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  1. Came across this great advice and thought I'd share it here.
  2. I've been stretching daily for a month now and I'm currently working on getting the middle split. I've always wanted to be able to do it but couldn't be bothered with starting it because firstly, it's really fricking painful, and secondly, it takes time. But I bit the bullet and decided to start when I started my calisthenics journey. And now I'm in love with stretching. It really helps loosen any tension you have in your body whether it from sitting too much or putting a strain on your body from exercise. I do about 20-minute session after each workout and sometimes an hour before bed. I do mostly leg stretches, most of it being hip flexors and hamstrings, and middle-split I train every other day. Been kind of lazy with the upper body stretching, but will try to work on that as well. I'm also amazed with how fast I've progressed, especially in my hips and hamstrings. I'm interested to see if any of you have any flexibility goals, or if any of you stretch or want to get into it.
  3. There really is no best place to pursue "enlightenment". But if I play along, I'd say Scandinavia or something like Switzerland. It's not cheap to live there, but it's worth it for all the things they provide you with like healthcare and union rights. Most of Scandinavia ticks the boxes you mentioned, but it comes with a higher price to get all those things.
  4. Careful here. A lot of them hold back info because they know they're teaching sleepwalking zombies. It's most definitely possible to have VERY deep awakenings without psychedelics, and being spiritually gifted is a very real thing.
  5. Watched these two documentaries last night and enjoyed them thoroughly. I'd never really seen Tysons career in its entirety until now and man was he unbelievably incredible. In his prime, I'd consider him the greatest of all time, same as I hold Kobe as the greatest at his peak. But career-wise, Floyd is likely the best ever. Anyways, the dedication to mastery really shows in these documentaries. Floyd basically lived in the gym his entire life, literally, he'd spend 8-10 hours in the gym every day of his professional career. Just fascinating and it shows that to become the best ever in a certain thing, it must consume your entire life. But becoming the best ever at something is only an ego game, which is the opposite of consciousness work. Value over status. Yet when we come to higher consciousness creative ways of achieving mastery, you can't really grind it out like in sports. Mastery in sports is largely grinding it out, repetition repetition, time spent on craft. And at the highest level, it becomes about leadership and self-control as well. Which is good in all aspects of mastery, but more creative work requires sometimes less grind, less intensity, more letting go, etc. Balancing from both worlds is the goal. The more spiritual you become, the less you tolerate bullshit and falsehood. Which makes it hard to do something well you don't like to do. But that's where the Zen disciplined mind comes in handy. When washing dishes, wash dishes! Do it totally intensely like you were made for that purpose. The way nature intended for you to do, the way legs were intended for you to walk, with nothing in return. In that way you become present, you stop resisting, and you start enjoying more mundane things.
  6. It took like 3 minutes for this reply to submit, maybe our posts merged into one.
  7. I think the interest in the sport itself would still exist. After all, it's just a form of exercise. But I doubt people would want to compete in it. Martial arts can be seen as self-expressive and a creative outlet, but at the competitive level, it's mostly ego. Peter Ralston for example is into Martial Arts which shows it ain't all about ego and competitiveness.
  8. If you go outside and find a stone, you are materializing it out of thin air. And "everyone" will see it as well, no DPT needed.
  9. @Inliytened1 @Rilles Oops, sorry, didn't realize we were acting asleep. I'll keep quiet.
  10. That won't happen because in 500 years this universe will be gone. When your dream ends, this universe goes with you.
  11. Your bias is thinking you have a bias. But kidding aside, you have to most holistic advice I've found of anyone...besides Dr. Steven Gundry of course.
  12. It's basically impossible to find someone in the health space that isn't moderately biased in some way. The only one I know of is @Michael569.
  13. We should be thankful we're not in a Star Trek universe where this would be the norm. Working with him would be like working with a feminine Worf.
  14. There is no physical death. Think about it, if you were to "physically die", where would you go? You'd be in the same place you've always been at but you just end your dream that you created for yourself. Enlightenment is the recognition that you don't need to die to die. Because there LITERALLY is no death. The ultimate goal is always to merge closer to god. More honestly, more truthfully, more lovingly. Once you recognize yourself as god and trace all the steps back to the beginning of the universe, you realize you imagined it all to keep yourself stuck in the illusion. You go so far that existence literally ceases to exist, just pure nothingness, pure god, pure love. Yet it's an infinite existence so it will keep dreaming for eternity, and there you have an infinite endless game of reality. So in a sense, there is no endgame other than to know god.
  15. You're already reincarnating every human on earth right now!
  16. Fitting for the recent discussion in the society sub forum.
  17. These are basically your options. Move away Confront them and stand up for yourself. Understand their ignorance.
  18. "The book of secrets" by Osho. It contains 112 meditations in which you're supposed to try each and every one for about 3-5 days. You're bound to come by one that you feel works best.
  19. There's been a big discussion on animal cruelty and suffering in the society section lately. And so it's brought a lot of memories from having lived on a farm for a big part of my life. I've stood in pools of blood from animals which lives were taken because either they were sick or old. We had a horse that had gotten an infected foot about 2 years ago and it had to be put down. Of course, we do it in the most humane way possible, a pin-gun which is placed on the forehead and it shoots a knife into the skull so the animal drops dead instantly, then its throat is cut to ensure its completely gone and there's no way of it waking back up. This can be hard to witness if you're not used to the farm-life, liters of blood pouring out in an instant while watching the animal twitch due to the muscle contraction and nerves shutting down. This can often be taken the wrong way, as if the animal is suffering when in fact this is a completely normal part of death. My least favorite memory of all was when we had to put down 13 rams, due to old age and them not being of any use anymore (such is it on the farm). The absolute bloodbath that was, but we made sure to not let them know what was going on and so it was done one by one behind closed doors. Then we took them to what I can only describe as the absolute worst place I've ever been to. A big container filled with sheep from other farms that had collected about 100 dead sheep in the container, the smell was bad enough let alone the sight. A part of me wishes this didn't have to be this way, another part knows that animal eating will not be banned nor gotten under control on a global level for at least 200-400 years. And so this is how it will be. I'm leaning more towards not eating meat more and more, even though this is the game of god. Suffering must be included for the ultimate love and freedom that allows reality to flourish. But that doesn't mean I wish to support animal suffering. The animals on our farm have always been treated with the utmost respect. They are free to walk in and out a big part of the year and then set free into the mountains in summer. Yet their offspring are taken from them after 1-2 years (when they've grown apart) and sent to the slaughterhouse which is always a sad day. So I'm torn on this issue. I really love animals of all types so much, their innocence is unmatched so it doesn't feel quite right to take part in this collective suffering it brings. I see myself in their eyes. Peace ?
  20. And he's from America which is the biggest limitation. And it doesn't help that he worked on Wall Street either.
  21. Duck, uppercut... KO'd!
  22. We've been bombarded with snow here today and so I went out in my shorts and took a dive into it. I buried myself under for about 2 minutes then went in for a cold shower. It was the easiest cold shower I've ever taken, the snow was that cold. I'm going to make this a tradition, every time it snows as much as now, I'm taking a dive.
  23. Nope, but whenever I take LSD or Mushrooms outside I usually get that body feel. especially in the lower-midrange doses. And please do post them. This particular sheep was so kind and calm, like an old dog so it wasn't hard at all.
  24. Start doing intermittent fasting after it or even Omad. If you've never done Omad then I'd start with a 20/4 eating window. It's very hard to gain extra weight on these "diets" without your body burning up any excess calories during the fasting window.