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  1. @hikmatshiraliyev I think it may be more helpful to become more process oriented about things like this, especially spirituality, psychedelics, meditation. It peaked your interest so just give it a try and be willing to allow yourself to let go into the process. If it didn't work then I doubt that would be such a popular process for self improvement and removing/embracing emotional baggage. IT'S INTENSE, IT WORKS.
  2. @cle103 Breathing properly seems to happen best when you let go of the process of breathing and allow yourself to breath as you will. Also, in regards to breathing practices (shamanic/holotropic) these really help to assist you in finding and removing blockages to your natural breath wave. I think for some people mouth closed is great but for many people I would maybe suggest making sure your jaw and throat regions stay very relaxed and surrendered in the process. I would recommend trying some shamanic breathing, for 40 minutes a couple times in the month or week. Just be in a place where you can really surrender to the process which I am sure you already know. Last thing I just started doing Sadghuru's inner engineering and it includes pranayama which I have found extremely helpful, not only for aligning my chakras, but also charging them and aligning the two halves of my body(masculine and feminine). It's a great tool for me.
  3. Hello, I can supremely relate to this, I struggled with this exact issue for a long, long, long, long time. Good news is, it comes and it goes like other probems you have faced AND OVERCOME! One very cool thing I've realized is that in order to work through these contracted states you have to be brave and open to looking and these parts of your experience that seem unbearable. Trust me brother, trust me I know exactly what that contraction feels like, impending doom to put it simply lol. It makes the most normal days seem like absolute garbage. The resistance to the feeling seems to only feed into deeper contraction and make the problem worse. Two things which helped me a lot were becoming curious and absolutely open to whatever that contraction might be, and absolutely loving it it. Anything absolute seems to dissolve boundaries, therefore dissolving your current set of problems you face as well. Another thing is focus get your concentration at peak performance 20 minutes of just non-stop focus on one thing, have it be something you actually want to focus on. Personally for me I like Sadghuru's I am not the body, I am not the mind because there is something a whole lot more mystical that happens when he says those statements, and my mind and heart are both on board Last thing most people 50-80% of people have a lot held back emotionally as far as anger, fear, excitement, love, joy, laughter, power, shit even love. A LOT of that gets stored in the throat area, I would say a large majority of people are a bottle waiting to explode with emotion. When you meditate, I am not sure what you do, nor am I concerned BUT, relax your expressive mechanisms, neck and throat and let go, let your body do exactly what it needs to do. AND LOVE IT. An open throat and loose jaw from my experience provides a gateway for all that isn't our true selves to be let go of and released. In a process like this, it is only about feeling and letting go, keep your neck and jaw lucy goosey though.
  4. So I got ahold of some 5-Meo freebase and was wondering if anyone on here knows how to convert the freebase to the salt in a simple way. There was an earlier post on the Megathread however it was kind of complicated and there was no confirmation that it worked at all, so I am a little bit hesitant of using that recipe.
  5. Truth be told. I needed to hear that because it's very, very true in my case. My understanding/foundation is much too fragile.