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  1. @Martin123 Well I don't need you to respond, do whatever you want to do I believe you misconstrued my point on victim mentality Of course you can be a victim, people can say mean things to you on the internet I'm sure we've all been victimized at some point in our lives Its not a form of denial its form of acceptance You should not blame yourself You should accept what happened to you There are two things in life 1 there are the kinds of things you can control and 2 there are the kinds of things you can you can't control If you can control them don't complain or make yourself out to be a victim because YOU can change it If you can't control it, embrace it, accept it, don't deny it, don't curse reality for making you a victim Thank reality for the character developing moment and clarity of perspective You don't allow them to heal by stripping from them the control of their own minds by sheltering them from reality I don't know what you mean by this I have compassion for all Its because of that compassion I say that the best therapeutic solution is to accept life and not to complain
  2. @Martin123 They don't need to circle around me They just need to step outside their victim mentality and embrace life on lifes terms
  3. @Martin123 I would, if I thought they could handle it Because its the truth Ignorance may be bliss but the truth will set you free I believe if any victim of any injustice embraced those quotes they'd be better for it
  4. If we're playing the quotes game If someones words can break your soul you have a weak soul
  5. Can you expand on what you mean by there being no such thing as suffering? Or send me any links to help me understand thanks Sure, but now we've eroded the very idea of truth, but I think I get what you're saying Just watched the double slit experiment video you linked, I understand this next question is pretty difficult but How can the double slit experiment cut through all psychology? Because we reality changes as we observe it What significance does this have to psychology Psychology is the best word I have currently
  6. Hey @Martin123 I see why you linked me this thread But I'm not interested calling out anyone out in particular I agree with this sentiment
  7. @Nahm Thanks for the reply Is suffering illegitimate, I think in many ways suffering is important to develop character and discipline, so that you can self actualize I don't know enough about Carl Jung but I'm interested in reading into him in the future, maybe he didn't understand himself Isn't that the point of psychology to get a better understanding of yourself and how the mind work But I agree that breaking through duality is important to better self understanding, if that is what you were saying
  8. @Martin123 Hey Buddy, I've was in an argument with Betgr164128 a week ago in this thread Which spanned a few pages, went on for over an hour, since that thread hes been responding to me in my posts, with the same argument To reference another crackpot psychologist, I think its Freudian how he then calls you a troll, found that funny He played this same holier than thou game with me That's why the first response of his didn't make much sense Yes mate, I understand its an idea, like everything else, truly profound I'm curious about that idea in particular That's the point of the thread, is suffering necessary Not that everything is a idea I'm not trying to express an ideology, I haven't brought up politics previously I'm just saying what I believe, of course I might be wrong and probably am in many ways that I'm unaware of I don't think people should be banned from a forum designed to help people discover that they are wrong I think calling to ban people because they disagree with you is worse and more trollish, than not being a "genuine self actualizer" Anyway BETGR164128, when you inevitably read this looking to start another argument, I'm not interested buddy, I have nothing against you, I just believe that its not going to get us anywhere and is going derail the point of the thread which is about the root of mental illness, unless you want to talk about the point of the thread I'm not interested, you annoy me Thanks
  9. @Potential Hey Buddy, I'm currently reading a great book on this topic called "Mastery" by Robert Greene If you're interested here's a link to a pdf, give it brief read, at the first chapter, it won't disappoint, I'm finding it really helpful, hopefully you do to http://ewai.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Mastery.pdf Godbless
  10. So I was listening to this video last week "10 Important Things You Don't Know You Want" and I realized when Leo starts talking about the "first time childlike intense magic experience" around the 8 minute mark, that this is something that I want. Things were more much more lucid ,vivid and life was generally more enjoyable when I was younger. The older I get the more boring life seems to become as I become more and more acquainted with it, and everything I do seems to always trying to induce that new feeling to life again. So as I was watching this video I remembered two separate videos on different topics but still somewhat interlinked, which are ADHD and Dopamine Detox's. If you put into YouTube "Dopamine Detox" a bunch of videos appear going over similar themes which are basically to deprive yourself of any form of gratification and eventually you'll regain that lucid childlike state again. I recently been attempting intermittent fasting, and after you experience a similar sensation as you starve yourself the first food you taste is heaven, even something like steamed broccoli beats chocolate. Same logic applies elsewhere, what is meditation if not boring yourself into submission to the point that your own breath becomes interesting. So my current plan is to gradually start boring myself more, to get that new life state of mind, this according to one video I watched gives you "dopaminergic ammo" to re give you the neuro chemical desire to actually step outside of your comfort zone and to "experience life", so basically to escape escapism. So what does this have to do with ADHD, well our culture is what was called a "novelty culture" in this video, which is basically a culture built about hooking in to your brain and keeping you constantly stimulated in a zombie like trance. More and more people are getting diagnosed with ADHD, as I was. But it seems to in reality that ADHD is a result and reaction to this culture of over stimulation and constant entertainment. The inability to sit still and focus is because we get bored so quickly because we are so used to constantly being