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  1. @JessiChell I don’t have any books in my reading list on trauma, but I have two books on that give info on the male mindset, but there not really meant to be looked at as relationship guides for women, they’re more academic, but I think if you really dig deep into the books that you’ll find a bunch of info that is applicable 1st book Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression by Hector A. Garcia Just started reading and definitely gives a bunch of information for anyone who wants to understanding fundamentally the male mentality 2nd book Promiscuity: An Evolutionary History of Sperm Competition by Tim Birkhead Haven’t read this book yet, but from what I understand it comes at human nature from a more academic and scientific perspective and would definitely touch upon the evolutionary core of men’s nature Again, these books aren’t relationship manuals but you could probably pull from them useful info if you look for it I doubt any guys on here are reading about how to understand men lol Also The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden Was a really good read that might help with
  2. @Preety_India Good stuff, we agree for once lol Amen No it’s always for gratification and relief, the only reason you allow it is because you’re to weak to stop yourself, if you really wanted the motivation you would endure Yeah it makes sense, and it means that you actually have a connection to the person that you’re intimate with and not just base hedonism Maybe you’re right, I have no experience with this so I can’t really give an educated opinion Awesome ?
  3. @Javfly33 ? Good stuff I need to start looking into Yoga
  4. @Sine Yeah I think that “One rule for acing life” video is probably one of Leo’s best, real simple concept but really instantly applicable I occasionally go back to it for motivation You have to have some emotional comfort, otherwise you’ll just wear yourself out, the point is to incrementally work towards needing less and less as you grow stronger and stronger through your routine "Through self discipline comes freedom" - Aristotle This post reminded me of this post a few days ago Everyday is a day of personal development, and really every second, if youre not moving forward your sliding backwards Every moment of everyday should be personal development Taking time for emotional comfort is just a necessary step on the way to improving yourself and “acing” life
  5. @Raptorsin7 “Man can start with aversion and end with love, but if he begins with love and comes round to aversion he will never get back to love.“ - Honoré de Balzac You can become more physically attracted to a woman, what matters is if she’s a decent human being if your looking for a long term relationship @Sine “When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues.“ - Honoré de Balzac I think women are more ride or die when it comes to their love, but their love is much more convenient to there best interests wherever they are in life. Guys are more sacrificial in their love, but are less likely to love a woman wholly.
  6. @Preety_India “Sexual force is more powerful than any other motivating force in the world.” Yeah that’s my point Therefore shouldn’t we not waste it E.g. Your wasting that energy when you mindless masturbate to porn or if you’re promiscuous Because it’s just instant pleasure at the expense of your energy, as you say you just tire yourself and lose interest in other things, but you don’t just lose interest in sex, but even your energy to go out and make something or be successful Yes, this is why when you use your sexual energy it should be with someone you actually care about, and not waste it Yeah, you don’t want to waste that energy, I believe the frustration and the strong desire to have sexual relief and gratification is part of building up that sexual will, because then that sexual energy goes into other aspects of your life I don’t think those people who demonise sex or are puritans necessarily have to waste their sexual energy to cure their psychological issues, they can instead just change their beliefs and how they see the world. Though sex can help with the shadow, I don’t doubt that. This definitely makes sense, but it still should be in moderation with a woman or man that you actually have an interest in as a person, not just as a piece of meat, that way you preserve that energy. Yes, but all the come at the expense of your sexual will and energy which should always be kept in your mind. And the 2 point you made there I can relate to, which is why I’ve stop using porn or just chasing random girls, because I was becoming more violent and aggressive (not in a good way) Because it cheapens the sex act, and perverts you You stop looking at people as people and instead just purely sexually, as basically just pieces of meat Ironically when you stop indulging in sexual thoughts, and sex you don’t become more desperate and needy, you actually become less perverted because you regain your libido and start seeing people as people, this is the reason I made this post because you can’t really self actualise and also waste your sexually energy and will, because what your doing is making yourself a weaker person
  7. @Brenzo2 You just listed a few benefits there I to an more relaxed and in tune when I take them Also I find I get better sleep These are the ones I bought anyways https://www.quintessentialtips.com/products/cbd-brothers-purple-edition-cannabis-hybrid-whole-plant-extract-capsules-various-strengths
