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  1. @Preety_India I think all that person was trying to say, all be it poorly, is that you should exercise stoicism, and that your current troubles will only make you stronger Instead people take that and construe it in the worst possible way, to make this person seem like the devil Have some sympathy, do you really think this woman is blaming black people for there own discrimination or would blame rape victims for there own rape, of course not (hopefully, I don’t know this individual, but it seems unlikely) Cant people just exercise a bit more decency, instead of jumping to the worst possible interpretation of what someone says
  2. @karltiboleng Don't post anything that can be misconstrued negatively attached to your name because it will be, misconstrued negatively, you can’t talk or negotiate to a mob and it’s already difficult enough talking to an individual And considering everyone will will fully negatively misconstrue what you say I see no point in using social media, it’s a cesspool of self righteous idiots who always delude themselves to be the morally right and censor and demonise those who dabble a slight toe outside the Overton window
  3. @louhad Hopefully you’re right, I just tend to be more cynical and pessimistic than the average person Ill guess we’ll see
  4. @louhad Good luck reforming a bureaucracy, by its nature it’s immune to change, its better to tear it down and start anew But what ever serves the interest of humanity is what needs to be done, I don’t care how it’s done How are you going to do that? The masses hold power, only in terms of collective bargaining, and as all of history shows the masses are easily manipulated And the media machine and the bureaucracy inherent in the system will make it impossible to hold these people accountable, especially through reformation
  5. @louhad I agree 100%, but bureaucracy needs to be removed in order to achieve this Amen brother, that’s what I was pointing to
  6. @SerpaeTetra Make those numbers equal? How? And why equal? Also here’s the wiki page to household mean incomes divided by race https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_the_United_States_by_household_income Indian American: $105,000 Taiwanese American: $90,221 Filipino American: $84,620 Pakistani American: $80,389 Singaporean American: $79,852 Iranian American: $78,005 Japanese American: $77,504 Malaysian American: $72,827 Lebanese American: $75,337 Chinese American: $74,764 Sri Lankan American: $73,856 Indonesian American: $71,616 White American: $68,145
  7. Edgy Will the George Floyd protests spread throughout the world? I doubt it What would they be protesting throughout the world, the American police, what is your government going to do to stop America’s police, and why the sole focus on American police brutality, does George’s Floyd’s life have more importance as he’s an American Citizen than all the rest of the world that are subjugated by their corrupt despotic governments, where police brutality is the norm No, we don’t give a fuck when some poor man from the third world gets his head kicked in by the police
  8. @Freakyboo You know who’ll build the roads in a libertarian society - the people who build roads now You know who’ll pay for the roads in a libertarian society - the people that want to use roads All libertarianism does is take the middle man, which is government, out of the equation The idea that we can have supermarkets stocked with food, with no government master plan of tax redistribution to have these supermarkets, and that all the people working there are there of their own volition, but what freedom can’t do is build a flat place is fucking stupid Books have been wrote on the subject of how we can build roads in a libertarian society
  9. @Javfly33 Doing what?
  10. “All is fair in love and war” - John Lyly's Euphues I thought that quote above kinda applies to this topic. So heres a caveat anyway before I start, this is probably gonna be a long post as I write this, but I’ll try to keep it short. Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read. So I’ve seen regularly on this forum, and pretty much all over the internet the idea of the “red pill”. So first off here’s how I think is the red pill (if anyone’s got any different definitions share them). So originally the “red pill” comes from these guys who are called pick up artists or PUAs. And what PUAs are, is a bunch of guys who came together to learn basically how to get laid, and “pick up” a girl for casual sexual encounters. The main idea is that getting laid is basically a skill, as a woman is pretty much right off the bat sexually attractive to most men, where as, as a man, most women are not sexually attracted to you. So what PUAs do is to teach men how to become sexually attractive to women, basically to sell themselves to women, like the skill of learning to sell a car, to show that they’re high value, and that PUAs can teach a bunch of tricks that can help a man better his chances of getting laid. So this gave regular guys who have trouble with women hope, as by saying “hey listen, getting women isn’t just some inherent genetic gift that domes guys have and others don’t, getting girls isn't only about looks and money etc…, no, it’s a skill that you can learn”, . The hope this gave was to help, what PUAs called AFCs (average frustrated chumps) to become attractive to women, if they just learn the skills. What came from learning these skills were a series of concepts that PUAs created from their observations when trying to “game” these women, many of them are pseudo scientific, though some of there reasoning I don’t find faulty and find actually are backed by my own personal experiences with women and make perfect sense with my own understanding of evolutionary psychology (hence the point of this post). So as the PUAs started building these concepts and backing them in science