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  1. Mr.Girl... I'm scared to even repeat the things he says without breaking TOS. He tells Vaush that everyone is scared to admit that the standard preference is 14 years old, and then he asks Vaush to guess what color their panties would be. He says he wasn't joking when he said a 12 year old was hot. Destiny's unfathomable charitability to him missed the point. He did not merely say that the show "cuties" successfully sexualized 12y.o children. He said it worked and he thinks their hot. He's said alot of other things I cannot think of at the moment. Wait till you hear his take on blaming rape victims or his transphobic crusade. The entirety of his ideas sound like he's bastardized the Tao Te Ching imo. And yes, pedophilia is only bad relative to humans. OK.
  2. @vizual Laughable. Ah this clip is back for the forums monthly haunting
  3. Palo Alto is in Silicon Valley, hahaha. "The San Jose Metropolitan Area has the third-highest GDP per capita in the world." "Palo Alto serves as a central economic focal point of the Silicon Valley and is home to more than 7,000 businesses employing more than 98,000 people. Many prominent technology firms reside in the Stanford Research Park on Page Mill Road, while nearby Sand Hill Road in the adjacent city of Menlo Park is a notable hub of venture capitalists. The city's economy generally follows the economic trends of the rest of the Silicon Valley." - Palo Alto Wiki And this Wiki can be very informative:
  4. And for the record it wouldn't be cancel culture if I show up to work without shoes and get fired? Believe it or not employers have the right to fire people lol
  5. I love the slogan because it encapsulates their grievances. Behold the grand conspiracy to hide a chanting crowd. Are you from the U.S? Here employers have the right to make religious jewelry or decorations against their policy. It's considered unprofessional to impose personal beliefs in the workplace. A business can make a political statement, but you can't make one under the businesses name without consequences. There's no shortage of conservative business interest so idk what Ben is getting at. Plus plenty of ma and pa's will let their employees wear blue lives matter pins. But now Ben's comparing support for a political candidate with political support for black people. I'm pretty sure a business could figure out what is more inflammatory for sales.
  6. @Johnny Galt Are you saying that people get counted as a COVID death when COVID isn't their underlying cause because some people get counted without being tested? Those are people who died at home and by the end of last year that was 10,000. I'm sure many of those people were still tested. It's also unlikely that doctors misdiagnosed 100% of those people. It could only be true with those who never actually had COVID but these numbers are statistically insignificant. People don't just drop dead from Stage 1 cancer or stage 1 anything and those won't outweigh COVID as an underlying cause.
  7. Nope. People who die with COVID do not get counted with the people who die of COVID. That excuse has been well played-out.
  8. @Ry4n This isn't including all the non-COVID deaths that occured from not receiving care when emergency services and hospitals are at max capacity with COVID patients. We know just how much worse it would have been without lockdowns and vaccines. The US justified a 20 year war over 9/11 where we lost the same amount of lives that we lose to COVID on a daily basis the past year and a half. You could call that the extreme end of things. 99% of deaths are among the unvaccinated. Avoidable deaths. Sorry you need to be forced not to kill people I hope you understand. There's no freedom without law. Basically all law puts the collective over the individual. But seething and fomenting fascist comparisons is always an option too. The collective is always prior to the individual. You're on the shoulders of giants.
  9. @Karmadhi Lol reread your first post and say gender's irrelevant ? Then you are in full agreement with feminists. It's only relevant because there are swaths of people arguing that only women should cook and clean with nothing more. Women in the workforce is equated to bad parenting and basically the collapse of society. How is it irrelevant when there exists countries where women are not allowed to drive? & what places better exemplifies these values than in the feminist stronghold of universities? Half of the world thinks the other half is too sensitive, too empathetic etc. We have them to thank for art still being as important as it is. Maybe they haven't been successful enough at making society value anything outside of the hard sciences, but this is biting the hand that feeds you.
  10. The good it brings is exactly what you don't want; social acceptance for males to be feminine and females to be masculine. This allows for more individuality actually. It throws away your idea that men have to act like men and women have to act like women. "Boys wear blue and girls wear pink" is social not biological. If you give people the freedom to express themselves masculinly or femininely it is the opposite of making people act the same. There's more variation. There's too much TOXIC masculinity. And we don't let women have HEALTHY masculinity enough. This is like saying "women shouldn't play sports because it's masculine." or "women shouldn't provide, compete, be courageous, etc" If there's too much masculinity, why not make the dudes more feminine? Nobody says your sexist for saying genders have differences. "transgender" for example literally implies "two". They call you sexist for forcing gender stereotypes onto the sexes, because that's the definition of sexist.
