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  1. "The other folks in the marketplace may have no interest in the dharma, but this cup of tea is very good. The Buddha made this cup of tea. The Buddha is this cup of tea." - Ramaji, 1000
  2. One of my favourite audiobooks that I'd recommend while walking is Waking Up by Sam Harris. Sam Harris is a prominent atheist and neuroscientist, and this is his enlightenment journey. It's rated as a must-read book on Leo's book list under the heading of consciousness, enlightenment and spirituality, and I'd certainly agree with that. I was lucky enough to discover this book on my own a few years ago and have since listened to it several times, and have also read it a couple of times too. This book won't teach you to meditate well, but it does explain enlightenment and how it works in a very scientific and rational way, while also dispelling many of the common myths about it. It's five chapters and a conclusion, so it won't take too long to get through. There are a couple of very small exercises in it, but in the overall context of the book, I don't think it's too important to complete these. If you do choose to listen, hope you enjoy .
  3. Agreed, Lateralus is my ultimate self-actualization track.
  4. I'm in Galway City, Ireland.