etc… this then became the red pill, reading from this article linked here, the idea of the red pill comes from the matrix. https://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/internet/2017/02/reddit-the-red-pill-interview-how-misogyny-spreads-online “In practice, to “swallow the Red Pill” is to accept the uncomfortable truth about reality. The phrase comes from 1999’s hit film The Matrix, in which the protagonist Neo must choose between the Red Pill – which would allow him to escape the Matrix but see the real, darker world – and the Blue Pill – continued existence in his comfortable, but ultimately fake, life.” So the main idea of the red pill, is that there is this separation between most men who are deluded (the blue pilled) and the knowledgeable men (the red pilled). And that most men have been lured into false beliefs about the dynamics between men and women, not because these beliefs are true, but because, they instead serve the interest of society, for men and women to be deluded. For an example, the blue pill would be that men and women are blank slates from birth, that the only reasons that they’re are any differences in behaviour or cognition between men and women is sociologically not biological. Where as the red pill, would be the idea that they’re biological hard wired differences between men and women’s natures, because of evolutionary reasons, that make us act and think differently. Read this book if interested - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blank_Slate This I would say is the main “red pill”. But there are dozens of other ideas that stem from that, that help explain a lot of what’s current going on in society from a sort of anthropological perspective . Now what sprouts from the red pill are a bunch of different groups, such as -PUAs (pick you artists - guys who try to bang a bunch of women) -MRAs (men’s rights activists - I think this kinda fits into the red pill a little) -Incels (involuntary celibates - basically virgins) -MGTOWs (men going their own way - men who don’t associate with women) Etc… All these people to varying degrees take red pill info and draw different conclusions from it, I’m sure there are probs other groups, but these are the ones that I can think of right now of the top of my head. When I’m asking about if the red pill is true, I am not talking about any of these individual groups, but some of the overall concepts that unite them. These groups being united and sharing in common this fundamental red pill understanding, that questions widespread social norms, conventions and pre established ways of thinking. So recently I’ve went down an internet rabbit hole looking into these groups and what they believe on social media, YouTube etc… and a lot of what I listened to were pretty much things that I already knew, (some of the time - other times it was bullshit) but these guys kinda broke it down and systemised it, turning this stuff into a science. Now there’s a lot of stigma and controversy around the red pill, as they’re perceived as misogynists, bitter, womanisers etc… Now I’d definitely say a lot of that it true, but I think generally it’s unfair and is used as a way to dismiss these concepts, and addressing these people and their struggles. But as the quote taken from the article says, the red pill reveals a colder and darker world, that a lot of people don’t like as it can be seen as depressing, if all you life you had this one idea, and it turns out to be wrong. Do you think that are lies that we’re sold by culture about relations between men and women? If not why? And if you do believe there are lies than you basically accept the basic idea of the red pill, and then from there all these guys are trying to do is point out these lies, some people better than others. Anyway would like to hear some thoughts on this. Cheers
  11. @Arcangelo No buddy, you’re wrong, and would you care to elaborate, as to why I’m wrong The first use of the term red pill come from the PUA community, straight after the Matrix came out Some of the Red pill is true, some of it is bullshit, it depends on what you mean by red pill Hypergamy seems pretty logical to me
  12. @Preety_India First, good stuff, appreciate the long winded response, it’s probably gonna take me a while to chip through it but fuck it From my life experience, deductive reasoning and the evidence that has been presented to me, I have what I believe to be the truth And who are they? The fucking borg lol These guys aren’t a hive mind There a collection of different people which are united under the red pill really just because that’s what they identify as, the red pill is a very ambiguous term that many people see differently Who doesn’t like to fuck the occasional lamppost? Not gonna lie, reading this pissed me off lol So I’ve just come back after writing what I’ve written below and it’s quite a fucking lot, if I can’t be bothered to continue, I think there’s enough on the bone of whats beneath to set you rabid so I’ll probably come back tomorrow and respond to what you’ve written Social conditioning comes from society’s needs, “society was constructed for what men wanted”. Is that why dozens of young men throughout history have thrown away there lives in the meat grinder of war for there mothers, sister, daughters. Men love and die for there women and put there women above them, and that’s the expectation of men, to throw away there lives and go down with the ship to save the women, save there women even at the expense of fucking children in some cases. Here’s very simple biology that you should be able to grasp easily Ill start with an example When youre in the boys scouts, and you're being led through a rural wooded area, by some sort of authority figure/adult, for a day out. You will be told if you get lost from the group, to sit down and wait. Why? Because the group will realise that you're missing and retrace their foot steps to find you. If you instead panic and walk to try and find them, you may drift further away from them, you'll expel important energy. You might get lost more so. Women historically, for biological reasons, as they are more important for the promulgation of the species, have been more likely to be in a position were someone will come back and look for them. Men historically for biological reasons, as they are less important for the promulgation of the species, have been less likely to be in a position were someone will look for them. Why? Because for the continuation of the species men are less important than women. 