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  1. @UnconsciousHuman I think I know what you mean He constantly brings up the Buddha saying "Life is suffering" (A misquote of the Buddha) Which dooms you, if you are alive to victimhood But I understand that most of Jordan Peterson's speeches rely upon implication That way the audience can project on to what he saying to fit their worldview
  2. @UnconsciousHuman Where does he say that you're predisposed to be a victim
  3. @Leo Gura Aren't 99.999% of all people devils in that case, for almost all the time the word devil then loses its meaning
  4. @Preety_India Doesn't Jordan Peterson constantly rail against having a victim mentality though? You know "Bear your cross bucko" "Clean your room sunshine" "Slay your dragon of chaos" "Ascend your dominance hireachy" "Rescue Christ from the Gulag" Blah blah blah blah blah blah More word salads I'd probably agree though, just curious what you mean
  5. @Leo Gura Just testing you Leo lol You passed
  6. @Leo Gura Might that apply exactly to you as well
  7. @UnconsciousHuman Jordan Peterson isn't the devil buddy Personally I don't like Jordan Peterson, buts its hyperbolic to use the word "devil" He isn't a purposely evil scheming human, he is just mislead in some of his beliefs Your literal demonization of an overall good man is proof that you are what you say he is It's freudian, because reading your post you come across as very rigid and self aggrandising “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself: the people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly. They are like this because they can't tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own - not of the same blood and birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work together like feet, hands and eyes, like the two rows of teeth, upper and lower. To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are unnatural.” - Marcus Aurelius
  8. @UnconsciousHuman In the words of lord saint Peterson "Facts aren't necessarily true"
  9. @Alexop No ones gonna be able to solve the riddle of your erection but you Anyway though here are some potential psychological reasons why you may not be able to get a hardon 1 Performance Anxiety You mentioned that you don’t have any but you could be mindfucking yourself and over thinking it 2 Depression ED I heard can be related to depression / numbness to stimuli is related 3 Stress 4 Relationship Issues Maybe your not attracted to your gf It could be porn related, but if you’ve avoided any porn / sexual depictions of women for three months you should be set and ready Anyway good luck with the boner problem
  10. @krookedrustik What would you consider a “real friend”? Male friends are friends who share a commonality or a mission. The moment you take that away there is no purpose to the friendship anymore, and 9 times out of 10 you realise that this “friend” was only your friend because you had a shared mission We aren’t women, when we have friends , it’s not just to sit around and talk shit all day, it’s to get shit done This guys exactly right Do the math, and see if there is actually any point to the friendship, if not cut lose
  11. "The more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you must seduce the senses to teach it" - Fredrich Nietzsche We journal to gather a better understanding of ourselves So we can more easily identify our faults and readjust our habits, behaviours and patterns So that we can achieve our goals Personally I journal electronically, I have a section designated to it in my common place book Although there are studies that have shown that physically writing out your journal entries activates your brain more and leads to greater beneficial effects for behaviour change. But I find it better to use it electronically as its easier to convey information - such as linking to sites, videos etc... Than to write out all the info, its also better as an electronic journal's can sync, so I can use my computer when at home, or my phone on the go. No one bats an eye when you pull out your phone to make a quick note, whereas carrying around a handbook everywhere you go, people will, its also very inconvenient to carry around a handbook everywhere you go. Here's a post link about common place book strategies Here are some reason to use the journal ● To make notes of any insights you've had ● Things that have happened to you that day ● What you think about those things ● Random life details [Side note - personally I find it useful, when interacting with others, as you can more recall events in you journal, so when someone says you did something or said something, you know what you did and what you said, so you better know where you stand with people] You can also use a journal to ● Have long emotional vents to "get it all out" ● Make lists of different variables like pros & cons to help solve problems ● Stream of consciousness longform writing ● A pre-packaged set of affirmations ● Things that you are grateful for What its best for though is to create a plan of action on how to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself You do this by, a very similar process to mindfulness Throughout your day, when you deviate from what you should be doing, first notice that fact Second evaluate why, what are you feeling in that moment? Why are