  8. @Arzola Thanks for the recommendations I already take CBD oil occasionally I struggle to get psychedelics, so when I do I don’t really want to waste them by taking them in such small dosages Im gonna stick with coffee, it’s more helpful than it isn’t and I’ve got worse vices that should be done away with before caffeine @Leo Gura I’ll keep that in mind I do have a tendency to overdo stuff Thanks for the advice
  9. @Preety_India I dose myself with enough coffee every morning that could kill a horse I wanna step up my game a little
  10. @ivory Great post @ivory Thanks for the long detailed answer I agree with everything you put Appreciated
  11. I’ve just finished listening to Leo’s 2 videos on “Life advice for young people” Near the end of the vid he lists a bunch of values and traits for living a good life Creativity Love Intuition Independence of Thought Clarity of Thought Life Long Learning Reading Authenticity Radical Open-mindedness Passion Vision Ambition Purpose Spirit Fearlessness Work Ethic Introspection Questioning Etc... Now I was thinking, how could you summarise these traits into specific skills that you can learn? So what skills would you recommend some one starting there 20s learn? Thanks for any replies
  12. @Calcifer Yes we are creatures of habit, that’s why we need skills to develop to we can align better with our values. These values exist on a gradient, there are some people who are more creative than others, there are some people who are more loving than others. And you can become a more creative and loving person by practicing these skills and developing them into habits, as you said: “You become a visionary by visioning on a daily basis. You become fearless by doing bold acts and so on. And these habits can be applied to everything you do. Just make up your mind, which aspect is missing or suppressed in your life. After you´ve done that find solutions how you could change your way of doing things so it is more aligned with this trait that you want to develop.“ That doesn’t mean it’s necessary intuitive what you need to be doing all the time though, hence the point of listing the skills “It isn´t limited to a skill or subject.” It can be
  13. @Felli Yeah, I need to look into how to properly do it, I think it comes naturally when your trying do anything difficult Interesting idea listing the values @Moon Studying Skill Social Skills Visualisation Skill Emotional Intelligence Skills Finically Literacy Good study habits great, working on that now, though college is shut with Covid Anyone who wants some good study motivation and why you should study hard here’s a clip (I watch this biblically when I have work to do) I don’t know about coding, I was thinking of taking one of those boot camps but it looked boring as fuck, but hey, if it makes you money it makes you money. Social skills are a must, something I’m definitely working on We’ve all been fucked over with the internet and social media because we’ve been deprived of face to face social interactions (at the very least we don’t have as much than we would of without social media) so we’re all less social All social skills come down to empathy Social Skills =Empathy I was just listening to this podcast and it goes into developing your social skills Yeah I need to learn about visualisation, it’s something Robert Greene (the guy above) talks about in his books Emotional intelligence is pretty much the master key that unlock every other door, so you can’t really escape becoming more emotionally adept and have a better grip of your own head if your doing self actualisation work Financial Literacy 100% What I do is every pay check I get I put 20% of it away, no exceptions, money buys time Health is hugely important especially sleep, this ted talk blew my mind, by Matthew Walker on the important end of sleep Good post @Moon thanks
  14. @Recursoinominado So basically whatever you have a passion towards learn to monetise it. So: Digital Marketing Skills Sales Skills Business Skills Technical Skills Public Speaking Skills Can be done through videos, podcasts, blog, book etc... These can be advertised through digital marketing so social media, video marketing, understanding analytics data etc... @Recursoinominado Good stuff, I just don’t currently have anything that I’m passionate about that I could make money from or sell yet Im curious what business are you trying to creat now? & What courses are you using? Thanks
  15. @louhad Also I don’t think that I ever have to support rioting to advance to the next “stage” of anything I actually would see that as a regression, when I start supporting the looting and arson of stores These “SJWs” are nothing more than spoilt children who are products of a pampered lifestyle, castration via a corporate entity and no life experience so they have to manufacture it through their pet fashion ideologies
  16. @louhad Look give me the information & links you have and I’ll do my research To be fair all I know of spiral dynamics is what I’ve heard from Leo’s channel, I have watched the entire video series So I haven’t put the research needed into it outside of that youtube channel Its an interesting concept, though I don’t think that it should yet be chiselled into stone
  17. @louhad What if I reject your spiral dynamics?
