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  1. @Nak Khid Wow ? Trump drinks water Or is he downing a shot of Vodka like a madman
  2. @Pookie Yep, you got me
  3. @Pookie I never called them dickheads, I said the average person is mediocre, and I large percentage of people are dickheads My point was that MBTI won’t tell you that, it’s not going to tell you that you are a bad person, that you won’t fork over money It not hot update, it’s fun, like astrology, not something people really take seriously, but what I meant as I put in the previous comment to yours Is MBTI is for people who not dumb enough to fall for astrology, but still dumb enough to fall for MBTI @Serotoninluv Translation Lots of stupid going on here
  4. @zeroISinfinity Why bother with the preface of I did these things when I was younger, followed by I still do them now Reminds me of that Mitch Hedberg joke ”I used to do drugs, I still do but I used to too” What does that even mean? These things are manipulative, if manipulation is for woman you are behaving like a woman
  5. @Pookie Unless what you’re saying is that MBTI isn’t for smart people, I should’ve phrased it as MBTI is Astrology for smarter people than those who believe in astrology, MBTI is one step up in calibre
  6. @Pookie Your post is stupid by what you said therein Why don’t you instead of just saying it’s betrayed, why not explain how and why?
  7. @JessiChell Also, eroticising your own shame and disgust is disgusting You shame and disgust is conscience What you’re doing is avoiding and corrupting the very conscience and aspect of you that regulates you to be a better man and act in a better way If you destroy that very instinct of repulsion and shame than you have literal carte blaunche to do anything Getting turned on by shame is an example of a broken mind You could not have a functioning mind and be aroused by your own failings Things like cuckold porn etc... are complete example of the eroticising of ones own failures, no healthy person would be aroused by that because it goes against the very reason with have a sexuality @Rolo In seriousness don’t listen to advice like that What exactly is being limited here, depravity Rolo all addiction should be overcome You shouldn’t need anything or anyone to be happy Take control back over your sexuality, don’t sink deeper into your addiction to cure it, take a step back and exercise some asceticism I made a post on this that might help you Good luck
  8. @integral What is personality about if not behaviour? Is MBTI not about personality? Can people not change what “brain regions” they use? What does that even mean?
  9. I too have a fear of ejaculation I wake up in the night after fever dreams of me ejaculating You’re not alone @Rolo
  10. @remember ??? I didn’t say we were good at it
  11. @integral Someones personality can’t change?
  12. @PukkaDanks Amen to astrology being bullshit but check the other posts on here as well, you’ll see a lot of people are religious with MBTI even the main boss man Leo
  13. @fridjonk I agree with everything you said, you missed the point I’m trying to make, it’s this Why build your identity around something that is constantly changing Right now you might be something, and you can work to change that but it shouldn’t be set in stone
  14. @fridjonk People resonate with a lot of bullshit e.g. Astrology Doesn’t mean it’s true, it just appeals to some base “I’m this” impulse Also I think a lot of people have the misconception that they are stuck as there type, and if you’re type can so easily change it’s useless really to identify and resonate with it
  15. @Zak Kid, god and a simp at the same time ? jk though is you have to ask if you’re a simp your probably a simp That’s some simp talk there son I know you are but what am I
  16. @CultivateLove Np @fridjonk No, the point is that MBTI is stupid and there aren’t only 16 types of person, and it’s designed as a business not an accurate assessment of people, you can identify with one type more than another that does not mean it is accurate or you’re stuck as that thing
  17. @integral This link you sent says all that needs to be said on the topic https://www.objectivepersonality.com/opt-100
  18. @zeroISinfinity All love is conditional that’s the point of the thread Why don’t you just grow some balls and tell her you’re breaking up with her instead of doing all this manipulative bullshit
  19. I have a question, why is there no dark tyraid to MBTI?
  20. @integral I’ll look into objective typings Can you link some resources to this, also is there some test or way to firgure out your 512 type? I agree, people aren’t unique and we can definitely categorise them, my point is that MBTI is a shit pop culture way of doing so that is popular for the same reason astrology is, it’s chick crack, chick crack shouldn’t be taken seriously.
  21. @CultivateLove Be specific