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  1. @Leo Gura I certainly believe you can provide bigger value, but still there are systemic limits. I highly doubt everyone who tries hard and is capable can become wealthy. Becoming wealthy is a lot of matter of luck in my eyes. You go into the right industry at the right time , at the right country, at the right economy etc. I certainly can become more conscious and knowledgable and skillful. But physical wealth is much trickier and thats what women mostly care about . The Christ example is misinterpeted. Imagine that you are as conscious as Ramana Maharshi but dirt poor. You don't even care about wealth anymore. And then on the other hand you have some underdeveloped very very low consciousness narcissistic rock star. Guess who the ladies are gonna choose almost every time. This explains why we have so many low consciousness people on this planet. Women need to start taking responsibility This natural selection goes against the most conscious guys and favors the biggest scums.
  2. @Carl-Richard Evolution's metaphysics is that basically the reason why a turtle ended up with a shell is not because of God's intentions or Intelligence. But merely because of some accidental/random forces and variants. Then these variants survived because they were favorable for survival. Evolution tries to dismiss the idea that things are the way they are because of Intelligence, which i find laughable. This is false. Natural selection still doesn't explain how everything can end up like it has. Their fundamental metaphysical explanation is some blind luck.
  3. @puporing He is a good contrast to other academics who are full of crap . Jordan BS Peterson comes to mind.
  4. @Fernanda Lets see how much this high status guys will appreciate your beauty 10-20 years from now or even few months from now when he gets bored with you. Then the lies and excuses will begin for why he can't spend more time with you. Most of these type of guys cheat their wives like crazy. Every woman almost want them.They don't find you beautiful for too long. Its really hard to compete these days. Find me a super wealthy person who doesn't cheat his wife and doesn't have escorts/prostitutes and i'll be very impressed. Sure they exist but they are the 1% of 1%. A guy can have the most beautiful female in the world, and still cheat and get bored with her.
  5. @LSD-Rumi ahahahahahaha true story bro
  6. @something_else I disagree. This sounds like some of Peterson's strawman arguements. Its hard to have a big status when most of the wealth is in the hands of the few. Most are stuck because of the system. Imagine if you were born a peasant in medieval times. How would you feel when you saw the lord having all the best females? Lol You would understandably feel anger. Most men find it repugnant when a female chooses a narcissitic entitled prick who his parents happened to be millionaires over a more conscious and more developed human being. When i see women , picking less conscious men over unconscious men who have tons of resources, yes i find it repugnant , even though i understand they can't really help themselves very much. Its an evolved survival variant.
  7. @LSD-Rumi Yes there are no guarantees but it surely greatly increases the chances. I agree with the last part. I try to do the best i can. Do your best and let God take care of the rest.
  8. @Chives99 This is true. It has been studied that wealthy people on average tend to have less empathy and feel more entitled than the little people. A wealthy person is less likely to stop his car and let you pass a road for example. The ego mind feels like it deserves its great fortune and creates bs stories that are fanstastical and not based on truth. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This quote comes to mind. The only great exception that comes to mind is Marcus Aurelious who didn't abuse his power. He could sleep with any women he wanted but did not do so. Unlike like high conscious folks like Caligula and Nero who would sleep with your wife at the dinner table at the slightest whim.
  9. @UnbornTao Ideal recipe for the 1% of people who have most of the resources under the capitalist system. Disaster and misery for the rest 99%. You gotta love God's design
  10. @LSD-Rumi I am just stating some bitter facts about reality. These facts are bitter for the 99% of people who don't reap the rewards that the 1% gets. We all act like we are better than others but we really are not. If you are born in California, with great parenting, great genetics then you can't take ownership of that success. You just won the lottery. You were born in one of the best places on planet Earth. Imagine if you were born in a sh*thole. I am lucky too myself. I could be living in Africa and not have one bit of education. But i always stay humble. I do not take ownerships of the circumstances i was born into. A billion different variables must converge and the stars must align for you to be in the situation you are. Take a close look at the best scientists we have. Their parents were scientists and super intelligent aswell. Same applies for wealthy people. I like this quote.