you avoiding doing what you should be doing? Mindfulness allows you to see when you fuck up The journal allows you to track when you fuck up Here is simply why a journal is vital for self development Solve this math problem using your head - 425673 divided by 42 = Unless your a math savant you can't There is too much information for you to keep track of Same way, when you're dealing with more involved circumstances and emotions, the reasons your not following through with the plan, it's unrealistic to expect yourself to be able to make good decisions in your head. Now while you probably couldn't do that in your head, you could probably do it on a piece of paper, with some time and effort, if you know the long division process A journal helps us break things down so that we can better identify, where we are failing as to better adapt So as mentioned in the previous post, when you want to eat that donut instead of the chicken salad, journal why, how those urges make your body feel, the thoughts running through your head at that point etc... This will allow you to solve your life's problems via introspection Most importantly to get a better grasp of your own self image Here are some video links Note - Check out both the channels I linked there - especially the Einzelganger one - they got some really good stuff If you journal please leave notes on how you journal Thanks for reading - Hope it was of use
  12. "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act, its a habit".- Aristotle "Well-Being is realized in small steps. But it is no small thing" - Zeno So given the Corona Virus, college has closed, I can't work and can't go out, so basically I am completely fucking bored and starting to get cabin fever. This time in isolation has really proven to me how lazy I really am. So I've been meaning to make a schedule for a while, planning to add some habits to do everyday. I'm gonna use google calendar and a habit tracker app. Found one called HabitHub which is bout a £1 (cheapest one I found) which track/checklists and sends you a notification on your habits, if anyone is interested. So I want to know what habits do you do, and any ideas to productively pass the corona time? Thanks for anyone who reads and gives their ideas Below are some simple ideas for habits I've already noted Anyone who has any notes to add do so The more novel the habit the better e.g. Its easy to just say "read more", but add something to it like "read 10 pages before sleep every night" to avoid screen use and get better sleep etc... I read a website on habits which said to ask questions at the end of the day Did you wake up on time? Did you eat a healthy breakfast? Did you read today? Did you avoid TV and internet? Did you meditate? Etc... So here are my habits #1 Healthy Sleeping Schedule So waking up at the right time and going to sleep at the right time. My sleeping schedule is warped right now, been going to sleep at about 1am and waking up at about 11am, during isolation because I have been doing anything during the day stimulate me. This is priority #1 for me right now, here's a video TED talk by Matthew Walker a sleep specialist I found on the JRE podcast which talks about the importance of sleep. (Note - Going to look into lucid dreaming - anyone who has any info on how to do it, add it, cheers) #2 Reading So I've been aiming to read a book every week since the start of the year and I've so far only missed two weeks. I get most of reading done on my commutes but since the corona virus I've been finding it hard to read the same amount. I'm going to start reading right before I sleep at least 10 pages, so I'm not on my phone so I can get to sleep easier. Particularly been reading the classics, there are millions of shitty books out there to read and I only have so much time and will power, in my day to be bothered reading. We read to think others thoughts and you want the highest quality thought as possible. Reading though also means getting up to date with current events etc... "As the biggest library if it is in disorder is not as useful as a small but well-arranged one, so you may accumulate a vast amount of knowledge but it will be of far less value to a much smaller amount if you have not thought it over for yourself: because only through ordering what you know by comparing every truth with every other truth can you take complete possession of your knowledge and get it into your power" #3 Meditation Been meditating 30 minutes everyday. "Mindfulness meditation". Usually I put on some guided meditation audio in the background so I don't drift and forget what I'm doing, I know there are a lot of resources on this forum on how to meditate better and I've already gotten some sent to me which is greatly appreciated. Any notes to add for a beginner are also appreciated. https://www.reddit.com/r/streamentry/wiki/beginners-guide #4 Exercise So can't go to the gym or go running currently with the corona virus, but I have at home a barbell, bench, with some weights (45kg) and some dumbbells. Recently began taking supplements e.g. Whey, fish oil etc... I've been exercising regularly for the past two months now. Been enjoying starting running, was training with my brother to run a half marathon but its been cancelled now. Running anyway has given me a reason to go out in nature more, going through the park