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  1. I had an really interesting experience while doing mindfulness with labeling. My heart began to beat really fast. My body began to feel very good and all of the uncomfortable sensation just turend into pleasure. It was like falling into a to really comfortable bad. My body got really warm. I just got this intense feeling of euphoria. It only lasted for 30 sec tho. After this i just placed my awareness on my visual field and everything just looked so beautiful. I almost just wanted to cry for the beauty of everything around me. I just wanted to share this experience. Let me know if anyone here has had any similar experience.
  2. @How to be wise Well self inquiry for me is much darker and terrifying. I can have my heart beating fast when i get closser to my true self, but that is fear. Self inquiry is like literally killing yourself. I dont want to say that self inquiry is so pleasant as meditation.
  3. Do you think it is possible to make the DPT experience stick 24/7 or in other words attain sahaja samadhi with DPT? That would be very cool if that was possible.
  4. Well the question is pretty simple so i'm not gone write anything more here.
  5. Everyone does a mistake. From an unenlightened perspective it will looks like you become, but the deeper you go in this spirtual path you will only realized you was the thing the whole time.
  6. Yes i did sorta expected sex. When i saw the title said "Real sex" i expected some porn video.
  7. Are you talking about the eternal now or in other words the pressent moment?
  8. So there are cons with psychedelics compered to traditional spiritual pratice
  9. Leo said that not knowing is the best thing you will experience. I just wonder if i question everything will it fade away? Will the knowledge and stories i have gained in my life fade away with constent questioning. False stories and knowledge is my biggest obstacle to awakening. Have you guys notice when you do self inquiry there is a subtle voices or thoughts that tries to explain reality. I usally like to call these thoughts for meta thoughts. That is why having a sillent mind is so effective at producing an enlightenment experience. At least form my experience. Can i reset my mind to the point where i get to not-knowing or would this just make me stupid?
  10. Can i watch the video while on LSD or do i need something more powerfull like DMT or even 5 meo-DMT.
  11. Isn't the soulution here to just to grow some balls to overcome your fear of death, even if my balls are small.
  12. Just wonder how many times do i have to watch the video about "What is reality" before i understand what is being said and i have a psychotic break? I just want taste the fear again. You could say im chasing my own death, but maybe i will just run away once i get there.
  13. Leo said this has to be the most powerfull psychedelic in the world, even more powerfull then 5 meo-DMT. I just wonder can i wake myself the fuck up with this psychedelic? Can it be used as a non-dual psychedelics? I know that Datura cause crazy hallucination. Yes i know this can kill me, but i just got so curius when leo said it is the most powerfull psychedlic. How can Datura be the most powerfull psychedlic in the world, when it just cause hallucination?
  14. I think of anime as art or as creation.
  15. You cant become a sex god, that is god of sex. You are already god of everything.
  16. @How to be wise You can go to Amsterdam or Portugal there are many psychedelic decriminalized or legal.
  17. 5-MeO-DPT does not seem to be registered in the law. It seems unscheduled maybe in many countries. I tried to see what the legal staus was on this subtance and i found nothing. I quess no one has bothered to take it so therefor the law did not bother to control it.
  18. You could try it yourself. You gota experiment with it. You can turn yourself into a lab rat. Maybe start with a very smal dose if you havent found a lot of information on internet.
  19. @Elisabeth It is just a physical pain. It is to the left side of my heart. I highly doubt it is an emotion, but i never know. I have done shamanic breathing 2 times before, never had any problem with physical pain. I hope it goes away tomorrrow.
  20. I have had this pain in my chest some few hours after the shamanic breathing