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  1. Like making a snowball out of water.
  2. The silliest logical masturbation I've ever witnessed on infinity. "Some infinities are bigger than others", just to increase the silliness as if it wasn't enough already. ?
  3. I have a funny feeling that you already know the answer.
  4. I've had some trouble sometimes falling asleep after trips. What helped a lot was just to accept that you don't have to sleep. Stay up for as long as you must without "trying" to fall asleep, and before you know it you'll be dead on the bed.
  5. That is because Martin Ball "gets it". I don't really see what people are on about here. To me, Leo looked calm and collected after the first 15 minutes. This conversation couldn't have gone better in my mind, and Charlie seemed happy with all the answers. And one expects a response like that from people outside actualized, that's just how it is when a mind has been programmed for survival. @Leo Gura I'd love to see an Aubrey Marcus interview, I really think it would flow well.
  6. @Carl-Richard I was going to post this as well, here's another one.
  7. One meal felt too packed for me, especially when I included a lot of protein. Two meals feels perfect in a 20-4 fasting window.
  8. A lot of his art shows mushrooms and the dissolution of the human mind, as well as awareness depicted with a bunch of eyes.
  9. I hope you realize the foolishness of such a question in the future. Just appreciate what is being created, being enlightened doesn't make you automatically better at art.
  10. Well to start off, it tells you that you're a human taking a keep you in the illusion.
  11. I noticed this when I was starting cold showers too, especially when I had a strict routine where I "had to" take a cold shower every time. Now I take them only if I feel like it, which is 90% of the time. Works way better for me but you also have to be disciplined enough to not start skipping them completely.
  12. Personally, I find him way too orange to see how this could work.
  13. If you guys have a hard time accepting Leo as he is, perhaps it's time to move on to another teacher. To me, it seems like sensitive green not being able to handle Leo's teaching, which don't seem that harsh at all. And I don't mean that it a negative way either. When I watch Matt Kahn I get more in touch with that sensitive side, but when I watch Leo, I expect brutal truth told as bluntly as possible. I'd also get impatient responding to questions being asked for the 1000th time. This forum has gone full circle about 4 times and almost every question has been answered that's being asked. It's kind of amazing how he's still sticking around here and responding, to me that shows how much he cares.
  14. We have a small potato garden as well, love picking them up every year. And is that a Fendt tractor? If so, you guys appreciate quality machinery.
  15. I've never understood how a book could change one's life. After psychedelics, I saw how utterly pointless books were for me (after having read a lot already), yet good pointers in the right direction. If I were to pick a favorite it would be conversations with god series.
  16. It's not long I feel until I will go for a 20-day psychedelic retreat. It's been sort of my mission to dive completely in without holding back for a long time now. Often at times when I use LSD, it's utterly profound and amazing and it usually lasts for a week or longer. But then the ego settles in and gets comfy. I'm really interested in completely going for it, and merging deeper and deeper into god without restraint. All I wish to do with my life right now is to explore reality and its various facets. I also feel like I need to find my mission in this life as I'm kind of out of direction right now. I really don't have a goal I can focus on which really annoys me because one of my passions is to be deeply passionate about something, to study it, and do it to the best of my ability, I really love mastering something. But most of my goals and ambitions were built on ego, so now I really want to find the thing my soul yearns to do, what my heart desires as Matt Kahn would put it.
  17. Haha! That's hilarious. Gotta love Mike. I'll give this a shot on a rest day, thanks. I've noticed when I'm doing yoga or stretching that I have the tendency to hold my breath which makes it all the more painful. I'm now always constantly reminding myself to let go, to breathe into the stretch.
  18. I'll settle for a psychonaut.
  19. Your whole mindset around this is completely backward. You only get to that point if you're as serious about knowing truth as if you were drowning trying to gasp for air. The ego wanting to die just to know what it's like is the ultimate hide and seek your mind performs to keep you alive. You are being fooled by yourself.
  20. It's out next Friday he said.
  21. The op was asking how he himself could practice and integrate each stage, this was not for the kids.
  22. How do you guys do it? How do you manage to get into this debate over and over again? ? By debating solipsism and nihilism all days, you dig yourself deeper into the illusion.