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  1. nope, the future is just a thought, all that exists is now. future is a concept for practical use of interacting in the environment. it never exists. all that exists is now.
  2. so I'm in the process of getting in touch with someone who can do psychoanalysis with me. any tips on how to pass the time? Also, I sometimes experience waves of fear and feelings like I'm not grounded or here and it's scary. It's also hard for me to distinguish thought and stuff I should be following (example: change my job, move, what to do with my life, etc.). Do you believe in intuition? I've been told to follow this but it's hard because I've noticed I sort of follow whatever I'm feeling at the moment. If it's positive my life feels reassured, if it's negative I feel pulled into stuff but sometimes wonder what the fear is trying to tell me or if it's pain body and should just be accepted and not over indulged in mentally. How do you distinguish higher self communication and stuff leading you in a good direction vs delusion/psychosis type experiences that seem mystical or not stuff you should be feeding? Does the higher self communicate through fear?
  3. Do you have any tips for feeling grounded if you are in the process of releasing negative stuff and perhaps going through an awakening? I'm going to try yoga more.
  4. I think even before that should come a sense of safety/acceptance/love being oneself and trust in one's good qualities. Basically all the fundamental building blocks of good mental health like good self esteem, hope/faith, a quite mind, self love etc. I'm into spirituality to strengthen these qualities in me and work through my problems. Stuff that's more abstract and I feel doesn't relate to me or is really theoretical and complex I think is a distraction for my path right now and I'm sure many people can relate to what I'm saying.
  5. I didn't meant to make anything sound unrealistic. I think most people are looking for more peace and acceptance in their lives (I sure am). Just that people turn to spirituality for different things and many people just aren't ready to contemplate or consider endgame stuff and bring up all sorts of other spiritual related emotional problems when they are just looking to find some peace and resolution in their lives for their real life problems.
  6. Keep in mind you're saying this to a person going through a lot of personal issues and is terrified to open up about them (I'm trying to and am proud of the steps I've taken). I do feel life is a blessing though but all the spiritual stuff and the lifetimes stuff is just scary and bogus to me and my problems. It isn't necessary to even think about for my own healing. This is actually I'm talking about in my last post. I can see this making people turn away from spirituality. It certainly has tested mine.
  7. Very true, also the reverse... why open up all this spiritual stuff if you're a person just trying to understand, forgive and move on from some problems in your life? It's overwhelming and a lot of stuff I find on here to be actually unnecessary or even a bit harmful more than helpful for this goal. Thing is there are a lot of techniques and help in spirituality that I think many people turn to due to their personal issues.
  8. I've felt the same way. I have a lot of different perspectives and thoughts in my head. They create this sort of inner conflict. I feel guilty sometimes like I should understand them and I'm being stubborn and not doing what's right but then I'm not sure I can even trust that. It's a scary place to be. I liek to return to the breathe and sensation and try to quiet the mind and just let what happens naturally unfold. Talking to a therapist also helps.
  9. I really want to try this. Super low doses of psychadelics and then just doing meditation and my normal day while being mindful.
  10. I agree with the trip sitter route and doing it in a safe space. Do it with really experienced psychadelic users who won't inject their own narrative over the experience but instead will hold neutral space and be supportive. I think mixing substances like this is untested and not a risk worth taking when most of the risks can be mitigated through a safe space and a good facilitator.
  11. Focus on clearing your shadow and give yourself permission to be human as well. You have to know yourself before you can let it go. You're experiencing reality through the confines of a human body, don't forget that.
  12. Supremely self centered to think human evolution is the center and most highest creation... on earth ok sure. sadhguru is great but he injects his own shortsidedness/flaws of knowledge into everything just like all spiritual teachers do. Humans are ants compared to certain entities in the universe, I'm sure lol
  13. I like your thread. It has a really positive vibe to it about doing good and helping others. I relate to this more than the super heavy non dual perspective thrown around here that feels devoid of emotion and almost uncaring and apathetic. Can you go more in depth into fear and inner conflict. I have fears and conflicts in me that I sometimes don't know how to heal or resolve. Also, what are your thoughts on delusional thoughts and fears ?