  18. @Dark11 I wouldn’t bother reading to begin with Just get your hands on some hallucinogen, and take it in a safe environment in a sound state of mind and meditate on it Then, if you’ve done that a few times, you can start reading and listening to lectures Its really pointless up until then, as you have no real experience of what you would be reading or listening to What’d you be listening to might as well just be fart sounds until you have something to relate it to
  19. I don’t know, maybe we are progressing Just doesn’t seem like it
  20. @Leo Gura The greens, aka the loving hippies All about peace, equality and harmony Rioting and burning down their own cities, true progress
  21. @Emotionalmosquito Curious, what’s this forum? Anyway good luck with this hot female rashie (what’s a rashie?) You can’t lose an argument if you have the truth on your side, just stick to the facts and don’t deviate Think through what it is you believe, look at the evidence, purposefully attempt to poke holes in your arguments, look at all perspectives, and then argue after you’ve done a good job polishing up your thought process
  22. This is gonna be my final addendum to this post Was just listening to Leo's new video on "Life advice for Young People" and he mentioned this idea of reality being multi "perspectival" (first time I've heard that word), I thought that it was a good summary of the point I was trying to make from the man himself, so if your interested in this topic here's the link with the timestamp, so I recommend listening for a few mins from where I stamped the vid
  23. I’m gonna put this in the self actualisation section cause it said right next to the main title “philosophy”, which I thought suited better than the meditation section. Anyway this is gonna just be some rambling train of thought type stuff, but if anyone could help answer some of my questions that would be greatly appreciated. So I was listening to some Mckenna, and stumbled upon this clip above on YouTube, and I thought it was really interesting. And I thought it ties in with dimensions kinda, let me explain and it’ll make sense, here’s the post on dimensions In the clip Terence talks about a divide between those who understand that we’re really just chimps with “brains full of mush”that couldn’t possible claim to know the inner workings of the universe and those who still believe in “truth” and “objective reality” and that as humans we can still, despite our condition, truly understand the nature of reality, if there is such a thing. What I really liked in this clip was the termite analogy, which is - what would you think if you met a termite who stated that it was his or her goal to achieve a perfect modelling of the Cosmos? Legitimately curious what you think person reading this. I’m sure from our human perspectives we would see, as Terence says, that it’s quite a comic undertaking. Yet that is the exact undertaking all of us bear upon our shoulders and beat ourselves with, when we fall short of an most liekly impossible entirely abstract ideal that no one in the history of humanity has ever achieved (I suspect). Although some of us claim to have, though I doubt it. Even people like Leo who claim to have worked all this shit out by dosing themselves, similar to Terence, with high powered entheogens, probably haven’t. (Also I f there is consciousness and that is infinite Why bother attempting to create some hierarchy with yourself at the top as though your anymore conscious than anyone else, all there is is consciousness right? And if it’s infinite you could never possibly be on top) Perhaps you have figured it all out, but maybe your deluded and could never possibly understand what reality is (whatever reality is). Which is what this posts about really, if I carry on with the termite analogy, were I to push my thumb down upon and crush a termite I doubt that it would be able to compute (were it able to reflect on its death) what had just happened to it; as it entirely lacks the cognitive ability to do so. By the same token, perhaps as humans, we too can’t compute and cognate what death is, maybe some inter-dimensional and godlike entity pushes its thumb down upon us and we compute that as something along the lines of “hey did you hear the news, jack died last week in a car crash” blah blah etc… when really Jack was crushed by the thumb of some strange extra dimensional alien entity. And I wouldn’t be surprised because life really does seem to be a joke to me and god as a comedian sort of character who just likes fucking with us for his own amusement. Also were reality to be infinite consciousness, then there would be infinite dimensions, infinite possible possibilities and infinite series of possible intelligences. Intelligence being the degree to which a organism/consciousness can compute and interpret data and apply that data to further it’s biological imperative. But where does that data come from? If reality