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  1. @DrewNows Nice video but she didn't clarify how do you distinguish getting love from someone as opposed to someone just being egotistical. I am all about receiving love but first i need to spot it.
  2. @Zigzag Idiot Thanks man! Finally someone reads my whole post & replies with compassion and understanding.
  3. @now is forever I totally agree with you. Nor did i say the hallucinations were true (in case you imply that),
  4. @Shadowraix Maybe that's it . I don't know . I remember having crazy "delusions" while tripping.
  5. @Shadowraix Only once i had this problem (privacy about drugs etc). Nobody bothers me in my room.
  6. @SFRL Personally my father is never at home. & my mom works most of the day. She takes care of myself & doesn't want to be alone at home & girlfriends is something i despise. Leaving my family to live with another family (gf,kids)? No. There is no reason to torture myself just yet. You have your own standards & i respect that but not everyone can be like you.
  7. @SFRL I don't care about getting laid at least for this year. If i was to be living alone at this moment of my life i wouldn't have much time for self-developing because i would be constantly worried /working on my survival. Either way one day i will be forced to live alone but for now i take advantage of the situtation. I believe i am self-developing at my own pace. I understand your point of view though. Being able to survive & take care of yourself is very very important & definetely one day i want to be on my own but i don't see the reason to hurry. Nor do i want to find girls. If i was to live alone i would probably rent a small hole that i would be embarassed to invite someone or a chick inside. I don't know where you live. Here in Greece most people my age & older live with their parents. It's not an excuse though.You can survive on your own but it is extremely hard for most people when they barely get their needs met.
  8. @SFRL Why not? I spend less money this way. I don't have to worry about cooking or washing my clothes. Plus i enjoy hanging out with my mother.
  9. When i go outside for a walk & a girl doesn't even notice me/look at me many times i get annoyed & pissed off. It happens only with women i find attractive. Why do i get annoyed so much? & What can i do to stop caring? -Thanks.
  10. @John Iverson I have dealt with it. Maybe not enough though. I just want to understand why did i do it. I have accepted it now. But i am curious.
  11. @David Hammond I have done it. They all said that they made tattos of symbols that mean a lot to them. Still though i couldn't penetrate more deeply as to Why they did it...
  12. @Farnaby I do the above you said a LOT & definetely i have to stop it. I try to stop it but it's very very powerful to resist. Sometimes i am succesful at it, other times i give in the ruminations/compulsions... Thanks.
  13. @Salvijus Do you have any source you can link so that i can visit & learn an effective form of yoga that will help me with my sexual abstinence/nofap journey? I see many things on the internet that i don't trust (Too many videos/articles).
  14. @jbram2002 I agree & that's why i want to understand why they do it. (tattoos)
  15. @Salvijus What should i Practice then to dissolve the compulsions? Buy Crash course of inner engineering? I need something practical.
  16. @ivory I am not denying/suppresing or avoiding anything. Having sex/masturbating is overrated. It gives you a temporary pleasure & then you want to do it all over again. It never truly satisfies me. I just want to transcend it & be able to control it much better so it doesn't run my life. Also i want to accomplish 1 year of nofap/no sex because i notice tremendous benefits with semen retention. The positive effects are so big that it's not even funny.
  17. @Aeris Should i become a monk? I don't want to yet...
  18. @Leo Gura Lol What can i practice to overcome sex?
  19. @Salvijus Ok so if i practice nofap for years is it safe & in my "biology" / "normal"? I ask because i am serious about doing at least 1 year nofap/no sex. It's a goal of mine. I notice very positive effects when i am on nofap mode. Only side effect is i get very horny after few weeks BUT even when i have sex or fap the lust never goes away.
  20. @Salvijus After many days of nofap i ejaculate in my sleep while dreaming.
  21. @Farnaby How can i work on my self-esteem?