  14. which psychedelic do you think is best used in small doses to help ptsd symptoms and neurotic/ocd thinking?
  15. I think it's important for most people to have a social life and strong in person human connections. I mostly want to share this message on here because I have a feeling this community attracts a decent percentage of people with emotional problems, case in point being all the threads on negative emotions and dealing with personal issues. At one point in my life I had sort of convinced myself I didn't need friends and that if I just meditated everyday for a long time and was consistent with that all my problems would magically solve themselves. It doesn't work like that for most so go speak to a trained professional like a therapist or coach. From there get all the basic needs and everything in order. Spirituality can accompany and will always be there for support and can be turned to sometimes where it's magic will give an answer but it isn't a flat out solution to life for most people. Going it alone or a renunciation sort of lifestyle is something I think you have to be mature and really skilled and knowing if yourself to pursue. The average person is not ready for this.
  16. does this stuff work well ?
  17. if it's too personal no need to answer but do you still go out to do pick up and meet girls? do plan to get married and start a family?
  18. Do you have a social life with friends, a girlfriend, a dog, etc? Watch movies still? Play video games still? Are you just a normal person in person from the perspective of the average person?
  19. Yeah the thing is I feel all sorts of inner conflict and I don't always trust ideas and stuff that comes to me. I have a very over active ADHD/OCD/anxiety driven mind and it is hard to distinguish what to follow and what not to. I listen to my feelings but sometimes I feel I need to step in and see things through. For instance my intuition tells me to quit my job but that may not be feasible right now and at other times I feel proud of my work and like it has grown me in a positive direction. Also, doesn't the idea of moving in the direction that makes you feel better contradict the idea of avoiding tough situations? I have felt for a while now that I don't want to lift weights anymore because it is boring but I know good things come with discipline and sometimes not with just going with the flow for how you feel. It's hard to follow your feelings if they are fucked up. What I'm doing right now is experiencing my feelings and doing breath work and getting in better touch with them but I think I am holding onto all sorts of negative beliefs and emotions which sort of poisons intuition and makes it hard to follow.
  20. How is your mental health away from your spiritual practice? It's normal to have these experiences. I've had this happen after meditation for several hours and also psychedelics can increase them as well when meditating. For me it was a sign to do shadow and emotional work.
  21. Please expand on intuition. I've recently felt like intuition is a bunch of BS because I've felt into myself and found some wisdom this way but other times I was fed bullshit and it's hard for me to distinguish actual intuition that is on my side an self deception that wants to keep me feeling depressed and scared. Lot of confusion around intuition and what are actual good ideas given to me by it vs just thoughts, fears and ego.
  22. depending how I feel I can get tingles all over my body and feel all sorts of waves and I'll shake as well. I would do this sober personally. You know yourself better than anyone else so it's up to you to decide if it's good for yourself.
  23. They can reset the nervous system I think and release stored stress in it aka trauma. From there a person feels great and is able to have clear thoughts and thus their negative beliefs evaporate. I think it's a bit more complex than this and can be interpreted in different ways but from a scientific perspective I believe this is accurate.
  24. They mostly will raise awareness of the emotions and physical sensations from my experience and that can be hard for some people because then this experience makes it hard for the mind to work with everything and t can set it off thinking negatively. I'm sensitive and feel like I was transported back in time a bit from ayahuasca in terms of being more in tune with my body and emotions. I feel like antidepressants made me sort of numb to emotions even after being off them for over a year and psychadelics have sort of stripped that away and gave me emotional awareness which can now be reformed like clay into something positive. Thing is I have PTSD symptoms and some stuff I'm working through but at the same time when I do a hypnosis or a somatic experience it is much more strong. I'm not sure if I should consider doing more psychedelics because I'm worried about intensity and if it will increase negative feelings or if I will have a massive release. Before I felt sort of blocked and like there was a ton of blindness and tension in my body. I'm hoping with regular body/emotion practices that I can raise my base line mood overall and feel less fear. I don't think people with schizophrenia or documented intense mental illnesses should do them alone and only in a clinical setting with an actual doctor.