50 Women + 50 Men = 50 Babies every nine months 50 Women + 1 Man = 50 Babies every nine months 1 Woman + 50 Men = 1 Baby every nine months So, continuing with the boy scout, lost in the woods scenario. Women will evolve through selection to be more dependent, collective, submissive etc... Men will evolve through selection to be more independent, individualist, dominant etc... As the woman will rely more on the group for survival. As the man will rely more on himself for survival. Now tell me what deductively is wrong with this logic? Don’t ignore this question, and isn’t it logical to assume from this, that this is the reason we have different traits and behaviours. You want to know the reason why we actually have social conditioning, culture and societies, because of our collective striving to fulfil our own biological imperatives, meaning what we perceive to be in our best interest from the primordial brain. This is where our values come from and why we impose on others certain rules as to maximise our own self interests. Time marked below is this video which links to the my point by Actualised.org. 50:20 time mark The prime self interest is passing on our genes aka the Darwinian imperative, that’s why we have society, it’s not some evil cabal for men’s benefit, and to believe that shows such terms utter ignorance and lack of human empathy to men that it is just gross, but really I don’t expect any better. And you know how you best insure you pass on genes, you prioritise women, and women delude themselves into believing that they’re not prioritised to make it just that much easier to insure that they remain that way. Women are more important for the continuation of the species than men, therefore every society has prioritised them throughout all of fucking history. And women collectively have evolved an innate solipsism and stockholm syndrome, where they will never grasp how men break their backs for their benefit. And men should never expect them to have empathy, because they’re in cable of giving it. “Women think in their hearts that the man business is to make money and it is hers to spend it” - Arthur Schopenhauer Theres a reason I asked you to do that experiment, because maybe you’d see the imposed social contract, and see that men by fucking far get a shitter deal, but no, somehow society is built for our benefit at the expense of yours. That disconnect from reality and the inherent entitlement that comes with that is disgusting. When I originally posted this I intended to only talk about the relational and sexual aspects of the red pill. That why I put it in this section. Not all of society but fuck it. You know why women collectively haven’t ran society ever, in all of human history, in every single country on the face of the earth. Why it’s always us evil men that do everything solely for our benefit and at the expense of yours. Because women are in cable of running society. They lack the testicular fortitude, no matter how much fish bicycle and karate cop girl you’ll never, reach the standard of men. “If civilisation had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts” - Camille Paglia Heres a link to a webpage on Vervent monkeys, if you’re still reading and not frothing at the mouth https://phys.org/news/2016-11-female-monkeys-wile-rally-troops.html Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said. As in humans, it turns out, social incentives can be just as big a driver for male monkeys to go to war as the resources they stand to gain from fighting, whether it be territory or food. "Ours is the first study to demonstrate that any non-human species use manipulative tactics, such as punishment or rewards, to promote participation in intergroup fights," study co-author Jean Arseneau, a primate specialist of the University of Zurich, told AFP. It's all about sex, the researchers believe. "Receiving punishment" for not taking part in battles "could damage the... male's social relationship(s)" with females in the group, the researchers wrote. Now why don't female vervet monkeys fight themselves? Because female vervet monkeys are the weaker sex, given sexual dimorphism because of this basic divergence of sexual importance to who is more important in promulgation. Why do female monkeys use sex and affection as rewards to combative monkeys? Because a female monkeys primary asset is her sexuality to other male monkeys. Because the way a male monkey best fulfils his mating strategy is via capitulation to the females. Women are the selectors and men are the selected. Men compete for women. Ans that competition keeps the gears of society turning. But it’s all for women, because there more important to keep this shit show in motion, if you think the vervent monkeys are stupid example here’s a human comparison, a comparison that clearly shows how us evil men made society to oppress the sugar and spice all things nice women. The white feather campaign, where women and feminists would go up to any man not in uniform and hand them a white feather of cowardice. Many of these men who were given the white feather of cowardice and could not enlist killed themselves from the shame, such as men who could not join the war for their disabilities committed suicide for example. Young men collectively shamed by women into going to die, be mutilated and gassed in trenches and