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  1. In a couple of months I’ll be traveling for a year. Not Sure where I want to go yet. But I’m a off the beaten path person. I like unknown quiet places. Just wanted to know if any one has a certain place or places they like to go to around the word like different monument sites and places with beautiful nature that they like to go to to connect with life. Preferably somewhere outside the United States. Inspiring places where you can contemplate and write
  2. Hello. This is a typical issue that’s heard a lot. I’ve recently became roommates with my best friend. We have been friends for 5 years. She just got out of a relationship and we both needed a new place to live. Very attracted to her and she knows. But she don’t see me that way and that’s fine. But it hard to get over the feelings and just focus on being a good friends. Which she is to me. we also have a 3rd guy roommate. There is clearly something going on between them. They are a friends with Benefits. And have asked if I am ok with that. She accidentally sent me a few dirty texts meant for him by accident. I can’t fight the jealously. I really want to detach myself and hope the best for them but it’s hard. Lately I’ve been more of a tag along. wondered if anyone had any suggestions to get over this
  3. As you get deeper and deeper in to spirituality and enlightment. How do you feel about life purpose. As you go deeper would a writer still want to be a writer or a musician still want to create music or ect?
  4. Its not a deep insight or some profound existential insight. More like a obvious newbie realization. But i thought it might be worth writing down. .My whole life i thought i was independent minded. In truth i'm not at all. I have social conditioning implanted deep in my brain. . Every decision I've ever made was based on what society says and what figures i look up to have said. Which sometimes can be all well and good. But in reality i'm basing everything i know and everything i am based on a world view crated by other flawed people just like you and me. All the people i ever been envious of and everyone who i took as a authority on my life direction are miserable, depressed, confused, mean, needy, selfish. I don't mean it in some humans are evil way. I'm literally just saying we are all human with issues. 99% of people have not transcended these issues. its scary and hard. We are on auto pilot with these roller-coaster ride of issues and emotions, . I mean i have always tried to improve myself and felt more aware and unconscious then the general population i have been associated with my entire life. But even so i'm still in the same bubble contributing to the recycling of the same theories the same advice that have been passed down. Obviously no one has cracked the code in normal society. You completely step out of the bubble and its terrifying at least to me. Here out of the bubble i have to 100% think for myself and go down some uncharted path for real answers i may or may not find. No one wants to help you or guide you to find the answers that the world that raised you haven't answered. Is there more to life, Can i unconditionally love, can i structure my life exactly the way i want, can i find the root of my suffering, Can i actually truly think for myself? According to my bubble you cant find those answers. We are all suffering in some way, i can feel it. I feel bad and i'm looking around thinking is this it? what am i not seeing? I got fed up and now i'm out of this bubble going down a brand new path. Have no idea whats in that direction. Scary as hell and no don't have the comfort that i'm used to with people telling me its OK. Its like a clean slate now and i got to figure stuff out from the beginning and also see what information within me is actually useful. I don't know who i am, what i am, What i want, what everything means. Its a lonely but necessary. Need to do some critical thinking and piece things together and see where it leads me
  5. More commonly now I get suicidal thoughts out of nowhere. I think it’s because of my loneliness. I’m a very quite person and feel very isolated in a friend group . And usually get these strong feelings after being around people. But I have a nice life. Have a good up bringing and passions. What frustrates me is I can’t figure out why I get these strong overwhelming feelings. Anyone got any tips or suggestions?
  6. Recently my best friend asked if I’d be willing to stay at there house for a week and watch there dogs. I politely declined. Just don’t feel comfortable staying at someone else’s house for a week. Recently she has been very distant with me. And has said I’m selfish for saying no cause I had no excuse except for I didn’t want to. Pretty much she lost a lot of respect for me. Said she proably be sure never to ask any favors from me ever agian. Which hurt cause we are the closet people to eachother. Been feeling like a horrible person lately. Don’t know if I’m just a bad friend or if they are just petty. Would like to know what other people think.
  7. Can one still be a efficient creative writer as a enlightment person or still have Interest?
  8. I'm 23. I've never dated or anything before. I've never really been able to speak to women. Been in countless scenarios to practice. I Completely shut down. My brain gets foggy. I feel frozen, and throat feels like it closes where I can hardy utter a word. Women usually like to engage conversation with me. Usually ends really awkward. I've grown up diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. that for the most part I grew out of. But this current issue still remains the same. I'm always around women. I just cant figure out why I'm this way. It stumps me. Its making me really nervous. The older I get the harder it will be. Wondering if anyone has any input.