isn’t real/there’s no objective reality. If reality is consciousness, than an organism is just exploring itself and what it is. Also if that’s the case then how could there ever be a reality? Look at dimensions, were you to take a 1 dimensional line that was infinite, the x gradient instantly becomes meaningless as it ceases to quantify, well quantify anything meaningful, as meaning requires something else to lack, likewise if there are infinite intelligence we will all simultaneously be as dull as a termite and as intelligent as god himself, so what good would our beliefs be. Aren’t beliefs really just stupid and pointless and entirely subjective, if that’s the case. You are what you are and that’s all you will ever be till your not. When Terence says the best we can hope for is a shadow of a shadow of the truth. I think that’s literally infinitely too optimistic till the point that it’s an empty statement. Anyway when Terence goes on to talk about language I find that pretty amazing as well, because that’s the point I was making with the belief stuff. That’s we evolved/created language really to deceive others and ourselves into believing that there is a reality, and that we use and manipulate that to our advantage. Here are two links to help make my point https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/02/27/why-facts-dont-change-our-minds http://sourcesofinsight.com/the-elephant-and-the-rider/ Reason, as covered in the article by the New Yorker, "Why facts don't change our minds" is an evolved mental firmware "like bipedalism or three colour vision". This firmware evolved on the savannas of Africa as our best advantage as human beings is our ability to communicate and therefore cooperate. Cooperation is difficult to establish and also difficult to maintain. “Reason is an adaptation to the hyper social niche humans have evolved for themselves" Mercier and Sperber write. Habits of mind that seem weird or goofy or just plain dumb from an “intellectualist” point of view prove shrewd when seen from a social “interactionist” perspective. As Nietzsche said - “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Of the many forms of faulty thinking that have been identified, confirmation bias is among the best catalogued; it’s the subject of entire textbooks’ worth of experiments. Why would we have confirmation bias, of course to deceive ourselves and others about the nature of reality, so that we can be hyper social. This hyper sociability I believe is the reason why we have this tool of “reason”, which is a hijacking of our base animalistic desire to cooperate. Reason is not designed for understanding the external realities, our dimensions, or consciousness, otherwise we would not have confirmation bias. But instead as the article covers it provides the adaptive function which is refereed to as "myside bias". Human aren't randomly credulous, myside bias means that the task that reason was evolved to perform, is to prevent us from getting screwed by the other members of our group. Living in small bands of hunter-gatherers, our ancestors were primarily concerned with their social standing, and with making sure that they weren’t the ones risking their lives on the hunt while others loafed around in the cave. There was little advantage in reasoning clearly, while much was to be gained from winning arguments. This means something hugely significant, that even the reason why we reason and the fundamental way in which we compute reality is bullshit. Because we don’t reason to understand what is “real”, but instead to survive via cooperation. So there’s no point even trying to reason with people, they won’t understand you, they either comply to the script or they don’t. Even if they get it, they did it themselves of there own accord, not because you transferred some magical knowledge of reality into them, they just explored there own consciousness and derived at there own conclusions for there own reasons unrelated to reality. Which obviously includes me and everyone else. The relativity of your cultural viewpoint as Terence says. All language is, is a series of sounds that we delude to mean something but might as well be fart noises when you look behind the curtain and see why we have language to ecen begin with. Anyway I’m going stop typing, hope this made sense here are my questions, sorry for this being long winded, my thoughts are, and this is one place I have the opportunity to vent them out and have smart people respond and decipher them, so What is reality? Can we understand reality, if there is such a thing? If so, is there any real point to understanding reality?
  24. @Preety_India You know what, you’re right Black people are the strongest race, and they’re also the most forgiving race They have no animosity towards white people Us weaker races would have by now ended the planet if we were discriminated and oppressed the same way blacks have been throughout human history