simulated. Which makes us sensitized to boredom as a result. Its not like ADHD is a recent genetic mutation, its environmental, caused by a culture of novelty, which results in the medicalising of boredom, so high schools can justify what is the drugging of overly bored and misbehaving children with hard stimulants, anyway I'm rambling. So I think my ADHD is bullshit, I'm going try a dopamine detox over the next few days and see what it does for me. There's a book referenced in one of the videos called "The Science of Boredom by Dr Sandi Mann" that I'm going to read, and is probably a insightful if anyone else is interested in this topic. Anyway this is my first post on Actualised forum, I've been meaning to start using the forum for a while (became a member January of 2019) but just haven't got to it, so I just decided I'd write whatever. Anyway if anyone's got any advice on how to get the "first time childlike intense magic experience" it'd be much appreciate, Cheers https://www.bookdepository.com/Science-Boredom-Dr-Sandi-Mann/9781472135988
  11. Sorry, I’m not about to break my stillness with anymore responses P.S you argue like a bitch, you write directly to me, you find my post, then ignore me when I respond, attempting to give me the silent treatment, very feminine
  12. @BETGR164128 Ha Okay Can see you're bitter about the last argument That's okay Enjoy your stillness I didn't write it just for you, I wrote it for the thread I didn't what to argue with you again for an hour and a half anyway Not over do muscles make you more attractive, which you say muscles aren't important But over is there an objective reality I see you did break your stillness to write that snarky response quickly though Godbless
  13. @BETGR164128 Ha This shit again, Mental frameworks are useful Questioning all things leads to more complex mental frameworks Large = Complex "I don't know what that means" Recently I've started reading on existentialism, starting with Arthur Schopenhauer (Not really and existentialist but a huge contributor to the philosophy) so I've read his Essays and Aphorisms and The World as Will and Representation Now I'm finally starting on Nietzche, I know a bit more on him than the average person and now I'm reading Beyond Good and Evil alongside Mastery by Robert Greene (as a new years aspiration I've been aiming to read a book a week and I have done so since the start of the year) At the start of Beyond Good and Evil in the introduction, (let me flip through my notes) Nietzche writes "It has gradually become clear to me what every great philosophy up till now has consisted of--namely, the confession of its originator, and a species of involuntary and unconscious auto-biography; and moreover that the moral (or immoral) purpose in every philosophy has constituted the true vital germ out of which the entire plant has always grown. Indeed, to understand how the abstrusest metaphysical assertions of a philosopher have been arrived at, it is always well (and wise) to first ask oneself: "What morality do they (or does he) aim at?" Accordingly, I do not believe that an "impulse to knowledge" is the father of philosophy; but that another impulse, here as elsewhere, has only made use of knowledge (and mistaken knowledge!) as an instrument." This instrument (the instrument being the real father to understanding, if there is such a thing, aka the real motivator to understanding, the generally held perception being the motivation to understand the external material world, this perception makes a lot of metaphysical assumptions) is a tool by which we justify our actions in supposed fact/reality, (Nietzsche believing this is just the actualization of the will to power), and is merely a mental construction or a "language" model. All there is, is direct consciousness, I don't hold thought or mental models in to high of a regard, but they're useful as they clarify my own experience, all thoughts are in a sense just sounds in the mind, its the abstract connections that we make with these sounds that have any significance, and the more connections you make the better you can actualize the will to power, if these connections are some how what really is or just a representation of my own biological imperative, is redundant to the fact that I want something The real realization of that dichotomy buts into perspective what I think you're getting at, I discuss this fact somewhat when I look at the video Leo did on beating addictions and comparing it to my reading 14:28 "Nature of being itself is emptiness but see most people don't like this idea at first it seems kind of negative and it seems depressing actually it's not it's a very beautiful and incredible experience to fully realize the emptiness of being and to be one with it this is a very profound experiences of what spirituality is based upon but most people aren't mature enough to grasp this" - Leo The realization that ones mental models are not what is but are just a specific physiology in consciousness Also, in a sense, my striving for objectivity (boxing everything in) is subjective for this reason But I'm not going to just abandon the idea of there being a reality, which as I've said to you before is an idea I don't cling to but you keep associating to me, as it again provides clarity to my experience, I would feel lost without my mental constructions and you would to, the idea that there is no such thing as reality is real and its in your head and its your physiology When it comes to children, they are just to stupid to be objective, because they lack the capacity to create mental models, they live in a perpetual state of now because of this, similar in many ways to a meditative state, that I talk about in this thread, which is one reason they're in an enviable position, second reason because they have new eyes for the world and have not yet become desensitized to it by being accommodated to it, the entire point of the thread being how to get back to that state, if its the avoidance of gratification/meditation, psychedelics (just watched a video link on the forum of PyschedSubstance talking about why psychedelics can't be addictive when on LSD, which relates to this topic, I'll find and post it here later maybe), or if its questioning things, also being a form of mediation (stoic meditation). It doesn't matter how only the state. I don't really know what my point is, just I don't hold a rigid view of objectivity that you've inferred, the next quote below sums up my opinion on reality "Metaphysical world.-- It is true, there could be a metaphysical world; the absolute possibility of it is hardly to be disputed. We behold all things through the human head and cannot cut off this head; while the question nonetheless remains what of the world would still be there if one had cut it off." - Friedrich Nietzsche What I think this means is basically that we are damned to our own subjectivity to the nature of reality, But this does not mean there is not a philosophical absolute objectively Hope this made sense