  11. @something_else No i don't subscribe to these ideologies. Men are not better either. They perpetuate the worst kind of sexual violence and almost have a monopoly on rape, sexual coercion and etc. Am i bitter? Yes but in general. I find that we are all a bunch of stupid egotistical narcissistic apes who can't control ourselves very much and maybe the world would be better without us. I wouldn't mind if all humanity was erased tomorrow from this planet. Wouldn't bother me one bit.
  12. @Leo Gura Yes this can be a useful heuristic but at the same time it is highly 'unfair' for the 99% of people who are not a somebody and never will be. Most high value people, had high value parents. Also most celebrities are incredible lucky. In most cases power has more to do with matter of circumstance rather any anything else. There are people very wise and educated who are poor. And there are people with incredible status that are a bunch of dark triad narcissistic psychopaths or just born into the right circumstances. I can become a serial kiiller today. And then when i go to prison, i can have beautiful women sending me mails and wanting to marry me. This is just an insane hack . Check Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy. They all married in prison lol. These are some of the worst human beings on planet earth. The real fundamental reason why men pursue power and status its because thats what women want. But this creates a problem for women too. Their high value partners rarely don't cheat or don't abuse them in some way or another. My point is that if you want to survive as a woman you can sleep with someone like Genghis Khan and thats what you'll probably do. But maybe if you decided to sleep with someone like Jesus Christ, then the world would be a much better place. It would probably lower the massive inequality of resources too.
  13. @Ulax i love this grandpa I find him not too extreme in his positions and quite stable as a person. His wife is a psychotherapist and has helped him a lot. He seems like a man with great mental health unlike most other academics. He has said 'there is not any one person to blame. Its the system'' Which i like a lot.
  14. @something_else Yeah sure, such arguement could be made.. Its very relative what is repugnant or not. For most men it is repugnant if a woman cares too much about status. They find it superficial. But same could be told about physical appearance too..
  15. @hoodrow trillson This smells like some evolutionary psychology. Read David Buss. I criticized men too. Men like young fertile women even if themselves are very old, and they want to have sex with multiple women. This is disturbing too. The desire for sexual variety is a big source of conflict. And women like status and resources or properties that lead to resources. There are many other variables in the equation too. Not just that. But this is a big one for sure. And i know from experience too. Why do you think men chase power??Because thats what women want. Why do women care about beauty? Because thats what men want.
  16. @something_else I don't understand what you are tying to convey ... No. Reality its not very predictable at all. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The future is unknowable. There are infinite variables that are constantly changing. Nobody knows about the future of economy in USA or any other country. Nobody knows about the future of this planet. You know some basic everyday survival stuff. If i drop the ball, it will fall down etc. But you don't know if you will have cancer 10 years from . Not even the best scientist could tell you that. God is evolution . Evolution is infinite intelligence. What you are suggesting is getting lost in concepts and stories instead. Why these rules even exist? Nobody is denying rules and logic here. This doesn't mean anything. Saying that reality is very mechanical doesn't say very much either. I can say that Reality is very magical and it would mean the same thing from my POV.
  17. @Carl-Richard Infinite Intelligence. Not random.
  18. @DocWatts I did not claim that evolution is full of crap nor that the theory is wrong. I only criticized its metaphysics. Its implicit metaphysics is full of crap.
  19. @Carl-Richard I could say the same . The post is not denying evolution. It criticizes its metaphysics.
  20. I am not denying that a giraffe can evolve its neck from small to large. The fact that you even have a neck that can evolve to begin with , is just incredible and can't be ultimately explained. The fact that you even have all the building blocks that make up reality is incredible and unexplainable. The notion that somehow accidentaly by some blind stupid luck you can end up with a turtle that has shell or lion with incredible teeths is just silly. This is how far the logical mind can go when it wants to preserve its materialistic notions and reject God's Intelligence Why you have a big neck? Well because it is good for survival. Why you have such beautiful feathers? Well because it is good for mating. But What made it that reality can even do something like that so incredible and evolve into all of this?? What is the underlying force that even allows such magic to happen? This is never explained, not can it be explained. Its just pushed further back. The mystery and majesty of reality is not acknowledged.
