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  1. What is wack? She hypnotized me more time not just oance. II will find exactly in the next week's. With what exactly. I think i had a brken dowm because is was inposed on me a completely different world view. From what i read online it can happen from hypnosis.
  2. I have a feeling that there is more to life... Not this. Not money or success. Not beeing and stillness. I do not know. I do not fell like i'm missing something . I fell that there's more things.. I have a strong sensation in my chest for the last 12-14 weeks and i can meditate , eat well, have sex , stay still. Sometimes the pressure is not there. But sometimes like now is here. Right now i.m in my room enjoying the time and is night. I do not fell depressed or something bad let's say. But i fell that there's more to this then just realizing that we are all one. I needed to say this to somebody . Again i'm not depressed in any way . I'm just wandering..
  3. Where did you got inspired to replay with this comment ? What did you read? Or this are your insights? Do you want to tell me more about it ? Then i guess is ok to wander... Are we playing word game's:)) I never had a dream board i will create one . And continue questioning. You Nahm, have the spirit of Abraham Hicks. Very encouraging and not limiting imagination.. ❤️ I kinda know that is the way... Is true. I really like this example. Love. This word is the best word out there.
  4. I'm like this. I did not have much sex in the last year. It is wired. I feel alienated from my body most of the time when i have sex. I managed to have some intense sex and be the watcher and that i enjoyed . Enjoyed alot. Just watch what happens and do not think alot... That helped me.
  5. Check this video out :))
  6. How do you know what is religious dogma and what ia not? What can be verified?
  7. I mean what about other life forms. What about them ? I did not have ant direct experience . Are those things worth the time. Or we just need to stay here and enjoy the ride. Or i should stop asking questions and do what my intuition is telling me and study this .
  8. @Joseph Maynor This is good. Good answer. What did you read about what i'm asking here ? What books, audio lectures etc . @Leo Gura So direct experience is king. This are your words. I got your book list. Do you have any books there that explain what i'm asking? If yes. In what category are they in. Or if anyone who had this question's -->what did you studied ?
  9. My hand is real right now.What is true is absolute self experience. But i still wanna have a good guvernament. See.. what i'm asking is not what is true. I'm asking what from religion is not just people hallucinating ? or Interpreting stuff wrong.
  10. This is the politition in you ?
  11. @Aakash you have a big head. :)) A lot of information stored Thx you !
  12. You mean you have no were to go. It's one. Repeat?
  13. Leo Talkes about rebirth on the ideea that we have life after life and live as multiple forms. What is the proof for that or how can we experience something that can prove that directly ? Do not ask me "who is there to rebirth"
  14. Now i'm watching it ! Yeah.. that's the ideea.. @seeking_brilliance i found this woman. She look like she knows. @Maya_0 yeah but the nondual teacher's mention about them...
  15. So from what i see people talk about directly experiencing the absolute so you know for yourself. But why this nondual teacher s that includ in they're teaching's pastlife's. And mention them. Do not talk about them ? Is just a Given. How can you become directly conscious of pastlife's ? Is a gift you have ? Use Drogs ? Some kind of meditation ?
  16. So people who claim that they are the incarnation of x or y . They are deluded? What is the point in finding your past life's memories and taking about them and creating your identity more ? I'm just curious how this works. I have no experience and not much understanding.
  17. A simple question . How do you plan for a retreat ? Information about food,places etc. Newbie here.
  18. I see that there are places with food , yoga , meditation. Do i nees to go there? It.s expensive 1000$ for 7 days. ? Here: I can go to a fancy hotel in the mountains for 300$ for 7 days. That is more ok with my income . I can meditate in my room no ? Or how can i do it on a buget ? I can cook my food... I will take notes from what you said here . thank you !!