  14. I've made a note, I'll look into them when I get a chance
  15. We can generalize, there is nothing wrong with generalizing, its your prerogative what you do with your life If you say so say so, although you don't really have much of a basis for that, different people can interpret different experiences in different ways I haven't ruled out any possibilities, that is why I made this post, and have read all the posts in this thread whenever I get the chance, I still haven't responded to some of them That's what I'm doing Definition of transcendent - Beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience I understand what you saying, I agree with it, I just haven't explained myself very clearly Obviously you can't transcend past this life, what would that even be, becoming an alien? Transcendence, as I mean it is, is a shift in consciousness, away from mundane consciousness, if there was no shift than there would be nothing significant about spirituality, that shift is not normal Literally in the other other post I made, I made the exact same point as your making on boredom Also I don't really care if my posts come across as "childish" or "immature" You sound like a school hall monitor I'm not going to censor myself and have a squeaky clean post and responses, that is boring This is not an essay, this is for my personal infotainment
  16. @LfcCharlie4 Look at my profile it clearly says 147 years old Not but actually I'm 18 I have been in a relationship for a year when I was 16 Who's to say what "romantic love" feels like though, you only have your own experience to go of No I don't think so, I just worded the post in a provocative as to get some responses to my question, I'm legitimately curious about the topic Same logic here applies with the experience of romantic love, I don't know if I have or haven't, I have done ecstasy a few times and that I think would be the closest I've come to "universal love", but I don't really know what that means You misinterpreted my point, I'm not saying that you cease to be human, only that you push past the mundane experience of life, maybe "transcending" the normal experience of life My argument wasn't that there isn't the experience of romantic love or infatuation, only that its just that, an experience that isn't necessarily needed to live a good life, perhaps should be avoided, and that what cultures put forward as romantic love isn't actually a good thing
  17. "Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path. You may remember this “something” as a signal calling in childhood when an urge out of nowhere, a fascination, a peculiar turn of events struck like an annunciation: This is what I must do, this is what I’ve got to have. This is who I am...If not this vivid and sure, the call may have been more like gentle pushings in the stream in which you drifted unknowingly to a particular spot on the bank. Looking back, you sense that fate had a hand in it.... A calling may be postponed, avoided, intermittently missed. It may also possess you completely. Whatever; eventually it will out. It makes its claim.... Extraordinary people display calling most evidently. Perhaps that’s why they fascinate. Perhaps, too, they are extraordinary because their calling comes through so clearly and they are so loyal to it.... Extraordinary people bear the better witness because they show what ordinary mortals simply can’t. We seem to have less motivation and more distraction. Yet our destiny is driven by the same universal engine. Extraordinary people are not a different category; the workings of this engine in them are simply more transparent...." - James Hillman
  18. Yet again we're not even talking about anything of substance, Jesus is this boring, no I'm not just here to win an argument, this is starting to remind of this Monty Python sketch Now I'm forced to define what an argument is, so for convenience sake I'll use the video "An argument is a collected series of statements to establish a proposition" I said that there is such thing as objective beauty, you contradicted me saying beauty is subjective You changed the argument to there is no such thing as objective truth I explained maybe there is maybe there isn't, this has no relevancy to objective beauty and now we are here I am trying to establish a proposition, and you are to And I'm not going to try to spoon feed you why you are I'm done with this argument, its now boring me, I don't care if I've won or lost We are going to have to agree to disagree instead of resorting to contradiction Godspeed
  19. I have to now rewrite this as I just lost what I'd written because I wanted to check what you had written on the third page, this is now spanning three pages This quotation is responding to me pointing out that you to are using the powers of deduction to derive at a premise The quotations of yours show this
  20. I haven't labelled myself, as I said I was joking, its fine to bring labels into the discussion, you bought them into the discussions and then said I should'nt label myself for some reason which I didn't, as I said you implied that I was stage orange, you brought stages into this discussion, I'm fine with discussing the limitations of reason, but in general discourse when discussing points e.g. do muscles make you more attractive we presuppose truth and reason, its very esoteric to get into a ontological argument about truth, and now we're not even discussing anything of substance, you'll labelled the guy in the school of life video as orange, I'm finding this now boring and tedious, you pulled the discussion away from the main point of the thread by practically stating there is no such thing as objective truth/absolutes, there no real arguing that and this thread isn't the place, I don't know if there is or isn't buddy, neither have I claimed to in this thread
  21. So here are the quotations we you have deduced a premise through reason, do you want me to go through what the premises are and why I think you reached them, I'll only do two because this is starting to bore me My bad, I'll try not to do it again sir
  22. Okay give me a minute to scroll through this thread
  23. I was joking I implied thats what you were saying, considering I'm defending science and reason, those are stage orange values You're the one who bought labels into this discussion