  21. @JoeVolcano Yes true. Scientists are not very scientific really. The other day i was listening to a podcast and two scientists were talking about death and how life is a space between 2 eternities (lol) This is just a story in their head . Yet most of them hold it as true and certain. Its funny.
  22. Today i went outside and was looking to buy L-Tryptophan (a supplement for increasing serotonin). Initially i went to 3 pharmacies and asked for it but they didn't have it. Frankly most of them didn't even know anything about it (lol). Then i went to a 4th pharmacy. There was a middle aged lady who seemed like snob to me. Her whole vibe was not looking good at all. The 1st sign of disrespect was that, as i entered the store, she didn't pay me any attention and kept on chatting with a friend/associate of hers. That was probably the 1st sign/clue that i should get the fk out of there. So after she finally decided to pay me attention (i had to wait a lil bit), then i asked her the supplement i wanted. She replied coldly ''i haven't even heard of that''. Immediately i felt bad. It's not what she said, but how she said it with her disrespecting look on her face... Then i asked one last question. Again she replied with the same cold disrespectful, heartless manner. Afterwards, when i was out of the store, my mind was entertaining thoughts of re entering the store and insulting her or something. But my prefrontal cortex put a break to such plans. I know better and most of the time i handle myself well. I felt intense deep suffering but i tried to remain as conscious as possible. Still though, i can totally understand people who end up killing others. The way that you get treated in this society is many times very awful. And if you have grew up without much love, and this pattern of lovelessness keep repeating itself into adulthood, then many people reach a breaking point, and they want revenge. They want to get even. Wanting to kill people is a natural thing. Your animal brain basically is like ''Kill people, because they are the source of your misery''. This kind of instinct has helped us survive. It is a built in function. Aggression is bult in our biology. Sure it is not the most sophistacted method for dealing with problems and i am not a fan of it. But i think there is a breaking point for all of us if conditions get too extreme. I haven't seriously contemplated killing people yet. Sometimes the desire may arise. I believe this is normal. Especialy when i feel very very disrespected. The intense feeling of hurt and suffering eventually passes. I journal about it and process it as best i can . That is the good thing. Still though, there are some people outthere that are so disrespectful , so low consciousness, that i would wanna destroy if i was in a rage state. That is because i have been hurt before by such sh*tty people. And there are certain people that i despise very much. I cannot love people who intentionally decrease the well being of others. I want to torture such people sometimes.. I probably wouldn't hesitate killing a Hitler for example. Because i consider such people the scums of the earth. That is the truth. And i won't act more spiritual than i am . Keep in mind, that i do not kill ants and animals & i pay attention when walking as much as possible to not stomp on them. Animals never have hurt me. https://youtu.be/p1RbktOlM54
  23. I've heard from Andrew Huberman (a neuroscientist) that when brain cells die off, they n-e-v-e-r come back. This is incredibly glooming, nihilistic and kinda disheartening . Especially for me because my biggest fears have always revolved around how my brains works. I've heard about neurogenesis in the past and that it might be possible even for adults. There is much debate around this. Some say it might be possible. Others say it is not possible. I don't know what is the case.I get the sense at times that even these neuroscients have no clue what really is going on with the brain. I have seen mma fighters who have received tons of brain damage that function very well still. Usually these are the ones, that have let their brains heal for few months, before fighting again. In general i have observed that the brain can be very resilient and heal itself. @11:00
  24. I am watching this video right now. Donald Hoffman makes the argument that reality is hidden somewhere because of evolution. That what we see is not the fundamental truth. And he has some good points too. Is he lost too much on the appearance of things and his scientific explanations? What is your opinion on his claims? His arguments remind me of Leo's videos about Self-Deception. He is also a fan of the Consciousness model. But he goes contrary to Leo's teaching that perception is truth.
  25. I am watching the video below now. I don't understand why Leo says that there is no difference between pain and pleasure. Eating an ice-cream is a very distinct thing from getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. Very different sensations. Even if i transcend the distinction between life and death, i believe that the difference between having an orgasm or getting tortured by some Mexican drug cartel will still be very very very different at any level of Consciousness. I don't understand what Leo means. Can someone explain to me?