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  1. @VisionaryThere's just very deep truths in it, yes it does do this but think of it maybe more like a pointing toward your SELF. I can totally relate to this though, but as you hear other books, one for me recently has been the TAO TE CHING, it's premium wisdom, lol premium. Packaged the right way premium. Good wisdom is nourishing and so natural it feels delightful. BTW I would totally recommend the books Friendship with God, and Communion with God. They are even better if thats possible
  2. So the other day was the first day I have actually experienced death as a concept and was able to surrender quite gracefully. I began a meditation after my morning Isha Kriya Yoga, and it was in the same category as do nothing meditation. As I let go into deeper and deeper states, a state which everything was just outlined in an absolute beauty began to arise and sensations of erotic and almost feminine kind of love began to flow through my whole being. In this state I could both see and feel the divinity and beauty of EVERYTHING in a very very tangible way. The state was a lot like the imagery and highlights of divinity in this picture below of Krishna everything just had a serene beauty which I was never aware of before, and I could feel it down to a molecular level. After that I could feel this veil of death approaching me like never before and I knew that whatever was happening was going to happen regardless so I really had no choice but to surrender and it was like and inner "okay I am alright with dieing" and being COMPLETELY okay with it. After that the illusion of boundaries was shattered and I entered some state of energetic beauty and all the boundaries I had imagined began dissolving very very rapidly, the same speed dust gets blown away by a passing car. Following this there was an even deeper state that was infinite, and it was by far the most INTENSE state of consciousness that I have ever experienced before and it was a lot on my body . The final state of energetic intensity was quite literally mind blowing and it tore my mind and energies apart. Since then for the past few days has been a pretty random grieving process and quite a reset to my mind. There are parts of my mind and energy that are definitely changed for good after that experience. These Isha yoga practices are quite intense and no joke, follow YOUR OWN guidance system
  3. @Nahm Just reaching out to inform you that YOU have officially won conscious parent of year award. You will be receiving a reward via mail in 3-5 business days
  4. @Chi_ don't zoom in so much on removing psychological baggage aspect of it, it will happen when it happens just be open and willing to discover new aspects of yourself. As far as being more ground and being able to confront dark repressed and painful aspects of wounded spirit, just learn to relax more, relax and let go. You've go quite the spirit though
  5. @Chi_ a good way to start to release psychological baggage that is very heavy and I have realeased some very heavy ancient baggage is to just be a lot more open to reality exactly as it is, and see everything as myself. When I’m in a really open state I can release psychological trauma, beliefs, and negative habits without any story telling and this is a vital aspect being able to let something go fully from the body and memory
  6. @Leo Gura it’s very different from the Kriya book that you’ve posted to be completely honest, the approach is more based on the pranic system, and uses some kriya a that I have never heard of before attending these programs. To get more specific without telling you what the kriya is (Shakti Chalani) no it does not really focus on spinal breathing but the bodies different Prana Vayus which all have different properties in this physical manifestation. How I’ve come to see it is like this, for me the chakra systems is an energy approach that seems to use points where the Prana system is the same idea however it’s localizet to general areas. For example the throat chakra one in many systems is a put in the bottom of the throat, however in the pranic system it’s all of the neck which in my understanding of energy is honestly more suitable and real. also I’ve been meaning to upload many, many reviews of all of the modalities you’ve uploaded that I’ve tried such as enlightenment intensives, holotropic breathing, ayahuasca, kambo, LSD, mushrooms, and some others that don’t come to mind right now. However my time has been even more limited than ever lately so hopefully I get a bit of free time to do that this week as I’m sure people could use some background and inspiration. this Shakti Chalani has been magical it’s no cure all but a wonderful tool in the toolbox which I love using
  7. Hello, I have been procrastinating this for a while now but here's my review of what I have experienced using Inner Engineering, Shakti Chalani Kriya, and Shoonya Meditation, as well as some Hatha to get my body and spine up healthy and mobile to be able to receive increasingly high levels of awareness and sensitivity. First Let me start by saying Inner Engineering is no simply basic technique but a series of very powerful techniques when done with gracefulness has the ability to very rapidly shift the trajectory of your whole life. Had I listened to Leo's review instead of trusting my own source I would have crossed it out of potential techniques that might be great for me. Inner Engineering- The Shambhavi Mahamudra truly has been a miracle during the initiation of Shambhavi and the process of learning the Kriya was relatively simple and I could see the power of it almost immediately. Over the past few months of practicing only Shambhavi one of the biggest things it has done for me was sharpen my intuition like never before it truly feels like walking down the yellowbrick road. It has also really allowed deep levels of spiritual purification which have most manifested as letting go of a-lot of different and painful psychological baggage which has been beautiful overall. I know the reason your reading this you want to know the benefits and