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  1. The devil is truth because there is always a higher truth. The devil is truth because the devil is concept, versus reality (God). But all is concept, and all is reality. The devil is the ego. The devil is infinity, God is absolute infinity.
  2. Be honest with yourself. If you can't describe it in the same way you explain the way you feel when doing your favorite hobby then there's some resistance somewhere. You have to further your understanding on this beyond rationality to transcend your language. Take your understanding further and it will be contagious. A message, or intention dies upon deliverance. If you really wanted to show people something you would practice how to. And this is not using these concepts neurotically? you're not wrong in what you don't want to be wrong in. but maybe you should want to be wrong more. At some point we can't be the only ones asking you why defenses go up. Sure, valid points but what are you using them to defend? The points don't need to defend themselves? The points you make of people's mistakes bother you because you've liberated yourself from some of these and so you feel you have a message. Here there is no boundaries, when you lack intrinsic points people are going to take your message inward as much as you have put outward. As it always should, but some points speak for themselves so intrinsically. Yours do not. Statements cluttered in truth. Take it from the fact that there's always a higher truth.
  3. @Anders901 @fortifyacacia3Thank you!
  4. In What is God pt. 2 Leo talks about his position in furthering it to the influence of the future of Science. The crossover to Epistemology, Metaphysics, and God. Leo, or all others; where can a college student begin before this reform takes place? Yes, meditation is helping me understand and dissolving this question. What careers are currently in the forefront of this movement? Or what career should I become apart of and be this change that I want? @Leo Gura
  5. Merging out of rationality. More metaphysical questions will be answered. System-less thinking. Finding new truths not otherwise based on old ones. Less use in all that we already know. Algorithms that deeply extend all prior algorithms. Leaps backward that strange loop us forward. Identifying more infinities within the absolute infinity. Results that give us more to work on rather than formally revealed.
  6. Glad you posted this! I almost started a thread. I'd like to drop questions to include. Spiral Dynamics applications? What are some practical integrations of Socialism and Capitalism? Beyond things we already see. Objections to both usually stem from using the system as a whole. In what ways is the benefit of competition stretched? Certainly it has its place but I feel like many fallacies of capitalism come from this.
  7. Do you keep saying red because of desire? Ask yourself what are all these desires, maybe some of them fall under other stages and that could help you understand.
  8. Okay, so take nonduality further. Don't create a duality out of the dual and nondual. Understand that duality IS nondual. This will be your Tier 2, when you do not demonize being in lower stages and recognize that we will forever be in all stages. You're thinking of enlightenment very rationally which might be coming from blue. Next, Concept versus reality. Enlightenment, the concept, is not reality. Enlightenment is more like a loss, so saying your enlightened is like identifying with an absence. Being the absence is different from identifying as it. I try to humble my enlightenment desires by calling it a love for life. An authentic interest that I am pursuing only out of the love for it, and not to become better.
  9. Gravity, among other concepts in science are concepts. Concepts are outside of reality. 99.9% sure you're not referring to a rational inquiry given you're speaking on existence.
  10. Leo, make a video on the Tao! General Daoism discussion. Empirical insights? Tao Te Ching verses? if I had just a little bit of wisdom I should walk the great path and fear only straying from it. Though the way is quite broad People love shortcuts.
  11. I've heard Sean Carol talk about Physicists going into fields of Philosophy and using physics in ways that physics fields do not allow them to. What are these tasks like? Say I work for a research group what would be some examples they could be working on? Perhaps integrating Epistemology/physics/engineering.
  12. i was recommended a book by Itzhak Benthov. Reading into him i saw that he helped build Israels first rocket for war in 48 and similar affiliations. He also did work in consciousness, nonduality, etc. I'm not sure if i'm being an ideologue/egoic in questioning his work because of his role in religious war. am i? how?
  13. Any Freemasons watch Leo's content? I find Leo's concepts to be the most fundamental revelations. Zen/Dao, reality versus concept, everything. Would i be promoted in finding meaning through meaninglessness? See opinions as they leave out more than they give? "truly" go beyond beliefs, that which truth does not exist? Can a freemason path promote my recontextualization of consciousness?