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  1. Son of a bitch. Careful this is what Bruce Lee talking about
  2. Sometimes conscious of thoughts. One walk out into that One created. One look at what One created. Just look. There is no you and i or reality. One is observing itself. This is what "clean up" mean. Words. Technoiselogy fucking annoying. I know couple of shit talking out of his ass about tech the whole times. Even their survival needs racing each other compete who is more speed of finger pointing to the moon. Fucking annoying.
  3. careful when something about to happen. It will
  4. It is if you don't have direct experience your self
  5. Your room look cleaner ? For me its like i clean up my mind
  6. My ego try to experience enlightenment
  7. I think i just comeback my old life. Nothing happen at all. only letting go
  8. how do "you" aware of imaginary if you are imaginary itself aware of thoughts seem non sense
  9. I am looking at my self in the mirror through this "meat thing" without face or size or distance. Who am i ?
  10. use your control just like you keep your back up straight