foxholes for years. Side note - even the men who could enlist and were shamed into in a sense were too committing suicide by joining a senseless war. Here is an article below relating to this https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/nov/11/first-world-war-white-feather-cowardice Now why is this, because from a biological standpoint, for man to best fulfil his mating strategy, he needed to, like the vervet monkey, maintain high social standing to have receptive mates. He did this via capitulating to women's demands to kill threats and to gather resources. Because as mentioned previously, women are the selectors and men are the selected. This reminds me of a study which shows men's brains are shown to prioritise sex over food. https://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/health-features/revealed-is-a-mans-brain-programmed-to-prefer-sex-or-food-34111684.html This most likely being because males who had higher sex drives and were more willing to prioritise sex over other needs were more likely to copulate and pass on those similar genes. "Man strives in everything for a direct domination over things, either by comprehending or by subduing them. But woman is everywhere and always relegated to a merely indirect domination, which is achieved by means of man, who is consequently the only thing she has to dominate directly." - Arthur Schopenhauer Women are along for the ride, men are in the drivers seat, but where driving where women want to go. Not for fucking men, that’s why some men have a low opinion of women, because they don’t deserve our respect, you’re not entitled to our respect, men intuitively know that they’re not entiltled to respect, that’s why they earn it, I respect people on an individual level, person to person, you don’t automatically get a high opinion because you have a cu** In dare you to endure the remaining minutes of this youtube video, I doubt that you can Well I’m done with this shit today, it’s 11pm and I got shit to do tomorrow, when I get an opportunity tomorrow I’ll respond to what you’ve previously written
  13. @ajasatya I’m not saying necessarily to disrespect women, what I was saying is women don’t find you respecting them to be sexy, and they do find disrespect to be sexy. If you feel horrible doing it, then you’re not actually an asshole, so you weren’t genuine. You were playing a character of the asshole, you weren’t actually an asshole. There’s a Freudian theory of state transference, that most communication is not just via language but it also involves your emotional state. That’s why if two guys approach a girl both with the same pick up line, but ones shy and ones confident. Who do you thinks gonna get the better reaction? Women are built to smell out men are bullshitting them, and the entire idea of the creep is when there bullshit detectors go of. Women are much better at state transference than men, and women are much better in finding out who you really are and cutting through the bullshit. If it wasn’t genuine women probably found that out, so didn’t take you seriously. The only ones that did were already the ones that had a low self esteem and ego, which was easy to prey on because they were already in a weaker state. Dont behave like a dickhead, become a dickhead. But I’m not saying be a dickhead, unless you want to fuck lots of beautiful young women. If instead you want a monogamous relationship, you can’t be constantly be playing mind games with her. A woman’s quality is a reflection of a mans quality. I recommend being a dickhead for those who want lots of meaningless sex with young women. Yeah, probably cause you weren’t bullshitting them anymore, women hate bullshiters. If you were actually an asshole you probs would of had better results. Good stuff buddy ? Hope that marriage stuff works out We shall see
  14. @ajasatya People struggle to tell the difference between arrogance and confidence and to quote Henry the Fifth “Self-love is not so great a sin as self-neglect.”
  15. @ajasatya We perceive some people to have higher status and be more desirable and in a twisted way even fundamentally better than others Im not saying with better or worse in terms of a persons humanity. But do we collectively treat celebrities on par with the homeless, no of course we don’t, should we? Maybe No, it doesn’t happen to men, this only happens to women Its true that people desire what they can’t have, but men aren’t attracted to women that treat them like shit because they treat them like shit Because men and women have different instincts You may find this fact offensive but women are weaker than men, and on a primitive level seek men to protect them So as you said, if a mans an asshole, what does that do, it triggers in a woman’s hind brain a threat to her survival, which then triggers her instinct to seek a male for protection, how does a woman persuade men to protect them? Ill leave that up to you to figure out And who’s gonna be that man that she “persuades” to protect her, the asshole of course Respecting a woman isn’t going to trigger that primordial reaction Obviously this doesn’t work if you want a stable relationship, constantly treating your woman like dirt because they grow tired of the constant anxiety The flip side example of this would be to imagine a rich ugly man, who has a beautiful gold digging girlfriend who uses him for his money. Eventually the sex will become stale (which was the gold diggers only asset) and the man will break up the relationship. I wasnt saying that you need to be an asshole/dickhead to have a relationship, in fact it works against a long term relationship. But respect is definitely not sexy to a woman, disrespect is much more. The reason men don’t find disrespect from a woman attractive is because our survival isn’t threatened if we don’t have a woman in our lives, because we don’t need women to protect us, in fact, disrespect from a woman is unattractive to men.
