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  1. @ardacigin I realized nothingness and just sat there and suddenly i realized that i was not looking at my feat and that i never existed. I realized no-self. I had a big panic attack. It was not permanent. Unfortunately i got back to my ego self in some few minutes. It did not stick.
  2. I am no master in meditation, but i can silent my mind during self inquiry. Well not always, but sometimes i can. I actually manage to silent my mind and have deep equanimity my few first time doing self inquiry. I also manage to have an awakening experience with 50 min self inquiry. Maybe i was just lucky. For some reason when i am really serious about self inquiry and i concentrat i can suddenly silent my mind. Once i silent the mind wired shit happens to me and i my consciousness changes. I am basically in a different state. Maybe this is an cool ability i have or it just might be luck. I have to do some more testing and see if i'm able to silent my mind at will. I just find it wired that i can silent the mind for minutes with doing meditation just for 8 months and far away form mastery.
  3. I have been geting pretty frustrated with self inquiry latelly. I manage to get a enlightenment experience just doing 2 or 3 days self inquiry. In the beginning i had many experience of emptiness. This summer nothing, but looking at this emptiness or in other word my true self and waiting for awakening to strike me like lightning. I dont know what is happening. Maybe i was just lucky in the beginning. Self inquiry sorta feels like playing online video game. Gamers always want to be the best and get all the good stuff. Many gamers rage quit when they lose. I also almost just want to rage quit doing this self inquiry. Any advice how to deal with furstration?
  4. @Nahm I just used the game as an analogy. Don't take everything so serious. You don't actally lose anything because the truth and your true self is always there. I just meant you would experience the truth and finally unidentified with your ego.
  5. @SriBhagwanYogi Is awarness, omnipresent synonyms to the pressent moment or in other words the very moment your experiencing right now?
  6. I dont think people always want to lose. Losing is not fun if you have played a lot of video games.
  7. No i actally experienced emptiness or not-knowing. I had zero concept in my mind, i was just in pure no mind state in some few minutes. Let me ask you this is it normal to have intense fear and your heart beating really fast when have you have a concept of the emptiness in your mind.
  8. Try applying spiral spiral dynamics and see what stage she is at.
  9. Does there exist higher consciousness that cannot be access with our limit brain and psychedelics?
  10. If there is an end then your very dead and long gone. I dont think you will be a human being anymore if you reches the highest of samadhi. You will just be god.
  11. @Aaron p If im correct Balfest is part of the UK. The UK looks like to be at stage blue, orange and green. Maybe also some yellow, but turquoise i highly doubt. Balfest is part of the UK so that means that the UK will pull balfest at it's senter of gravity. Just like a hand. Your finger are the cities and the whole hand is the UK.
  12. This is a really good question, maybe some masters can answer. Leo said that when we die we just get rebirth and end up back here again, but what about coma. People that has been in come for years have zero conscious awareness of the environment. They cant get rebirth because they are still alive to some degree. If science ever invent cryosleep, then we could stay in the emptiness for million years without ever getting rebirth. Although in the end you will get rebirth because forms are not immortal and one day will get destroyed. Can you experience infinite love in deep coma or does my body have to physically die? I know you can experience infinite love before you physically die, but i'm talking about ordinary people that dont do any spirtual work. Is our consciousness traped in the physical body?
  13. No it is just so empty that to try to think about the emptiness or describe it is allerede too much. Time it self dosent even any longer exist. It is just pure formlessness. It is just empty.
  14. Women are indeed weird creatures. you want sex with her, but she says nah bro i'm good. Sorta like you want your dog to do some awsome tricks instead the dog just stands there and looks at you. You just gone have to be better at understanding women and how they think. You need be a scientist study every move and the slightest movement they make. Study how their psychology works. Although you first need to set a hypothesis just like you learned in school, before you do a experiment. You need to take brain scan so you know if they are in the left side or the right side. Eventually you will know exactly what to say to get her to have sex with you.
  15. That is pretty funny cuz i also had an awakening experience to the no-self or in other words the nothingness doing just 2 days self-inquiry. If i manged to surrender to the nothingness i might became awakened.
  16. Yes you can, i dont see how it is impossible to the desire for a girlfriend to fade away with awakening. Although you gota awaken yourself as deep as zed masters. So maybe it could take decades before the dessire for a girlfriend just fade away.
  17. What if there are more steps then these right here. What if the hole goes even deeper then what you describe here.
  18. Why do some people get non-dual states with DPT and many other just get different wired trips? What is it with DPT that makes everyone have different trips. Why do not everyone just have non-dual states with DPT?
  19. I just watch Leo that is good enough for me.
  20. I had an really interesting experience while doing mindfulness with labeling. My heart began to beat really fast. My body began to feel very good and all of the uncomfortable sensation just turend into pleasure. It was like falling into a to really comfortable bad. My body got really warm. I just got this intense feeling of euphoria. It only lasted for 30 sec tho. After this i just placed my awareness on my visual field and everything just looked so beautiful. I almost just wanted to cry for the beauty of everything around me. I just wanted to share this experience. Let me know if anyone here has had any similar experience.
  21. @How to be wise Well self inquiry for me is much darker and terrifying. I can have my heart beating fast when i get closser to my true self, but that is fear. Self inquiry is like literally killing yourself. I dont want to say that self inquiry is so pleasant as meditation.
  22. Do you think it is possible to make the DPT experience stick 24/7 or in other words attain sahaja samadhi with DPT? That would be very cool if that was possible.