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  1. Ok so God reincarnates until it reaches nirvana, then gets bored & repeats.Plus every child of God will finally reach nirvana. Now my question is as follow: Lets say i am the child that reaches Nirvana first. And Hitler at the same time is struggling to reach Nirvana as well. So while I have finally reached Nirvana, at the same time i am Hitler strugglng to reach Nirvana? Hope this makes sense.... @Leo Gura
  2. @Anderz If everything is happening in the now moment then "the future" is already being experienced simultaneously with the "past". Time doesn't exist. Consciousness doesn't need to obey the arrow of time. The numbers that already have been counted didn't go anywhere. They still exist in the now. Everything (past & future) already exists all at once. Infinity just is. Everything has already happened in a sense. That's my understanding so far. Maybe i'm wrong.
  3. @Anderz Yes maybe... But at the same time (assuming there in only Now & everything happens simultaneously) you are already living in the past, future & "present" at the SAME EXACT "Time" of every possible configuration of life.
  4. @Inliytened1 I always thought that there was no plan, no purpose. Even Martin Ball who has taken crazy amounts of 5-MeO supported this claim in his interview with @Leo Gura Is Martin Ball full of s**t then? I'm confused...
  5. @Anderz Are you a Christian who also integrates non-duality?
  6. @Leo Gura Leo, if I awaken in this lifetime, what would my next lifetime would be like ? Or won't there be any lifetime after awakening? Is it even worth the effort. Hope you can reply this aswell. Btw Thank you for the time!!
  7. @Leo Gura When you say that all children of God will reach Nirvana you simply mean about the realisation of Nirvana in our present mundane petty human lifes? All i want is just to become formless again and stay like that forever . Not have to suffer through all this misery, pain ,egotism, delusion, "bad" disgusting people all around me , deep wounds and etc. Yeah i know it sounds very ignorant of me and it comes from a place of ego. From the moment i can remember myself i always wanted simply to not exist as anything in particular. If Nirvana is as close to that then i want it. It is very tiring to be someone. Deep Sleep is my favourite thing in the whole world. Just nothing. Not having to worry about anything or anyone. I love it!
  8. @Anderz How do you know that multiple timelinees, several personal lifetimes, time travel and etc are delusions? What makes you so sure. This seems more like an assumption... Btw i highly doubt that we will reach eternal life here on earth...
  9. @Inliytened1 Very impressive! Only with psychedlics i had the chance to experience infinity.
  10. @Inliytened1 How did you get direct experience of Infinity? Which method(s) did you use?
  11. @Truth Addict I hope Leo is not manipulating us. He is a smart guy & knows a LOT about marketing. Marketing is all about manipulation & beautiful lies. Anyways he is the best thing i have found on YouTube. Glad i found him but many times i get suspicious. Even with psychedlics & 5-meo we don't really know the long term effects. I have deluded myself once big-time while on mushrooms & other times i think it was "real", "truthful" experience.
  12. @Inliytened1 Why isn't it an experience?? After all, all we have & know in our lifes are just experiences... Can someone please elaborate?
  13. @Preetom Few years ago i was a convinced atheist & totally bough into the scientific materialistic paradigm. Then i started believing more into spiritual things. Nowadays i don't trust neither science or spirituality.This means that i don't hold them as dogmas until i can verify for myself. The possibility of delusion is huge. Scientists disagree, politicians disagree, Spiritual leaders disagree, books disagree etc. I had a mind-blowing absolute infinity experience with LSD one year before but what has remained now is just concepts & maybe i was just deluding myself on that trip. I remember that everything made sense though and i was screaming "How is this possible, how is this possible?" LOL. I need more direct experience. Mystery is a good thing. If we knew everything there would be no point. It's emotionally difficult dropping all your beliefs. Most people think they have figured out life. This gives them a sense of comfort. The scientist believes after he dies nothing will happen. The religious person believes he will go to heaver and etc.
  14. @ajasatya If you do the work you will probably get healed. Some people have even managed to heal/overcome their PTSD. Sure genes affect me but many things i can still change... I don't subscribe to the limiting belief of genes determing everything about me. You sound too pessimistic but maybe you are right... Suffering is a part of this game. Anyways i won't let what my grandparents did define who i am today. I am the creator of my life .
  15. @ajasatya I don't understand. Why if i kill my wife, my grandchildren will be affected?? Doesnt't make sense. Why my grandchildren have to suffer because of me, because of my actions? This sounds very depressing...
  16. The last week i built a habit of going outside everyday in Nature with a pen and a journal. I sit somewhere alone and i contemplate about my psychological issues. Questions like "Why do i care about peoples opinion?" - "Why do i overeat?" and other stuff that bothers me. I was very much surprised to end up with unexpected answers that i didn't even think/imagine before. A lot of it stems from my childhood and culture programming. Things that i didn't even consider/realise ever before in my life!! Anyways the potential of contemplation is HUGE. This week alone i got more clarity about myself than i did the last year alone. Stuff that bothered me for years now suddenly doesn't. I am mind-blown. I guess this is what psychotherapy does. Just knowing a bunch of concepts does not help you. Most people nowadays know a bunch of stuff & still they are underdeveloped and dysfunctional. You gotta DO THE WORK otherwise your DON'T CHANGE. 1% THEORY 99% WORK. Theory alone DOES not change you.
  17. @Serotoninluv Certainly will do that. Already doing it to a smaller degree though.
  18. @Recursoinominado @dinone @mmKay @Serotoninluv Thank you! I wish people were nicer to each other, encouraging each other more in our daily "real word" lifes. Too much unconsciousness and egotism (at least where i live). This forum is a very good place.
  19. I'm getting sick & tired of Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange... Today i did contemplate outside in Nature & i realised that this neurotic desire to be the best at what i do was imprinted to me by society & is not what my authentic self really wants. I just want to be the best version of myself & have Peace of Mind first and foremost! I don't care no more being better than other egos. It is really draining me psychologically all this comparing BS. Why all the ego want to be the best? What are the mechanics behind this neurotic behaviour? From my observations being the best does not make you any more ore less happy. It is a distraction.
  20. @Anna1 Yes you are right. For me clinging to being the best or clinging being the worst is the same neurotic behaviour. The ego wants to feel special in both ocassions.
  21. @universe I see everywhere around me people who have more that they can ask for in terms of survival and still they are never satisfied. If you have 10 million dollars then the ego-mind will want to compete with those who have billions of dollars. You have a 100.000 subscribers? Now you want 1 million subscribers. You are champion in your sport? Now you want to be remembered as the best ever, you care about your fictitious legacy. If you have a nice body, then you take steroids to compete with those are more gifted than you. If you have a nice wife, still you wanna bang other women. It is never enough for the ego. Never.