effects, but for each person it will be drastically different, especially by how each person approached the technique. One things that has happened is a massive opening in my energies and 3rd eye area, I am soaring with energy and I feel so connected and uplifting for everyone around me which has been another beautiful side effect of it. I could really go on but overall the feeling of balance in my body, mind, emotions, and spirit has been magical. Last note about Kriya Generally which I have not heard anyone comment on is the switch from DOING the kriya practice------> to the Kriya actually starting to do you. This has been a very obvious transition for me and very helpful as well, haven't heard anyone mention this though Shakti Chalani Kriya- Has brought about a more intense sense of bliss relaxation, lightness in my breath and raised my energies to a new peak pretty much every-time I do it. All of the same effects as Shambhavi but on more subtle levels. Overall this has been a pleasure to learn this its a 40 minute Kriya which feels like a turbocharger for raising my perception in every category. Overall great I give both of those programs a 5/5. I think one thing that I really need to comment on is the approach to spiritual practice has to be one of openess and enjoyment don't be torturing yourself with your daily or momentary spiritual practice not worth it. Find a way to approach every practice with a certain sense of openess, relaxation, and gracefullness. Shoonya Meditation- Has quickly brought about rapid de-identification from my mind for me, when I say quick I mean QUICK. So much more rest in my body and heart. This has also allowed more of my natural intelligence to flow through me in magical ways giving me a heightened sense of creativity, energy, and love. Man Does my body love this practice I feel like a limp piece of cooked spaghetti after. Overall if you have been brought to this and have been open to reading it this far you should now by now that these practices can have the exact same effect on you, it may just manifest in different ways, love has flowed through me and continues Peace and love to ME - YOU
  8. @capriciousduck I don't know how schizophrenic you are, but maybe also try something like Kriya Yoga, also what do you consider Schizophrenic? Kriya Yoga works good at gradually increasing your level of baseline consciousness and in doing so helps to still the mind, body, and bring the emotional system to gradually be purified rather than the very masculine process of holotropic breathwork. Also seems like it might be a good thing to just figure out what your goals are, then the answers would present themselves to you rather than you even having to ask. Write down what you want it helps a lot, and be real about it
  9. @hikmatshiraliyev I think it may be more helpful to become more process oriented about things like this, especially spirituality, psychedelics, meditation. It peaked your interest so just give it a try and be willing to allow yourself to let go into the process. If it didn't work then I doubt that would be such a popular process for self improvement and removing/embracing emotional baggage. IT'S INTENSE, IT WORKS.
  10. @cle103 Breathing properly seems to happen best when you let go of the process of breathing and allow yourself to breath as you will. Also, in regards to breathing practices (shamanic/holotropic) these really help to assist you in finding and removing blockages to your natural breath wave. I think for some people mouth closed is great but for many people I would maybe suggest making sure your jaw and throat regions stay very relaxed and surrendered in the process. I would recommend trying some shamanic breathing, for 40 minutes a couple times in the month or week. Just be in a place where you can really surrender to the process which I am sure you already know. Last thing I just started doing Sadghuru's inner engineering and it includes pranayama which I have found extremely helpful, not only for aligning my chakras, but also charging them and aligning the two halves of my body(masculine and feminine). It's a great tool for me.
  11. Hello, I can supremely relate to this, I struggled with this exact issue for a long, long, long, long time. Good news is, it comes and it goes like other probems you have faced AND OVERCOME! One very cool thing I've realized is that in order to work through these contracted states you have to be brave and open to looking and these parts of your experience that seem unbearable. Trust me brother, trust me I know exactly what that contraction feels like, impending doom to put it simply lol. It makes the most normal days seem like absolute garbage. The resistance to the feeling seems to only feed into deeper contraction and make the problem worse. Two things which helped me a lot were becoming curious and absolutely open to whatever that contraction might be, and absolutely loving it it. Anything absolute seems to dissolve boundaries, therefore dissolving your current set of problems you face as well. Another thing is focus get your concentration at peak performance 20 minutes of just non-stop focus on one thing, have it be something you actually want to focus on. Personally for me I like Sadghuru's I am not the body, I am not the mind because there is something a whole lot more mystical that happens when he says those statements, and my mind and heart are both on board Last thing most people 50-80% of people have a lot held back emotionally as far as anger, fear, excitement, love, joy, laughter, power, shit even love. A LOT of that gets stored in the throat area, I would say a large majority of people are a bottle waiting to explode with emotion. When you meditate, I am not sure what you do, nor am I concerned BUT, relax your expressive mechanisms, neck and throat and let go, let your body do exactly what it needs to do. AND LOVE IT. An open throat and loose jaw from my experience provides a gateway for all that isn't our true selves to be let go of and released. In a process like this, it is only about feeling and letting go, keep your neck and jaw lucy goosey though.