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  1. The day after some psychedelic trips I feel very bad... And that's when I have the greatest overall growth
  2. L-theanine + caffeine 2:1 is pretty nice for focus and attention Creatine for overall stamina (mental and physical)
  3. Wow many people recommending modafinil I wish it worked for me
  4. and that's why I watch
  5. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Time to change your nickname to SoberTruthSeeker
  6. Take it again and you'll turn into superhuman
  7. Consider doing pharmahuasca (crystal DMT + harmala) in pills so you can control the dosages and slowly go up. I don't know how it is to measure the amount of DMT in ayahuasca and I wouldn't take an unknown amount of powerful psychedelics alone. That's a shot in the dark. Consider that you'll be high asf if you happen to try a high dosage you won't be able to ground yourself again if shit happens.
  8. I second this Onenote, Todoist and Google Calendar too.
  9. I read Integral Life Practice from him. It's like all the practices he puts on his books in just one book. It's the book for doing the work. It glosses over many areas and gives superficial advice but also gives many techniques together I woudn't find in other places so it kinda balances out.
  10. Ok ty guys girls I'll see what I can do tricky business
  11. You told me this on a call we had. I still keep doing it done
  12. @OmniYoga Consciousness, Enlightenment & Spirituality
  13. they're in the booklist
  14. Possibly the most useful
  15. Hahaha, that's what I'm talking about!! Feel your devilry, devil.
  16. "Should I avoid spiritual work and become stage orange successful?" If that's what you authentically want, yes. I would just add some nuance here. You define success. Stage orange successful could be a highly rich Donald Trump like person. That's what you want? Or by stage orange success you mean developing drive and will to achieve your goals? Even if your goal is to become filthy rich, you can still meditate or do psychedelics. Maybe your goals will change, or not. I would also recommend you read Nahm's thread "Dream board". I can't link to it now but you certainly can find it if you search on this forum.
  17. Also, consider that maybe you've been "evil" all this time, just oblivious to it.
  18. Getting away from the waking up to growing up advice... You said you were a passive guy and didn't think about those things at all Weren't you repressing your desires in those areas? Thinking you are "above" material things and didn't need anything any sex, money or power to survive? It's one thing to realise these things won't bring long-term fulfillment in your own experience. Another thing is to believe firmly without first hand experience. If you thought as yourself as a spiritual person, seeing that you actually wanted to do some "egoic" acts may shake your self-imposed image. Try to see if that's what's happening.
  19. That's a very weird reaction really. Try 50mg and 200mg(only if you think you can handle it) on different days to see how you feel.
  20. Microdosing psychedelics They won't rewire your brain automatically but will certainly make the job easier. Be sure this isn't your primary way of rewiring.
  21. Here goes my question: What value do you think an "ask me anything" thread adds to the forum?
  22. I'd go even higher. I took 1,5g from a batch and had a mild trip. I had closed-eye visuals and some insights on the things I was trying to work on at the moment (the peak lasted 1:30h). My dad took the same amount from the same batch and had a 20 minutes long subtle trip. Weeks before that I gave him 1g and he didn't even feel it. The first time I took 1g I went full WTF HOLY SHIT
  23. I've been thinking about that lately. Many times I won't do something because I don't want to do a poor execution but hey, a poor execution is better than none! And that gives room to learning which allows me to get better. Perfectionism goes full circle to arrive on no action
  24. I reach my toes but I wish I could place both my hands on the floor I think it's in the human egoic nature to not be satisfied with what we have hahahaha Good luck on your streching journey!
  25. Noted! Thank you all for your responses.