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  1. A good way to exercise this would be to first meditate for 20 minutes in order to clear your mind. Then you imagine up a new life from whatever stage you wish to explore. Let's say you want to explore stage purple, you imagine you were born in a community of 100 people, a hunter-gatherer tribe. You go through that life and imagine what it would be like, what would you fear, what would you desire, what would you believe in, etc. You also need to lessen your horizon because your mind will want to interfere with its own stage. You naturally will always go back to your own mind because that's all you've known, so be careful with that. I didn't mean to come off as harsh as you obviously care about this, so good luck.
  2. You are confusing relative and absolute truth. Solipsism is love, Nihilism is love. The end.
  3. I've drastically reduced my workout days the last 3 weeks, from 6 days to about 2-3 times a week. It's very noticeable the benefit you get from resting more. I feel like the muscles have more time to grow and rebuild themselves this way. And especially when doing harder calisthenics exercises like scapular retraction pushups. I notice how much larger my muscles are when they get to rest which is a nice bonus, you get to see all the work you've put in. I've now been doing the 18/6 fasting for quite a while, some days 20/4 actually, and usually 2 meals a day to drop some weight as I still feel like I'm too heavy for some calisthenics moves. I'm currently 86-87 after a full day of eating and 85 fasted. I'd love to get down to around 83 fasted and 85 full. I listened to George St Pierre on Rogan's podcast a little while ago and he talked about how much dead weight he was carrying so he did one meal a day and carnivore diet to lose it. I feel I'm in the same boat, I'd love to feel lighter on my toes and keep the strength. In order to drop the dead weight, I'm going to start the Mike Chang flow workout once again in order to burn more calories and to feel better as well. I've never felt as good as when I was doing the flow practice daily. I'll likely do push, pull, and legs once a week instead of twice, and flow practice in between, 2-3 times a week. More is not better.
  4. I feel like you could have a real deep and unfiltered discussion with @AdeptusPsychonautica.
  5. That's because you're limited by your worldview. Because the model is out there for people to find. You must be actively seeking truth on your own in order for the system to work like it's supposed to. For example, take how Leo runs his business, he doesn't market it out there, he puts it out and people who wish to join in can do so. Almost every time you will bring this system to somebody they will reject it because it threatens their worldview. There are countless posts on this forum from people trying to teach spiral dynamics to others and it failing miserably because it's just too advanced for normies and especially teens. Usually, I'd only introduce this system to someone who I'm about to dose with some psychedelics.
  6. This will never work. You can't mass-teach spiral dynamics to a bunch of teens that are still developing and are probably not interested in it either. It's a model you find on your own and use on your own, then lead by example. It seems like you're coming at this from stage green, wanting to share it. This feeling of needing to force it onto others will pass when you get to "higher" stages.
  7. When I've gone through my attachment of thoughts to the point where I notice it in the moment, the only thing to do is let go, not trying to do anything or change anything. The experience of having gone through the thought loops and dropping them gets implemented into my being and it becomes easier with time. I notice it only gets worse if I use thought to change thought. It's always enough for me to experience it, then drop, experience, drop.
  8. Definitely the Aubrey Marcus podcast since you were already in the talks of making that happen some time ago. He has integrated a lot of turquoise and is quite far on his spiritual journey as you probably know. He is also very open to talk about love and things that other people hit a ceiling on in yellow, he is well past that point. You guys could also talk about health and how it connects with spirituality since he does have wide knowledge on that topic. (Bookings below)
  9. @Raptorsin7 Anyone who has access to a farm I'd consider lucky, no matter the size. Getting away from the loud city life is always nice. Yes, it's passed through our family, probably back to around 1600. I'm not sure what its value would be estimated at, probably around 20-40 million, but it will never be sold. A lot of it is also rough terrain and would be hard to cultivate so that brings the price down a lot. It's split between my family after my grandpa retired 10 years ago yet it's run as one big farm.
  10. The only "predators" we have are foxes and the American mink, they tend to kill small lambs so they must be looked after. And yes goats can be easily raised as well, we've thought about getting goats but to no avail. I'm curious, what state is your farm located in? I feel like I've heard you say around Vermont but I may be wrong. The land is 1700 acres with about 13 small islands outside it and about 400 acres of it is cultivated grass fields we use to feed the sheep. The farm is actually a quite big part of the Icelandic Viking sagas which took place around the year 900. We only have sheep and horses right now. If you ever want to visit.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot Reading your post on bulls really made me miss having cattle around. My favorite animal I'd say, but we got rid of them about 5 years ago and just focused on sheep. It's basically impossible to have cattle here unless you've got 1000+, we used to have about 200 back 10 years ago and it just wasn't sustainable. This is when I decided to take one of my boys for a stroll. He wasn't too happy with that so he started to run ahead, and let's just say I had absolutely no control over him.
