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  1. Crystals work like I wear Lapis lazuli gemstone for confidence and it works fine for me it is associated with the 3rd eye chakra but remember one thing crystals and gemstones are not the magical objects the properties of crystal and gemstone gave them certain frequencies that work.
  2. I have a lapis bead bracelet in my hands because this stone is associated with numerous psychic, emotional and physical healing powers and energies lapis activates third eye chakra and balances the energies of the throat chakra, it can bring matters more clearly to the mind.
  3. No, I don't.
  4. I have been into crystals for one year. I have Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, Lapis, and Opal. I have these crystals in the form of pebbles, cabochons and jewelry. Most of the time I carry blue lapis pendants because it is my birthstone.
  5. "Rice with fries...
  6. I recommend Lapis. When it comes to spiritual enlightenment it all starts with self lapis Lazuli stone properties contains prosperity and abundance qualities with its unique variations of gold and white specks from Calcite and Pyrite deposits, it is the good luck stones.