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  1. @NoSelfSelf I am not trying to understand it logically. I have tried to understand it with observation. I have concluded somehwere but still i am not sure & want to go deeper. Maybe i deluded myself. I always have that on the back of my mind. Would like to listen others people conclusions aswell.
  2. What is the logic behind all of this? Why not just focus on a single point or just focus on the entire sensation of your body?
  3. I am a limited finite human being & i can understand that someone has to wear my shoes. But i am also Everything. Will there be a point in the Universe where i will just become everything & stop being finite? I mean that i am tired of being aware only of this small stupid self. I wanna become aware of everything. I want to become INFINITE!! I am sick & tired of being finite . Doesn't feel like GOD. I just wanna be God proper. Am i asking too much?? It should be my birthright as GOD.
  4. @Kensho The existential crisis is an excuse for what? I am genuinely curious about the Truth. Leo is responsible for infecting me with that virus lol. I don't expect the Truth to save me or anything. It might even destroy me. It has caused problems in my life already. Pursuing Truth nowadays makes you look like a lunatic. Yup i definetely need a big change in my life & mentality. I hate suffering, pain, some groups of people. I enjoy life but at the same time i deny many aspects of reality which cause me a great deal of suffering. Many things which my limited mind can't understand, accept & love. Sleep is the best thing for me. I love it more than anything in existence. No worries, nothing, you just surrender & it takes you all the ride home.
  5. I don't get it. You make a dinstinction between awareness & focus. How can i be aware only of the tip of the nose & at the same time be aware of the rest of the sensory experience? It doesn't compute to me.
  6. @khalifa That is NOT my experience with low dose of shrooms.
  7. @Inliytened1 I realised that i am a hologram with the help of psilocybin. I no longer believe in the materialist paradigm & don't hold science as the absolute truth. To be honest what i can't stomach is that i may have to live forever or that non existence doesn't exist... I always liked the idea of non-existence. It wouid be better than sleep & i love sleep more than anything.
  8. Ok let's say that i die and i return to infinite nothingness from which i came from. Will i be conscious of infinite nothingess? It sounds like non-existence but you said non-existence is just a concept which exists...
  9. @Aakash You can escape your finite form (according to gurus) & it is always on autopilot. Your thoughts are on autopilot. How come your thoughts are not on autopilot? Explain please. My experience is that EVERYTHING i do , think , etc is on autopilot. Who is controlling it? Nobody. I still haven't found a BEING who is controlling my body.
  10. @inFlow Man this is very inspiring to hear & i definetely will start yoga in the future. I really wanna find out what it's all about. I just feel resistance because of fear not being able to learn proper yoga from a book. But i will just do it...
  11. @Leo Gura Because Joe Rogan is an average - low consciousness guy & full of sh*t, that's why. He even took lightly the fact that Conor McGregor slaps ppl left & right just because he has millions of dollars.
  12. @inFlow Very interesting... Where did you learn those newbie techniques? What resources do you use in order to learn yoga? My problem is that i don't know how to get started with yoga. Please send me some links & i will start doing yoga as well.
  13. Check this video --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlzXhiQa4mk Sadhguru claims that we have 5 different kind of bodies. After DEATH The mental body and the pranic body goes on & when karma's intensity dissipates then it finds another body. Ofcourse i don't understand ANY of that BUT i think it goes contrary to what @Leo Gura is saying. Leo says that after death you just return to the Source & Infinite Love. Sadhguru says that unless you have a mahasamadhi then you will be a godamn ghost waiting for another body...And if you died unaturally then sorry my friend but you will have to wait much longer for another body than someone who died peacefully lol. What is the mental body & pranic body? Is just another name for consciousness? I'm super confused right now... Guess i'll find out when my time comes.... Can't wait man.
  14. @inFlow Meditation is king for me BUT i wanna learn yoga in the future for sure.
  15. I hope you make a video on reincarnation & Karma someday. Let's say that i kill 10 people and die in jail. Will my next life be hellish? Or let's say that i do very good in the world and help millions of people. Will my next life be an evolution of that? BUT All this talk that you are reborn to learn lesson from previous lifetimes doesn't make sense to me since the subject is One.
  16. @Jed Vassallo I have watched MOST of Leo's videos and he has NEVER addresed this issue as far as i am concerned. He only said that you will live an infinite number of lifes.
  17. Leo, why do you say that Truth is not knowing when with Enlightment you attain understanding & knowledge of the Truth? It sounds like a contradiction..
  18. I never understood why people "make" tattoos neither i was ever interested making one myself. I like seeing them in other people though if it's a good art work. Why do some people feel compelled to have tattos all over their body? What are the mechanics behind this behaviour? I don't understand why some people have tattoos all over their body for example.
  19. Ok so today i was walking down the street with my family & while we were crossing the intersection a typical stage orange guy inside his car looked at me with an ironic smirk on his face. I got really pissed off and upset afterwards and it ruined my whole walk. I regret for not saying something ugly to him. Why do i get so upset over an idiot? I cant understand him bc i dont ever ridicule ppl . Why do some ppl enjoy making fun of others?
  20. How Do You Distinguish Truth from Delusion when Tripping on Psychedelics? When i am tripping everything feels so real and truthful but afterwards i start questioning many things and also oberve some delusions. This has made me doubtful about the psychedelic spiritual path . Any insights would be highly appreciated.
  21. How do you distinguish between Truth and Delusion while sober & also while tripping.
  22. This was actually my 2nd day in a row taking mushrooms so i decided to take a large dose (75g). Made a tea out of it and added sugar & lemon. I wanted to find out an answer about something that happened in the past but i can't quite clearly remember it. While tripping i got an answer but afterwards i began questioning that answer and ended up in the same of place of not knowing as before. That sucked! While tripping i got in a dual state of awareness. My body became indistinct from my desktop, my chair, the walls and the entire room. That was cool. Also i felt like i am Leo, i am Actualized.org , i am Newton, I am Einstein , i am Hawking & everybody else who ever lived. I can't tell now if this was a delusion or had any "reality" behind it. Also i felt like i have access to infinite intelligence & that is inevitable that i will suffer. Furthermore i became quite delusional entertaining some crazy ideas which are not true..Like that everyone else knows secretly that i am God and this is all a play... Maybe i couldn't distinguish my thoughts from reality while tripping. Anyways it was a great experience. But at this point i don't know if i can trust mushrooms anymore.. I have used them several times before. Sometimes i feel like they get me connected to Truth and othertimes i feel like they connect me to utter Delusion. I'm kinda dissapointed to be bonest as much as i love shrooms.