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  1. @kinesin @Tim R @BipolarGrowth thanks guys really good replies!
  2. @1 hour and 4 minutes Leo says that the only reason you are alive is because of fear. I remember Ram Dass says that a Bodhisattva is only here on earth to help us, they have no fear of death at all but keep reincarnating until every living being is enlightened. Is there something I'm missing to me these two things contradict is leo saying the only reason you 'think' you exist is because of fear?
  3. @nahtanoj interesting.. im a pisces myself i wonder if that plays into it
  4. I think the cause of this is from chanting hare krishna I have increased my rounds to around 7 or 8 perday and have had some sleep interruptions so i just sit up and chant during the nights lately. I will usually get to sleep maybe for an hour around 5am and then my dreams are just nuts like i was full on hallucinating and it felt like i was being dragged by my feet out of my bed by a jet ski to some distant location then that would stop and i would focus on the feeling in my body during the lucid dream and i would hear cray sounds was kinda creepy and like in my ears i hear just the most loudest sound and i just focus on it and it gets more intense. its very hard to explain im just worried if there are dangers around doing lots of mantra meditation when you dont understand allot about spirits or demons or any of that stuff
  5. Becoming more humble, useful mantra? It seems like understanding reality it such a huge undertaking. Really wanting to get some permanent growth in this area.
  6. Wow this armodafinil is great haha. anyway to go meta is to reproduce, to create a cube you times a number by itself . You can create a cube with a number you can create any symmetrical object with a number. say you create a cube with the number 4. you times 4 times 4 times 4 and you get the cube. to go from square to cube we times 4 times 4 and we get the cube \ 4 is the square and cube to do maths is to reproduce because all numbers are the same. so basically maths is sex
  7. Just thought i would put the idea out there because i thought it would be a pretty cool experience to take mushrooms whilst on the moon or mars with like so little gravity u would feel so light mind and body free on another planet
  8. Devaraj's whole channel is dedicated to grounding and feeling more in the body. I have the same issue with meditation I could do it for hours and have been quite dedicated a times but i choose to do these kinds of things as my main way of being grounded. Im someone who has a lot of tension in my legs and have been doing bioenergetics to try and release some of the tension and it will probably take a few years of daily practice before i can really consider myself especially grounded. If your into there is a good chance is because your the same people who are really grounded dont usually give a shit about meditation unless something dramatic happens to them.
  9. 'Pain vs Suffering' perhaps?
  10. Im curious If anyone knows some good resources for this, it would be good if there was something compiling loads of stories about these encounters that happened in history. I think it would be one of the gnarliest things to hear about.
  11. I've heard people say that not much healing really happens in dreams, I have had some wicked freaking dreams in my time and its always seems like something is new or different the next day and with understanding and directly experiencing how reality is not physical and shit like that. so I would argue that I've had insights from dreams but healing i guess not? I dont understand a whole lot about anything haha so just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the difference between the two
  12. I have to say that Richard Dawkins in this clip seems to be the most on point out of all these characters. I used to consider myself an atheist and used to follow these guys and my understanding has come along way and its interesting looking back on the things I used to watch with as if this was the cutting edge of truth.
  13. seems like good advice. not sure how high consciousness this is does pickup/ pickup advice change much with consciousness?
  14. I have noticed that I seem to have control over how my body feels by focusing my attention on my belly. When i focus for a long time 1hour or so in bed or throughout the day i while my belly seems like its doing allot but the rest of my body is much more relaxed and mind is quite. I just started doing this last night and i feel actually quite different witch is astonishing for such a simple technique. Could the soreness be driving my attention away as a defence mechanism or is this more likely a physical problem?
  15. thats depressing