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  1. Accurate compared to what? There is no real goal or end result that needs to be attained and in that sense accurate or inaccurate are non-applicable. All the different affiliations, religions, groups, and sects, are just different pieces of everything but believing their piece is the absolute truth. Like the Blind Men elephant parable:
  2. Yes of course the ego would rather identify itself as something rather than nothing. Ego = identification. It wants to be there to reap the benefits if and when enlightenment occurs. The problem is the ego already has a preconceived concept about what enlightenment entails(what it should and shouldn't be like). Hence the importance of emptying the glass prior to any deep self-inquiry. Unknowing!! The ego quite literally takes the words used to describe enlightenment by the mystics, and twists them to fit into it's preconceived egoic fantasy story. No ego can ever understand what Ramana Maharshi was pointing to because he was describing the end of the ego's experience. ❤
  3. Most people are trying to gain something, they are trying to acquire awakening. Observe the individual that wants to aquire awakening. Is it a real entity? What does it consist of? Ego transcendence is not a real happening. Transcendence is just a word used to describe the apparent awakening experience. No individual transcends the ego because the ego is the individual. It's an unhappening. Because the very individual that was attempting to find a better experience in the future(awakening) is recognized to be completely unreal. ❤
  4. Their body isn't an illusion their sense of self within that body is the illusion. It feels good to help someone because the body has a natural instinct to survive.
  5. Finite monkeys trying to grasp Infinity... let's go for it because it's really important 👍
  6. 👍 Understand that body/mind has spent its whole life identifying as a separate individual. Completely influenced by society whether there was rebelling or cooperation. This conditioned way of behaving and thinking doesn't change overnight. It's recognized this so-called individual with all of its conditioned judgments, concepts, ideas and beliefs..... isn't a real entity (its more of an assumed identity). Enlightenment isn't a better experience for the individual. It's freedom for No One from the socially conditioned individual that was never real in the first place. ❤
  7. Ego, sense of self and self-image are the same thing.... identification It's the entire self construct. If someone says you are ugly it feels bad because there is identification as the body. If someone says you are stupid it feels bad because there is identification as the mind. If someone says you are beautiful it feels good because there is identification as the body. If someone says you are smart it feels good because there is identification as the mind. It's not about the identification being strong or weak.... it's recognizing it's completely unreal. ❤
  8. There isn't a You and the Mind. This was all just the mind.... with the illusion of a Me mixed in. ❤
  9. Yes, thoughts and feelings seem to arise. The illusory part is that they are arising for someone. This isn't about denying thoughts and feelings, it's about recognizing there is no one actually having owner. ❤
  10. Nothing is not an experience. Its the revelation that meaning, purpose and value (things mattering) are just egoic concepts created within the dream story of being a separate individual. ❤
  11. Awakening occurs when it's clearly seen that the "ME" which thought suffering could lead to awakening isn't real. Or Awakening occurs when it's recognized the sufferer has never been. ❤
  12. The biggest problem for the sense of 'I' is death. The stories that are created out of this fear of death are endless. These fictional tales have been being created since the mind became complex enough to become an entity unto itself. Once the 'I' showed up, the question immediately arose "where will 'I' go when this body dies. The cosmic joke is there already isn't an 'I' in which appears to be asking the question. ❤
  13. What makes up this I character? If that body was born in Russia it would have a completely different set of beliefs and outlooks. I is a product of external cultural conditioning which includes the way your parents or guardians helped raise that body from a young age. You were told you are a separate unique individual with free will and choice yet given all the ingredients to be that individual. It can be seen clearly that this I character is just a concept. When this is seen clearly the I construct can become loose and unstable like a house of cards. This can be difficult because the I construct wants something solid to hang onto and identify as. This I construct does not like instability and it will paint a doomsday picture. Its unreality needs to simply be seen clearly. ❤
  14. Its freedom from identification as the individual that believes it needs to find something or get somewhere. A disentangling from the socially conditioned matrix of mind known as ME.
  15. 👍 Right so it's neither unity or separation... emptiness!
  16. Was that experience there prior to birth?
  17. There isn't a core Self that's the same illusion. ❤
  18. There isn't an imaginary self(lower self) and then a real self(higher self). They are both the same illusion. ❤
  19. The individual is like a bundle of experiences, acquired knowledge, thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings and emotions. Without it there wouldn't be an experience of "YOU" within the body. This is why a baby has no sense of self. So the question: "What was I before I was born" arises from an illusory experience of being an individual which seems very real but ultimately lacks in reality. There isn't a you now, so there wasn't a you prior. This is the last thing the ego/sense of self wants to hear. It will deny this message all the way through. It wants to be there to enjoy the preconceived notions of what enlightenment is(it wants its cake and to eat it too). Nobody becomes enlightened. Enlightenment is the end of something that actually never occurred only seemed to. "the separation never occurred" - A Course in Miracles ❤
  20. He he yeah you can't get closer or further away from everything. There's nothing that needs to happen or not happen. Liberation is freedom from should and should not.
  21. The word truth implies that there is something false. There is nothing false, only misunderstandings. The experience that you are a separate individual that can one day find something within everything called truth is a misunderstanding. There is only everything without separation. Love it or hate it.....It's the only show in town ❤