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  1. Im curious If anyone knows some good resources for this, it would be good if there was something compiling loads of stories about these encounters that happened in history. I think it would be one of the gnarliest things to hear about.
  2. I've heard people say that not much healing really happens in dreams, I have had some wicked freaking dreams in my time and its always seems like something is new or different the next day and with understanding and directly experiencing how reality is not physical and shit like that. so I would argue that I've had insights from dreams but healing i guess not? I dont understand a whole lot about anything haha so just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the difference between the two
  3. I have to say that Richard Dawkins in this clip seems to be the most on point out of all these characters. I used to consider myself an atheist and used to follow these guys and my understanding has come along way and its interesting looking back on the things I used to watch with as if this was the cutting edge of truth.
  4. seems like good advice. not sure how high consciousness this is does pickup/ pickup advice change much with consciousness?
  5. I have noticed that I seem to have control over how my body feels by focusing my attention on my belly. When i focus for a long time 1hour or so in bed or throughout the day i while my belly seems like its doing allot but the rest of my body is much more relaxed and mind is quite. I just started doing this last night and i feel actually quite different witch is astonishing for such a simple technique. Could the soreness be driving my attention away as a defence mechanism or is this more likely a physical problem?
  6. thats depressing
  7. @Leo Gura Cool thanks !
  8. Im curious if these two fields overlap does raising your consciousness make you more attractive? Do people go out in public on psychedelics and do pickup?
  9. Does reincarnation infer that if you stop having interest in reality it goes away? once you experience time becomes existent does non-duality state that existence isn't an accident and this existence is ultimate good and how does understanding this benefit us as existence?
  10. you can try bashing a pillow. you get on your knees and put your hands together above your head and then bash the pillow whilst saying somthing like fuck you or whatever and you can fake it till you make it try it for a few minutes and you should be able to get to the feelings its very effective in my experience. more useful info:
  11. quote from 'brothers of the screaming abyss' by Dennis Mckenna does this quote hold up? I find allot of people say that Terence Mckenna doesnt have a clue what he is talking about as far as understanding consciousness. But I have noticed that he has been classified as a turquoise/ green.
  12. I think weed can give insight if done In the right way although I don’t think it is comparable to true psychedelics. weed is just not as powerful, when smoked anyway. I don’t have experience with eating weed witch apparently is 4x as psychedelic. I’ve gone into taking LSD thinking it might be like weed but my experiences is that they are quite different and weed doesn’t really prepare you for them if I’m wanting to get powerful insights with weed I need to be in silent darkness and relaxing my body it’s like super good for body awareness
  13. take 5meodmt and you'll understand
  14. If you havent seen his new special i recommend it haha. Theres a part where he talks about how dogs do not understand pointing and its so similar to when leo talks about it. its crazy to see how the same concept is applied in two different styles of teaching. What do people think of louis ck on the spiral. i feel like he is yellow