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  1. @NoSelfSelf What technique do you use at a solo retreat may i ask?
  2. For me personally Self Inquiry has been on of the most effective technique for spiritual gains. Try practicing self inquiry
  3. I have noticed that i am in peace in my dreams sometimes, but i don't know if the ego is gone while i dream. I can get emotions in my dreams like worry, fear or hatred. I do usually judge people in my dreams. In some cases i can get depressed of the content in the dream, while I'm dreaming.
  4. @Leo Gura I haven't done any Kriya yoga because i did not know it existed before now. I would really want to try this technique, where can i find the video on Kriga yoga?
  5. yes i have experienced this especially after my first glimpse of the no self or enlightenment. Detachment is the process to enlightenment. So it is not bad that you detach from these interest. Your one the right path to enlightenment.
  6. There is no best method to attain enlightenment. You chose whatever method you prefer. For me personally the method that has been most effektiv for me is self inquiry, but you can also attain enlightenment with other methods as well. Just chose one and stick with.
  7. Thanks for sharing this technique, i wil give it a try. Now i don't have to feel guilty of playing video games, when i should do other stuff.
  8. These videos will answer your question
  9. The i or what you in defenition means what you are forever. Your ture self can never die, it has existed before the big bang and it will still exist when your dead. You should look for the thing that is with you forever and that never changes. Your perception and thoghts always changes so can not be that. I hope this helped.
  10. I am having difficulty finding out what to choose bettween these two techniques, they are both pretty powerful technigues. According to Shinzen Young the do nothing helps with turining off your monkey mind for a while, but that it is a long term benefit. I have heard that the vipassana meditation is used to attain enlightenment. They are so different from each other so does that mean they also have different benefits? What do you think i should choose?
  11. @SriBhagwanYogi I already have a self inquiry practice, i don't know what the meaning with this comment was but okay
  12. @joeyi99 You know you can do SDS while doing self inquiry at the same time. In the video one SDS Leo said you can do another techniques inside the SDS like for example self inquiry and the do nothing technic.