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  1. So I'll need to study. Shit, I was wishing very hard I wouldn't need to do this. After analyzing the options, I noticed I'll have to study as I probably won't get a transference. There's a small chance I'll be able to but I'm not counting on it. If I do, I can just stop studying and enter university. This would be an awesome relief! Right now, I'll have to content myself with starting all over again. Life's like that sometimes. I'm afraid to start this journey but I'm accepting the call. Fuck it! Here I go. EDIT: changed my mind. I'm gonna work and wait for the possibility for a transference (which I have good chances in)
  2. Things I've tried during my noots experiments year with the intent of reducing brain fog. Rhodiola Rosea 500mg - Increases overall physical energy, reduces overthinking, improves mood. Sometimes makes me irritable. Improves memory a bit. Helps with brain fog but doesn't have a significant effect. Astragalus 500mg - the best I've ever tried. Cuts through brain fog and allergies like antihistaminics but better. When I take it I can feel a sudden clarity in my thoughts and it's easier to pay attention to the environment. Bacopa 300mg - Reduces anxiety a lot, reduces motivation to the point of depression and anhedonia. Improves memory by a lot. I really don't recommend this supplement if you already struggle with motivation/energy. It'll suck the life out of you. Only take it if you have severe memory impairments. I MEAN it. Ashwagandha 150mg - reduces anxiety but makes me intensely apathetic and unmotivated. I don't think I need it to be honest. Panax Ginseng - Little boost in energy. Not sure if placebo. The first adaptogen I tried.
  3. found on the product / recommended l-theanine 50mg / 200mg bacopa 15mg / 300mg 30% extract caffeine 50mg / ?? but 50mg is too little really to have a significant effect. it would be better if it had more or none at all. ashwagandha 20mg / 300mg search for the ingredients on this site and see for yourself.
  5. From Leo's list around 12. My whole life around 50. When I fix my brain fog the goal is to read 500 or so.
  6. This is an actually good exercise for developing awarenass
  7. My tinnitus disappears out of nowhere sometimes. It could definitely be it The thing with doing spiritual work is that you focus on your physical sensations and it becomes more obvious or less. When I'm focused it completely disappears. When I'm unfocused it seems to harass me
  8. @mmKay I checked out almost all of those items. Do I get a cookie? No don't worry, I'll have one anyway.
  9. In the beginning, LSD increased consciousness and awareness. Also open-mindedness. This certainly has spilled over my sober awareness. I find myself having "at the moment" experiences much more frequently despite not meditating as much as I plan to. I also became more open to ideas and WAY, WAY less ideological. Now it seems to increase identification with the ego during the effect. I think of how awesome I am and how I'll crush my enemies and how secret government agencies are watching me but no mystical insights. Funny isn't it? I ain't getting many benefits from using it again so I'll take an extended break. I only tried mushrooms at the beginning of my consciousness journey but they seem to do a better job at increasing consciousness for me. This is also true for weed.
  10. It's worrying how I don't worry one bit about this fact
  11. Join psychology major have energy to do longer lists
  12. There's not much incentive to learn other languages if you speak English. Though if your native language isn't English learning it definitely opens a lot of doors and makes for more open-minded people in other countries
  13. More like statistically speaking one in one/two hundred but i still get your point
  14. Just by reading this comment you're missing out on an infinity of things you could be doing Focus on what you can do now and forget about your past. You can't do anything about the past but you definitely have the power to alter your future if you focus on the present. And pls, 23 is still young as fuck. I have some friends around this age and they still do dumb shit and smoke green and party. Leo started heavily his pickup shit after 23 I think. Don't quote me on this. I like drugs but not that much partying because I'm not really interested in relationships or one night stands so I don't care. I pursue what I want which is human connection and fun. If parties are a good way of doing this then I'm there otherwise fuck it
  15. If I were in your position I would finish it. You're almost there! If you already know your purpose it's gonna be there in 7 months but you won't get the opportunity to finish your degree again. You're 21, 7 months is like nothing if you plan to live 70+ years
  16. I had a 19+ years streak of nofap. Makes no difference for me really. I also don't care about having sex or getting women so I'm an outlier in this regard though
  17. I was worried before clicking this thread may this be helpful for you: é
  18. If you have insomnia quitting caffeine is a no-brainer. I'm surprised no one mentioned this. Like cut caffeine to 0 for months and see if it improves. It won't cost you anything to try this. I would refrain from diagnosing yourself with super rare specific diseases till you do that. Check out reddit r/decaf
  19. So I've been struggling with this for a long time already It's hard to eat anything. It's hard to eat junk food and healthy food. I go on days without getting enough calories. I probably get under 1500. This is an estimative though. I don't have any self-image problems like anorexia. I just want to be able to eat. It's like I think of food and it's not appealing. This causes problems for me like low energy and it's hard to exercise because it seems like my fuel reserves are low I don't take any stimulants or even caffeine. Any help? Second question: if to go to a doctor, should I talk to a gp or dietitian?
  20. It varies. On the weekdays I eat mostly clean. On the weekends I eat pretty shitty tbh. But I feel bad almost every day. No. What do you suggest? It's not allowed in my country atm but when I can I certainly make some heavy effort. So I've done some research and I'm thinking that maybe I am Lactose Intolerant. Going to test this on Wednesday.
  21. @Michael569 thanks for your detailed response.
  22. @Globalcollective Seems exactly right haha. I expected something more elaborate but this is nice already. What can I do to help my heterosexual male friends? They seem to come to me with these problems with approach anxiety and relationships and I just can't relate to it. Sometimes I'm out with them and they lack courage to approach and I would like to do something about it because they seem to suffer. ¯\_(ツ) _/¯ You'd be amazed by knowing how much people think I'm DEFINITELY gay or DEFINITELY hetero macho and say it outright to my face. Sometimes the same day. I can't rely on others opinions so sometimes I have to ask this basic shit. The problems with having uncommon traits.