'm just starting to tap into this process and way of working and I am not sure it is the end goal but it is a very brave thing to do, take a lot of courage and conciousness and can get you very very far
  2. you treat it as evil. because evil does actually exist (from your perspective and the collective perspective we share). evil is most definitely real in the human world. don't take all this spiritual existential stuff so literally or even something that can grow you or help you process this stuff and fix your emotions or your mind or whatever you are working on. A lot of the stuff said in this thread is only true when it is an experience you realize for yourself. if you have personal issues and you want to make NOW better then start reflecting on what you're feeling and thinking and finding what you feel i keeping you from enjoying the NOW. The answers don't lie in theoretical spiritual talk but in the practice itself for whatever problem or question you're addressing.
  3. I've had this before. There is potentially stuff underneath you are uncovering and it causes this. I would recommend not meditating before bed or addressing this stuff at night unless you feel confident you can see yourself through it and get yourself to a place you can fall asleep.
  4. You work through your personal issues. That can be through spiritual practices, therapy, opening up to friends, finding a life purpose and making your life stable financially, building strong relationships, being healthy, etc. The hierarchy of needs is accurate and so is the concept of the shadow. If you have a whole life and lots of stuff that needs to be worked through it's good to start there instead of going for some lawfty spiritual goal because it's very hard to have huge awakenings until you confront the other stuff. In fact a lot of spiritual awakenings and god will shine awareness on the stuff I mentioned you need to work on before going forward.
  5. why not something in the middle? or a process which unfolds where one evolves and is able to process more truth? I don't see how one can be motivated to pursue truth if they haven't felt like they explored their emotions and feel it's ready to move on to something else.
  6. Some aspects of me I suppose, yes. I feel like something higher created me. but I'm not one of those "non dual I am God I am you" people who preaches with questionable progress or lost in theory of the mind. I haven't tripped out and got lost in my spiritual practice and tried to bring higher truths to this reality that don't quite exist the same way they do here as they do there or wherever or however. I'm a human first and will continue this journey as a human releasing the things which hold my consciousness down and keep me from being a good person and holding other people down.
  7. Do you still feel a sense of desire or motivation or a calling to exercise yourself as an individual on the world? Do you still have creative experiences or callings to do things, like things like ice cream, movies or certain experiences? The way it's described here it sounds peaceful but also so indifferent and empty and like all the gas from the gas tank has been emptied.
  8. I think it's a mix of a lot of things Ultimately I think yes, the universe wants what is best and that trusting in God and your good qualities will raise your conciousness and help you change
  9. happens to me to. do it in a safe environment, i've found breathing into and intensifying them to yield the best results for myself. this could potentially get much more crazy and a potential danger/risk if you're on psychedelics, was the case for me.
  10. because I was not finding solutions and peace in the usual stuff non-spiritual me was doing. it was basically a last resort of sorts fueled by a want to grow and change. confusion (tons and tons), ups and downs, intense emotions, fear, body blockages
  11. so I'm curious what makes you get up and eat, go about your day, etc? do you still do all the things regular people do? watch tv, meet friends, etc?
  12. what are the usual ways to process fear? I'm doing hypnosis, meditation, journaling breathe work and therapy along with living my life and letting it resolve naturally. All seems to be working.
  13. but surely there is something "good" to becoming enlightened then and it feels good and free? Because I've read about Jesus, Buddha, lots spiritual teachers and it seems like they talk about reaching this point because it's a worthwhile journey. I just don't want to be mislead and find myself feeling nothing because I always felt like I couldn't get anything done or lose all my motivation to do anything if I am released from all my emotions and desires. Do you still feel motivated to do things when enlightened?
  14. Do you feel good when enlightened? Do you feel anything?
  15. What's important is that you are honest with yourself Many people don't need or want to know your secrets
  16. My question is why do some people win the birth lottery and are able to raise their conciousness while others aren't?
  17. When you become enlightened or whatever does that mean you stay this way if you are reincarnated? What does it mean to be enlightened and then die in this reality? Do you go some place better if you were unconscious?
  18. How can you remove bad karma and make good karma?
  19. It can go up a tiny fraction of a percentage. That amount can be enough to make some profound life changes.
  20. I have three questions: How am I supposed to do anything with my life if I don't follow my wants and feelings of desires and ideas for ways to live a good life? Won't I just be empty and lifeless and just kind of calm if I devote so much time trying to be enlightened. It seems like it takes all the chase and drive in life to do something in the first place. Anyone else feel this way? When I ignore my thoughts or try not to give them weight I get a headache and also in general just sort of feel clogged up in my body and face and brain. Sometimes if I ignore it too much it flairs up especially in the form of headaches. Should I continue releasing this stuff through breathwork? Sometimes it doesn't feel like I can go deep enough or I can handle everything sort of stuck in me (emotionally too painful or traumatic). Just try to do psychotherapy and anything else? Sometimes I feel bored or driven away from meditating and don't want to do it daily. When I force myself I feel physically uncomfortable or I go into a sort of bland comfortable but low energy slightly depressing trans. what gives?
  21. any tips for creating a calm nervous system and not always being tinged with a bit of anxiety in situations you're regularly in?
  22. While I think it is noble to bless the unborn and it's good and I wish the same I also see here "I took wayyyy too much 5meo and got lost in the trip" then again who the hell knows. Blessing could be something that exists in another dimension or entirely different experience altogether. Send me a blessing leo!
  23. Having did a 10 day vip seminar while incredibly depressed with low conciousness and going through a dark night of the soul while there as well as finding my way out of it there with the spirit and faith in me I can speak from experience. Some people are just cut out for it and ready for it while others aren't. Psychadelics are far more unpredictable and dangerous depending on what the person is going in with. I feel like your advice is far more pertinent to psychadelics which can indeed some seriously dark illnesses a person wasn't ready to be aware of. With vip they can stop and leave realitivly safely. People are also free to sit in their rooms and meditate for just the 3/4 main sittings. I'd def suggest a 10 vip before psychadelic work.