and woodland area near my house and also running alongside the beach. So exercising gives you a reason to spend more time in nature, makes you feel better in your body, boosts your immune system (which is needed now), builds discipline and strength, lowers your heart rate, makes you live longer plus you end up looking better - so a must do habit. #5 Music Practice This can be anything I think that involves creativity and induces a flow state in you, doesn't just have to be learning an instrument. I aim to practice guitar everyday. But it tends to be that I only practice it about three times a week, but when I do I can't put it down and go for hours, its just summoning the will to pick it up and practice. A while back I bought a Yamaha keyboard but I haven't been fucked to practice it, I used it about 4-5 times, and now its dissembled and just gaining dust under my bed. Might start practicing it over this period. #6 Solitude So this habit of mine is for at least ten minutes I just do nothing. Not meditate but just sit with my thoughts. I don't mean focus on the breath or a object. I just let my head do whatever it wants. Its usually just a reset in my day so I can remember what else I need to do in the day. #7 Healthy Eating So in honesty I know fuck all about nutrition, if anyone has any advice or info to link on the basics of nutrition and making a good diet thank you. Prior to the corona virus I was starting to eat healthier e.g. Some intermittent fasting, cutting out more sugars, and trying to limit bread etc... Plus making meal plans, ages ago found this youtube video below, which gives a simple meal idea to just throw a bunch of breadless chicken in a slow cooker, season it, and leave it there and whenever your hungry or come from the gym to take some out, cook some rice and add some healthy greens e.g. Green beans, peas, broccoli, asparagus etc... I have that as side meals, and to snack when I'm hungry I just have a bunch of celery sticks or apples with peanut butter. And for breakfast I just have scrambled eggs and a slice of toast. #8 Chores Simple, just make sure everything is tidy and organised. E.g. do the laundry, sought dishes etc... Just 5 minutes every day is enough to make sure everything is fresh. #9 Cold Showers So I don't do this everyday because I'm lazy, but I should. For at least three minutes. Cold showers have a bunch of health benefits and de stress you. Also they wake you the fuck up in the mornings - it beats coffee. So when I wake up and actually take a cold shower, I turn off the boiler, do some Wim Hof breath work till I'm light headed, then I get under the shower and turn it straight on. If you focus on the breathwork you can deal with the cold and after a minute it stops being really cold and turns refreshing. Its a good way to start the day. #10 Socialising Generally if you put no effort into messaging your mates etc... There never going to come to you, you get what you put into friends, people tend to be way more busy doing their own things to even think about yours. So take some time to message people and check up on them daily and see what their up to etc... #11 Podcasts - Actualised.Org Vids - Lectures - Youtube Usually if I'm doing something unproductive such as playing videogames or just surfing the web I always have a podcast or informative youtube video in the background. Or if I'm going for a jog etc... I then categorise these into playlists or add them to my OneNote/Journal, if they have anything of interest, where I timestamp and link to the point that's being made in the video or podcast, for the exact same reason as I read. I personally add these videos into playlists and watch later and just listen to them in order as I do what ever it is I'm doing. #12 Grooming Obvious but a necessary habit, shower daily. Clean teeth twice a day, regular haircuts, deodorant etc... Make yourself look presentable etc... #13 Dopamine Detox So basically boring yourself to become resensitised to life again. Links to another post I did linked here, "Boredom is the Solution". Now your not going to do this every day, but more like once every two weeks on a weekend. I have only done this a few times but it works. #14 Avoid TV - Videogame - Porn - Phone Use Limit all of these, they are malignant tumours that eat up your time and suck out your will. I'm sure if you rarely do them they can be okay, but I recommend just avoid them, they're base time wasters. Porn is also something that should be limited, cause it eats away at the male libido, recommend looking into nofap. Limit tv and screen use till a single free day and a few hours on the weekend. #15 Chess Something I do in the mornings with some coffee as a way to get my mind working for the day. Go on chess.com or watch some chess videos, learn some openers etc... I recommend the same thing, doesn't have to be chess but anything in the morning that can get the mind operating. #16 Holotropic Breathing Kinda like Wim Hof but just breathing without pause for a prolonged period of time lying down can induce semi psychedelic states. Put on some music in the background, helps to mask your hyperventilation, and just do the breathwork, actually pretty fun, here's the Leo video which is timestamped for the demonstration but you can find other videos which teach similar things but they go under different names. Really meditative and clears the head. Probably going to do it once a week for 30 mins on a weekend. #17 Writing - Journaling - Commonplace Book Simple, just write for ten minutes. And any of those podcasts, books, websites etc... that are interesting write about them, articulate your own thought process. Make a common place book if you don't have one, mine has been super helpful, if you have one tell me how you organise and categorise it. Curious about making into a habits ? Yoga ? Visualisation ? Boxing - Jiu Jitsu - Wrestling ? Learn New Language Etc... Leo Video on time management for how to implement these habits Thanks for reading Share your thoughts Here's the motivation for this post - hopefully it helps you do the shit you need to do too Godspeed & Take care with the Virus
