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  1. I was suicidal the last couple of days. Right now i feel a little better. Actually the only comfortable thought that i have during the periods of depression is that i can kill myself so all of that will end, so that gives me some reliefe to move on. Since everything is love that means that suicide is also love right? Ofcourse i am not advocating suicide and i am aware that suicide comes from scewed interpretation of reality.
  2. I cannot deal with life anymore. Everywhere i go i see people suffering and try to survive working wage slave jobs, kids with illnesses, people with mental health issues, poor people. Live is miserable, my soul is crushed. I am depressed, the only reason for me to live right now is my family and my gf.
  3. Thank you for your comment, nice to hear prespective from a female.
  4. Further comments and advice will be higly appreciated.
  5. Thank you man, its really encouraging to hear that...
  6. Guys i am really dissapointed, Every time when i try to set a date with a women which i dont know through social media it never works. First of all i consider myself as average looking in the face and tall and muscular body, i dont have very good profile though and I know that. The last straw happened when I texted with one girl back and forth for couple of days and when I asked her out, she said sorry but we barely know each other, she was so super kind that I felt that rejection didn't even happened. So there are couple of reasons that this happens everytime: 1. They see me as ugly 2. My text game is week and I don't build enough rapport (which I don't think its the case) So I know that online games definetly works for other dudes, so the problem is in me, for me it doesn't fucking work I wont even try anymore, because I am so frustrated with same scenario over and over again. I forgot the mention that I am not targeting super attractive girls, just normal girls, some of them are below my attractiveness for sure. I am 24 y.o What do you think guys?
  7. John Anthony lifestyle is preseting himselfs as one of the best. I personaly follow him on youtube and i thing this guy is not bullshit. Can somebody that have experiance with his program can give us some feedback and wheter he is so good as he presents himself?
  8. I have a friend who have sucess with girls on social media he even found a very cute girlfriend through instagram. (He is short but good looking) So sucess with social media is possible as long as you have good photos. Another friend of mine has zero pictures of him in his instagram profile, only pictures of his cars - Mercedes S class and G class. Believe me or not this guy can get whatever girl he wants. AND I AM STRESSING THIS AGAIN this guy is not good looking and has zero pictures of him in his profile. When i am hanging out with him i just see how the women reacts when they see his car, they are ready to sleep with him immediatly. I agree that if you are good with girls you wont have problem to get lots of girls, but dont tell me that money are not important or irrelevant, everything is so easier with them
  9. That seems like Letting go technique by david hawkins?
  10. First of all good job, so in your case spirituality were the biggest piller to deal with depression. I have depression pattern which occur every once in a while for about 10 years in this emitional states i feel very lonely and worthless.. I finnaly decided to give it a try with therapist but i have a feeling that its not gonna help me. What exactly concuesness work you are doing?
  11. First of all do whatever feels right for yourself... Can i ask you what is your ability so you can get a lot of women and how old are you?