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  1. @JonasVE12 something else like what?
  2. does it make sense to pay $2700 for a 10 day breathwork retreat
  3. Hi I was wondering if nootropics would likely assist me with my breath work or decrease its effectiveness. Is breathwork meant to be mindful? i have heard that nootropics can be bad for mindfulness.
  4. i find it helps me understand personal development and leo's teachings especially after a long break. For me it resonates extremely well as i have allot of experience with it and whilst you are high the insights feel profound but i have trouble remembering exactly what was so profound. Its helps me i just need to control myself with it because its very enticing
  5. Why doesnt Michio Kaku take psychedelics?
  6. @c_wave_arts Thanks that helps heaps! Have you completed the course yet?
  7. Does anyone have experience with the two? Im getting frustrated with myself and I'm not very hopeful about regular psychotherapy when you hear stories about MDMA assisted psychotherapy and it sometimes being equivalent to 12 months of regular therapy. Is regular therapy a waste of my time and money should i travel to a country where mdma psychotherapy is legal?
  8. I am 22 and lost on what career I want to do and I am currently unemployed and living at home in a small town. I have done strength test from Authentic Happiness but each time I've done the test I get different results. I have enough money to travel for a few months and am curious if going to a country where psychedelic medicine is legal and doing a ceremonial trip with ayahuasca or mushroom or even MDMA psychotherapy might help me find a path that I should follow. thanks!
  9. In leo's video the pyramid has sex in the physiological category (the bottom of the pyramid) then it has sexual intimacy in the love/ belonging category (the third level) So my question is what is the difference my understanding previously was that the bottom was just what was required to keep you alive why is sex included in this? I am 22 and have barely had sex ever and when i have i never actually got enjoyed it because i was either too drunk or nervous or too in my head. i just feel like girls always just want me to be there boyfriend and they wont have sex with me unless i fully comitt to them. im 22 dont have a job witch makes it hard to get girls that i want because what do i tell there parents you know i dont have a job? like fuck and the only jobs that are going are shitty dead end jobs like im confident in some aspects with girls but i am just super confused as to what to do like if i can just get some sex like the pyramid suggests will that make it easier for me to move up to the second level of that pyramid witch has employment? do i feel like i am not suitable for any job even shitty jobs because im so fucked in the head because i never have sex like someone please help what does sex do for you psychologically whats the difference between sex and sexual intimacy i have money but don't have a income so i cant even rent a house i live with my parents like the fact that ive never had sex is that making my head all messed up? Has anyone ever got to 22 and never had sex and then had it and had like a kind of instant change in there outlook on the whole thing please help
  10. Who What When Where Why How
  11. Im interested in leos life purpose course and Im interested in hearing some experiences people have had with it. Also what in that context what do you guys think about this guys video thanks!!
  12. @Serotoninluv How did u find people like this if i may ask? I live in what seems like a pretty low consciousness part of the world and the internet is good but I have so many questions that i cant really answer this wholistic understanding seems to be a seriously rare thing in my experience
  13. @Salvijus see i thought the idea was to use psychedelics along with meditation and yoga to help maintain mental balance when expanding consciousness, I've heard so many people say that when used in the right way psychedelics are incredible healing tools. what do u guys think about this? - @Serotoninluv @Michael569 @tsuki
  14. Are empaths a real thing ? is this all a scam?
  15. I did a psychotherapy session with this lady who has done vipassanas and has a masters in psychology and traveled around the east and all. She says that psychedelics are bad basically and that she refuses to work with me if I take any drugs. She also charges $160 per hour witch seems like allot. Im not sure if she has ever taken psychedelics but this just seems weird to me is psychotherapy really that powerful for personal development? more than psychedelics? Is my money better spent doing allot of meditation/ self inquiry and reading and other ways wim hof method and all this? I just dont understand what is wrong with taking psychedelics for personal growth is my money better spent on buying a $15 tab of acid every two weeks rather than $160 every two weeks on psychotherapy? is it common for psychotherapist to refuse to work with people who take them? it just seems fishy to me.