  13. @Villager Albert I don't know if he is He didn't leave any clue that hes joking
  14. @Octafish Read this article - its interesting and is related to your topic https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/02/27/why-facts-dont-change-our-minds I generally think arguing with people is pointless You should win via your actions and not through your words Do what ever you need to do to get what you want
  15. @Soulbass ok
  16. @hyruga I'll look into it - thanks for the recommendation
  17. "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu The mind works like paths in a field, your mental grooves and thought process emerges similar to a trail. A trail gets made when a deer walks across it, in one particular path, the whole field is the same but the deer walks across one path, and that one paths grass is a little bit trampled on. So the next animal that goes by takes that same path, again, and it becomes a little bit more trampled and then over time you develop a trail, and this trail is what your thoughts are following over and over. This is similar to how your neurons work too, that once you get used to thinking in a particular cycle like your thoughts love going down that same pathway. Now the work of the self actualisiser is to develop and carve out new pathways across the field or woods. Now I'm going to use another metaphor When an author writes a screenplay, they will have one document where they pen the actual draft that holds the dialogue and scenes, this is the script. However, the writer almost always has a second document - one that often precedes the first. In this second document they have all their notes and ideas about the world the characters inhabit, what each character thinks, what their motivations are, and how those characters (and the world) will transform over the course of the story. This second document is the "script for the script". This script is the self image. So explaining metaphors hearing - the thought process is the pathway and the mind the field And the scene is the situation and the "script for the script" is the self image Now I'm going to go back to the Jack and Bob example I made in my first post I'm also going to link this great Leo video that goes into the self image I've timestamped the video for 03:47 seconds we Leo gets to the definition of self image Here is the video transcript https://www.actualized.org/articles/self-image "Self-image is a subconscious framework for you how you see life and yourself, and what you believe and what you think is true. This applies to reality and yourself. Every belief that you have is part of your self-image. What you think of yourself is the self-image, but also what you think is possible." This is why its so important, because All serious self work, stems from the self image If you want to achieve your goals, if you want to change your habits, you have to literally change yourself You do this through journaling and by embracing solitude Why is Bob so lazy, why does Bob not care about his health and fitness, or building himself mentally But Jack does Because of their self images Bob would literally have to transform as a man to change his life Quoting the post "Bob who comes home from his shitty job and says "today sucked, time to order some pizza, drink a six pack and watch some tv for the next few hours". " "Jack who comes home and says "I'm going to go straight to the gym, come back and make a healthy meal then catch up on reading and meditate for the next few hours"." For Bob to improve he would have to carve out new pathways through the field, which requires hard work, as it means going the difficult direction. Bob would have to operate on an entirely new script Why? Because Bob's self image, the underlying beliefs he holds about the world and himself are what ultimately cause him to think and act that way. So in this instance, Bob's script might contain beliefs like: "Drinking and television are great uses of my time" "Drinking and television are the greatest pleasure I have in my life" "It's not worth pursuing discipline or bigger goals, I can't do that and it would suck to try" "On the off chance I wanted to change, I can always do it later, no need to wear myself out right now" Its these beliefs that hold Bob back from being more like Jack. What Bob needs to do is change his self image, as the self image will change his habits naturally overtime, because that's how the mind operates. Going back to the deer trail metaphor. Once you change the self image you have fully changed as a man or as a woman. To