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  1. @Shin It is important to not to project also. I don't care about eating icecream yet at the same time i would eat 10 pounds of icecream if it wasn't for my higher values. The ego wants/cares about all kinds of things but everyone decides what is best for themselves.
  2. @Omni Open your mind a bit, give other things a shot without judging yourself for trying, rigidity is not the answer and suffering comes from resistance.
  3. Day 30: One Month On. Today my penis started emmiting a very pleasant sexually arousing odor. Only problem is that this smell makes me wanna eat my own dick lol & makes me horny. Anyways after One Month of NoFap things have dramatically improved for the better. My workload has doubled. I don't know how the 2nd month will go or if i am even gonna make it to the end of second month. I may quit anytime. It's extremely tough. This thing is a LOT more difficult than i initiallyt anticipated. It really pushes me to the limits. It is not for everyone. If it was easy everyone would do it.
  4. @Hans My anxiety is caused because i am generally an overly anxious person. Just 2 months of no fap/no sex will convice anyone about the mind-blowing benefits.
  5. @whoareyou You are attached to beliefs aswell. Why should i learn to attract women? Isn't that a cultural biased belief of yours? What if someone doesn't want to attact women. Be honest.
  6. @whoareyou I have great relationships with people and i attact women. You project a lot of stuff buddy. I don't know anyone who becomes enlightned through sexual practices. Is it extremely difficult to do so. Your mind will be thinking about them sugar walls all the time . Even the most hardcore monks have said it that if you are super serious about this you can't mess around fking women. I can't find a quote now but i even think Dalai Lama said " i don't know anyone who becomes liberated through these sexual practices". Anyways i guess it is possible but since i have tasted sugar walls before i know how much attached i become. Obviously noone wants give up sex because they are chimps so they are trying to find spiritual ways to have their sexual apetites fullfilled. With your logic all these monks who are celibate they just can't form relationships with women so this is why they become celibate lol.
  7. I get the sense that asking questions is the same thing as contemplation. Right?
  8. Who said that Leo doesn't like meditation anymore? I bet he still meditates. Also he told people to continue their meditation practice. Meditation has no risks unlike psychedlics. And not everyone wants to be awakened to the maximum degree.
  9. @Preetom I disagree . People underestimate the power of no fap. Refraining from ejaculation ALONE builds character and creates idenity level changes if done for a long time. Noone can just stop refraining from ejaculation and remain the same. You are forced to build new coping mechanisms. You are forced to change or go back to your old chimp ways. Spiritual growth can be also a byproduct of No fap. I get your point though.
  10. @noselfnofun Noone can become a Buddha while commited to an intimate relationship. You will get attached no matter what. It is no surprise that the most developed people were celibates. Buddha, Tesla, Christ, Newton etc.
  11. @Preetom How is not jerking off your pennis hollow? Nofap = Celibacy for me.
  12. I get ridiculous from most people here. If you don't have a serious answer and all you do is waste your sexual energy please don't waste my time with ridiculous answers. Go fk women and masturbate all you want. I am on a different path. Respect that .
  13. @UDT Are you serious? I dont wanna fuck women nor do i care about being an alpha male chimp.
  14. At 8 minutes and 30 seconds of this video, Leo talks about existing as every single possible decision point of his life simultaneously. Leo is this still valid? Or not? Do i exist as every single possibility of my life? This is EPIC if it is the case and implies Parallel Universes i guess.
  15. @ajasatya Thanks ,i will have to contemplate that one. Anyways most people are screwed mentally. If someone finds my physical appearance funny i can't change that. I just want to not care about idiots like that.
  16. So i have been hearing from Leo how people have a self-image. Even a Spiritual self-image. And i get the sense like this has some sort of negative connotation from the way Leo talks about it. Is it wrong to have a self-image? What self-image "Should' we have? I'm confused... Can anyone give an explanation? - Thanks .
  17. @Leo Gura Thanks for your time. I am willing to surrender to be honest. I am tired already of my egoic problems. So much delusion, pain and suffering.
  18. @Preetom Why is it a fallacy? Why can't i as God create whatever i want? That fantasy of mine lets say. I also watch Rupert Spira. But i am tired of theory already. Can't understand these things with theory. Need some more awakening experiences. Gotta buy shrooms again i guess.
  19. @Leo Gura So much goddamn work Leo. If i was God (i don't say that i am not) i would first & firemost know that i am God and then create whatever i want for myself. Total Paradise. I would be in a beach alone with 100.000 beautiful women, whatever food & luxury i wanted & that's it. Why God is such a masochist? That fantasy of mine could be theoretically accomplished by a God who has Infinite power at his disposal. It sucks being God but not feeling like you are one lol. It sucks dreaming realities without knowing that you are doing so. So much suffering for nothing.
  20. @Leo Gura What self-image do you have Leo? Is it even possible to Not have a self-image?
  21. @Serotoninluv It was the latter. I knew it conceptually BUT still i couldn't disidentify with my thoughts & emotions. Mind started getting anxious & thinking things like "what if there is something wrong w/ me etc.". Very annoying. I just wanted to get revenge on this guy so maybe i can get rid of the awful feelings. Very irrational i know. I don't like getting doubtful about myself because of others.
  22. @Shin Nice. What's the main difference between loving kindness meditation & the long meditation? Also what technique do you use in general? I just observe the breath .
  23. How much do you meditate per day?
  24. @Shin Thanks for the support man!! Life is hard for everybody.