  9. Link really helped. Thankyou
  10. Do you plan to shoot a video solely about creativity soon?
  11. I’m a writer. Sometimes I go weeks very inspired and very motivated. I write a little every day. also I fall into even longer stretches of just wanting comfort. A simple like and a simple job, and just do everyday stuff like play video games, watch porn and just live a average life . Then a lot of times I fall into a battle of the two mind sets for a whole day or two and it exhausts my mind and frustrates me. Wonder if anyone has some insights or tips to stay on track?
  12. MASTERY by George Leonard Mastery is available to anyone who is willing to get on the path and stay on it- regardless of age, sex, or previous experience The world can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery There's a seemingly endless road ahead of you with numerous setbacks along the way and most importantly plenty of time on the plateau, where long hours of deliberate practice gain your no apparent progress at all We sometimes choose a course of action that brings only the illusion of accomplishment All of us that were born without serious genetic defects are born geniuses You have to be willing to spend most of your time on the plateau, to keep practicing even when you seem to be getting nowhere Practice primarily for the sake of practice itself The master of any game is generally the master of practice Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water Always training. More time on the plateau: the never-ending path again Our body, brain, and behavior have a tendency to want to stay the same (homeostasis) Expect resistance and backlash Might also experience resistance from family and friends Also requires a deep determination to keep pushing Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning The path never ends Those people who feel good about themselves, who are in touch with nature and their own bodies, are more likely to use their energy for the good of this planet. Move, and keep moving When you reach the top of the mountain, keep climbing Winning graciously, and losing just as graciously are the marks of a master Without laughter, the rocky places on the path might be too painful to bear To learn something new you have to be willing to look foolish. Even after years of practice you still take pratfalls The master is one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail and fail again. As long as they live Above all, don't hurry Focus on the process, not the product
  13. Talent is overrated notes by Geoff Colvin "Mozart became Mozart by working furiously hard" All about deliberate practice Its hard, it hurts but it works Chief constraint is mental regardless of field Concentration is so intense it's exhausting The greats become greats by training more effectively People are doing more with what they got No evidence of a fast track for high achievers Usually the best show no early evidence of gifts IQ is only significant on unfamiliar tasks Memory ability is acquired It isn't experience It isn't inborn abilities Effective people design training for specific things Its not fun Work is done alone Achievement comes from many years of toil If activities that lead to greatness were easy and fun, then everyone would do them. Then they would not be able to distinguish the best from the rest. The grueling work is good news. Means most people won't do it. Which makes you a very unique individual Sharp, focused and working hard Avoid being on autopilot, work requires consciousness In knowledge resides the power Research your domain, understand the big picture High memory in your field Top performers deep understanding of their field becomes the structure on which they can handle the huge quantities of information they learn about it There is a path leading from the state of our own abilities to that of the greats. The path is extremely long and demanding, and only a few will fallow it all the way to its end. Find your own teachers that push your abilities You don't become better by just doing something. Great achievers work over and over on things that needed to be improved Ability to carry it through Make domain knowledge a objective, make a mental model of how your domain works. It is one of the defining traits of great performers. But the models are never finished. Great innovators spent many years in intensive preparation before making any kind of creative breakthroughs The best creators are the ones who consistently immerse themselves in there chosen field, have devoted their lives to it, attained tremendous knowledge of it, and continuously push themselves into it Innovators are not burdened by knowledge, they are nourished by it You build on a already existing foundation What do you want? deliberate practice is a heavy investment. Requires the largest investment you will ever make- years of your life devoted utterly to your goal If you believe that your performance is forever limited by your lack of a specific innate gift, or lack of general ability. Then there is no such chance at all you will do the work Everyone who has achieved high-level performance had encountered terrible difficulties along the way. There are no exceptions What you believe about the source of greatness becomes the foundation of all you will ever achieve. We have the opportunity to base them on the evidence of reality Price of top-level achievement is extremely high. Not many people will choose to pay it. Great performance is not reserved for a specific few. Its available to you and everyone. The only question is, who's going to do it? for more information:
  14. awesome journal, very inspiring