do this I would define the man I want to be, and what I want. Linking back to the first post I made And then make a plan for achieving them Because, as you progress, you are literally carving slowly a new path, and with each milestone, you can't help but see yourself differently. You will change as a person. I would also Journal so you can better see who you are, and to observe your thought process E.g. Your mental grooves, or where the deer's walk through the forest etc... I would also practice daily affirmations to make a clearing through the grass. Repetition is a great way to get the mind to believe something Now all of these posts I've made today link to solitude, I'll make one last post on that and I'll be done for the day Now I don't really have many video links for this post, but I do this one Leo video which I think links in great with this topic - as what its really saying is how to make new mental paths, by finding the most dense greenery and foliage and beginning to walk through them If you have any ways of changing the self image e.g. Affirmations etc... Please tell them Thanks for reading - hope the post helped
  18. @BigDogRaven No problem buddy - hope its of use
  19. @hyruga Gotta change your habits man Spend most of your days in front of a screen It fucks up your head I recommend making a schedule or some sort of habit tracker and changing your routine
  20. @7thLetter No problem buddy, hope its of help I think most people crave social interactions, even those who are more introverted, we all want human connection, that's why your making this post We are social animals, just because your more introverted it won't change that Just make sure not to pigeonholed yourself as this one thing Personalities can change drastically Of course you think the Myers Briggs test describes you accurately But give it a few weeks and if you take the test and it give you a new type you'll think that accurately describes you Because all the types are just cool dudes - there is never a type that appears in bold saying YOUR A DICK Myers Briggs are built to seduce you into liking your type - that's how they get money out of you when you buy the full "analysis" I mean at the very start of the courtship make it fun Be with people, be doing fun stuff and invite her to join you And don't care if she does or if she doesn't Then if she joins you, then you can tell her that you're attracted to her E.g. after a few drinks then you can say something like "You are so fucking hot its insane" Try to make it funny and be entitled when you say it - have the balls to back it up - and assume shes attracted to you See now you've established that your attracted to her So you're not pretending to be her buddy Auspices just means you covertly playing the buddy, but you really want to fuck her Anyway, if you've done all that and succeeded she knows were you are coming from So if you invite her back to your place for whatever reason (come up with some ideas to inviting her back e.g. come see my dog, come smoke a joint etc...) she knows why, its not because you are buddy buddy See, but you didn't make it clear out of the gate - that way it seems organic Side Note - Never befriend a girl you are attracted to See this is where you fucked up buddy Read these two web pages Semen retention might be a good thing - I'm unsure But I am sure that porn is the cancer Because that is what fucks with you neuro chemistry and your male libido If you have to have a wank - no sexual thoughts - just sensation and as quick as you can like a savage just to get the poison out of your system So you can think clearly - but no porn ever - this isn't me being a sexual puritan - this is you sorting out your head And you got to be aiming for at least 90+ days to really see results https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/what-if-i-masturbate-edge-or-watch-porn-without-orgasm/ https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/what-if-i-masturbate-edge-or-watch-porn-without-orgasm/what-if-i-recondition-my-brain-by-watching-porn-without-masturbating/ Godluck
  21. @Thought Art Yeah, I think that book gets mentioned in the video, I haven’t read it yet buts it’s on my reading list I’ll be sure to check it out
  22. Here are some quotations about Solitude Anyone has any Quotes on Solitude please leave them in this thread Lock down is a blessing in disguise Take this time to readjust your mind before we have to go back to our day to day lives Exercise - Meditate - Read Several Hours each day 3 Hour Sit Quarantine Challenge I'm doing the challenge - Recommend other do the challenge as well May at some point make a post on the importance of solitude for self development Get some ideas from you Here's some Goggin's motivation Remember Don't use this time to fuck up your mind Godspeed
  23. @Light Lover Actually yeah your right They don't get horny Guess my premise is now fucked Never mind Side point I got an interesting fact Did you know women don't shit either They only poo bubblegum 100% true Girls are just sugar and spice and all things nice
  24. @Light Lover Hey man You know in a few days bitches are going to start getting horny and breaking out of quarantine You think some pussy bat disease is going to stop the human propensity towards breeding
  25. Also check this out - found it another post - trippy as fuck