  16. @h inandout Sorry to hear that No offence, I believe its the role of the father not the mother to give her daughter a positive male role model in her life, so that his daughter knows what to accept and not accept in men, thats why they call it daddy issues Is it everyone else that is wrong or is it you? When does it become your responsibility for what you tolerate in a relationship and not the lack of awesome men, but people aren't awesome, most people are mediocre, birds of a feather flock together, quality attracts quality, shit attracts flies Good luck with that I think thats what the red pill can do, to help create awesome young men who now how to tune the nosel so to speak Before you enter into a relationship, especially the most intimate relationships, you have to have some level of self respect so you know what you will and won't tolerate Lol - Scott Pilgrim seems like a terrible example for this, the guys like a dog jumping through flaming hoops for some girls mild amusement as she toys with him throughout the whole movie, in the end he fucks of with that other asian girl anyways, to be fair I havent seen that movie in years so maybe I'm wrong
  17. @h inandout I believe that a man that does not respect a woman is subtly communicating to that woman that he is better than her A man that is respectful to a woman is at the very least presenting himself as her equal Women don’t want a man who is there equal, they want a man who is there better That’s why they are sexually attracted to and fuck dickheads because those men are showing that they have options, that they are confident and they are better than them
  18. @Roy The red pill doesn’t have to come from a place of bias and selfishness, but tell what group that has any popularity that doesn’t? Yeah I agree 100% Its really comes back to dunning kruger Yeah, and you’re not any less of a man for acknowledging that we’re lied to, and that the truth is uncomfortable There’s a Nietzsche quote along the lines of ”In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” The moment a bunch of ideas turn into an ideology is usually the minute it becomes goofy Amen
  19. @h inandout I try to, I don’t understand why people aren’t willing to engage any ideas I take the truth seriously (kinda) Hunter S Thompson said “Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex“ Respect is sexy sounds like bullshit to me Many women find men sexy that don’t respect them Respect is sexy just sounds like the right thing to say
  20. @Hello from Russia What exactly about red pill is “vomit” Also if you look into the history of the “red pill” you’ll find that it originated from PUA and books like Mystery Method and The Game by Neil Strauss I believe if you the wrong impression of the red pill, definitely some of them are victims, but the red pill is a very large encapsulating group. I think that you’re the one that’s mistaken. I’ll check the link out later, I already know about Casanova
  21. @tenta Lol no PUA is going to disagree with you ”Hey, listen he kid, to get the girls you got to be ugly, fat, have big flaws in your looks, especially your face, and you got to be a friendless loser, trust me kid, that’s the best way to get duh girls”
  22. @tenta PUA advice literally covers that as Social Proof And obviously being better looking and not having flaws is beneficial A lot of PUA advice is sound You haven’t said anything specific that is false, so what specifically do you disagree with?
  23. @Preety_India If you want to know where I’m coming from when I think of the red pill watch that “do the work” video I just linked above, it explains things quite well
  24. @Preety_India No, the science they speak off is widely accepted by the scientific community, basic biology, evolution, psychology, endocrinology etc... It’s not just a bunch of guys anecdotes, but when you take the anecdotes of 100s of thousands of men you begin to find patterns that aren’t just the result of low quality men, but if human nature, that can be recognised, understood, and systemised This paragraph I found funny for a lot of reasons, mainly because a lot of the red pill men that I listen to are always on about working harder and becoming a bigger and badder motherfucker e.g. I can find you tonnes of masculine, intelligent and decent men, who are in no way bitter and in no way can’t get women, who obsess over constant change and actualisation to develop themselves into better men God made us perfect, I don’t know that depends on your perspective I obviously believe in working on yourself and you be in no way bitter or resentful and should take personally responsibility for your own position in life, I lot of red pill ideology is about that I dont the red pill is garbage, although a lot of it is, and I wouldn’t consider it lies because it’s not conscious manipulation by the men who are wrong. The matrix analogy is just a good metaphor that was used straight after the movie came out, there is no cabal of secret red pill men who came up with the term because they’re new agers. “Most dangerous philosophy in the world“ lol Not radical Islamism, not national socialism, no The red pill lol That hyperbole say a lot more about you than it does about these men your lambasting The red pill is simply the truth, what you do with that is up to you