  12. Acceptance Letting go Leadership (taking charge in messy situations) Kindness And basic CPR
  13. I would make sure to link the channels together so these videos start popping up in recommended for actualized viewers.
  14. Personally, I think the water fast on top would be too much. I'd rather opt to eat one meal, 500-1000 cals per day. Psychedelics blast you so far out of your desires and attachments that I don't feel like fasting 100% would be necessary, It may just become more of a distraction.
  15. Pest control is actually really important for farmers. Birds can ruin fields completely and poke holes into wrapped bales. Same with varmints and foxes, they often tend to kill young lambs when they're out in fields. The American mink for example goes around killing for fun, one of few animals that does that.
  16. Try and drink green tea and a bunch of water during the fasting window, the caffeine puts the hunger away. I'm doing 18/6 and I feel way more focused when not eating.
  17. @ArcticMasai This was in a sense a good wake-up call for UEFA and FIFA since they've held the monopoly on football for decades but at least it's an open competition compared to ESL. The world's largest sport almost got robbed in bright daylight by American billionaires which is so utterly insane. This system that sustains and allows billionaires must be eradicated as soon as possible. The germans have it figured out where fans own 51% of the club and so nothing happens unless it's agreed upon by the majority.
  18. A stage yellow perspective would recognize this as stage orange greed and even stage red ego-centric power hunger. It would also recognize that football is about community so it needs to be looked at from stage green rather than yellow. Nothing good comes out of forming this league, simple as that.
  19. This is much bigger than the sport of football. It's about billionaires monopolizing everything they wish to and getting away with it. And now they're splitting up the world of football apart completely and it has huge ramifications. No player that partakes in the league will be allowed to play in future world cups or other tournaments. Such will tend to happen when we live in a system that allows there to be billionaires in the first place. This all feels very dystopian to me.
  20. I don't know why I still hang around this forum. Most of the questions being asked have been asked multiple times and it's just come to a loop now. I feel like I use it to keep myself distracted from doing the actual work. I get kind of stuck in the conceptualization of spirituality mixed with real work, but it's not as effective as 100% effort. Pretty much 85% of people on here are keeping themselves asleep by putting forth questions that can't be answered in text. Like this back-and-forth argument on non-duality, nihilism, solipsism, love, etc, that just roots you deeper in delusion. I do like most users here but most of us are kidding ourselves with spiritual work staying on here, especially if you run amok. Perhaps this is just ego rambling, it's been a while since I had a good trip so it could be the case. But I still feel it's a waste of my time and I keep deluding myself as if I'm actually gaining anything staying on here. I could get all the answers I need and could find them myself If I wished to. I'm just kinda over this, to be frank. I often mindlessly scroll around here not partaking in much discussion because it's just silly to be going back and forth on matters that can only be directly realized. You've officially played yo' self if you're taking part in some metaphysical and spiritual battle with others. The most use I see in this forum is journaling from time to time. It's healthy to put your thoughts out there and expressing yourself. And all the wonderful people here are also nice to talk to. Someone to share thought with that's interested in similar things as oneself is. --- Anyways, aside from this rambling. I've finally started to read again, It only took about 9 months of staring at my bookshelf. I'm currently re-reading "religion of tomorrow" and "the book of not knowing", and about to re-read "the big leap" as well. I like re-reading books to extract all the juice from them, It's very noticeable how well and smoothly you understand what you're reading for the second time. I really feel like I should start meditating again, been a while since I had a good meditation routine. Psychedelics are such comfort when it comes to sacking that off, the difference is so vast I sometimes feel it's just not worth it. But I do notice I feel better when I meditate and more at peace.
  21. To those here pursuing their passions, here is some great zen advice for you on fear and failure.
  22. That it is that which creates this experience, and that it's totally and absolutely good and absolutely selfless.
  23. I've been around animals enough to see how they're affected by death and they most definitely sense what it is and when it's near. Cattle perhaps least so, but pigs and sheep do start acting weirdly if they see one of their own drop dead all of the sudden.
  24. This is most definitely not the most humane way to put them down, shooting them in front of their own kind and right in front of their face? When I've had to do this the animal is always alone, we then feed it something good and come up behind it with a pin-gun, it drops instantly and then the throat is slit to ensure it won't wake back up. The animal should never be shot blank range in front of other animals, they know very well what's happening.