  11. @Rilles She's waay ahead of you. She told this crowd they might have people come to their door with surveys for the Vaccine but "in the south we love our 2nd amendment right and we're not big on having strangers show up at our door"
  12. @Hardkill What rubs me the wrong way with some people who claim to be Marxist-Leninist is the ones against voting in capitalist countries in order to not "legitimize the system". Even though Marx Engels and Lenin saw bourgeois elecoralism as necessary. I've also heard them say "taxing the rich makes you complicit in all the evils of capitalism" like as if it's not largely enough for change. Nonsense. I guess there's been some remarkable achievements in communism given their setbacks but the Nordic model seems to be a transition that's plausible.
  13. You could say there are valid criticisms that are done invalidly. Try different ways of explaining how they could be antagonizing potential allies for change. But you need to see why this criticism expressed through this anger is more true for someone and why it exists. And why no amount of strategic input is going to compel their truths away. Shedding this identity can't be forced, only overcorrected as informed by one's own.
  14. Please give this 10min vid a listen talking about ACAB and reaching out to cops. Consider it a synthesis of both positions. All cops are bastards for being cops. It criticizes individuals roles rather than individuals. Since there's technically no perfect political system there are necessary roles that can still be bastardizing. People who adopt this slogan are coming from an anti-authoritarian mindset which, despite the flashy name can absolutely still be defended by adequately identified power structures. Although sound and valid, it falls short in enacting change. For reasons you understand. Consider that you are placing expectations on this person similar to expecting it be the job of POC to get rid of racism. It's quite emotionally taxing for someone to walk on eggshells being told not to use angry language over valid criticisms. Or consider black people using the N word. While society is better off without anyone using the word, it's not my place to tell them to stop reclaiming it. With healing time, when there is no need for it will be gone. "???? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ??" So perhaps then we can understand what aspects are mean green and how we approach it. Also keep in mind ACAB is a display of animous for various kinds of people. Here's a good short analogy for the purpose of radical positions and change:
  15. This has confused me also when Leo has said communism is achievable but only with large gov. Because communism is no government by definition. But he's also said it won't look like communism of the past, probably including its ideals. From a layman's perspective I'd say planned economies are more overreaching domestically than in first worlds. Communism in practice has in fact been far more authoritarian. Ideally it would be less authoritarian but that's only possible when it's not forced. And people are still too selfish for it to not be not forced.
  16. Yes! There are many misconceptions surrounding this. US civilians who stayed behind are there to help diplomatic or military efforts. Contractors who worked on helicopters, systems administration etc. were fulfilling there job in staying behind despite advisories to leave. People with NGO's stay the worse it gets in order to help. An overwhelming majority of equipment belonging to DOD was in fact removed. The equipment being talked about belonged to the national gov. Even though a fall to the Taliban was inevitable it still wouldn't have made sense to remove their only chance, all to avoid leftover equipment which happens at the end of all wars. Much of it was made in the 80's, the Blackhawks being first gens for example. None of which are a threat to the US or militaries in the region. Comparing their new 'made in USA' equipment to what they already had was like pouring a cup of water in to a pool, like Beau says. The main thing I see that Biden could have done different was to push for a task force to be set up to delay the fall. By and large it was going to be a mess no matter what. I wouldn't consider the withdrawal incompetent.
  17. Not that it was surprising that Ivermectin does not treat covid, (or Z-packs) but every study in favor of it is falling apart. Watch Bret Weinstein's (leading vax skeptic) fragile new fallout with Rebel Wisdoms David Fuller. Brets misinformation is being put under proper criticism. Watch Ivermectin's lead advocate and researcher get dissected as she deflects hand-washing of poorly conducted studies
  18. Great explanation of the technical aspects of Gödels Incompleteness
  19. Well, Take Vaush as an example of the left who really dislikes Robin DiAngelo and her book. A person who still agrees and understands that the conclusions of critical race theory are completely defensible.
  20. @Danioover9000 compounding interest and investing is not the same as gambling.
  21. @EnRoute honestly, to just say "good presidents don't bomb" is incredibly naive. Trump increased our use in mercenaries by 65%, far more than we have of troops. Trump expanded war and privatized it to hide from his accountability. Trump bombed afghanistan and yemen (and wherever else) more than any other president. thinking "no new wars" is falling into rhetoric. War needs propagandizing among all else, maybe you should listen to what the repub voting base actually wants and you'll see who allows what policies. The fact that you are so quick to find faith in the Trump administration only shows the shortcomings in your redundant dem faith. Of course dems being in office, alone, is not remotely enough.
  22. PS, JR. wants this bad boy in the book list
  23. Asking Leo himself to incorporate discord with his forum should stay within guidelines and not be considered recruiting. Chats can be uploaded to the forum so using discord doesn't have to take away from the site experience/posts. I think it would ultimately connect our community more so we can be the best that we could be for each other.
  24. it's still only a proposal, which will only move troops over to neighboring countries, not home, where they will still conduct ground combat in Somalia.