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  1. @Consilience thanks for sharing as well I like to hear about these longer contemplative and life changing periods ☯️
  2. @Bluebird you might like a different intensive, they are massively powerful. Especially if you tell the truth, it’s the one place where I’ve seen non psychedelic awakening experiences happen. I heard not good things about Ralston Intensives, not something I’d ever want to be a part of, but glad you learned from it. I’ve had multiple very deep awakening experiences on 3 day retreats, and 2-week retreats I’ve been to most of them. You might like a different teacher honestly, although idk, if you think you can go deeper alone go with that feeling.
  3. @Leo Gura what would be enough? Could you explain what you might suggest to get to the highest level of embodiment? I know kriya yoga is a must, however I’m just curious on what else you may suggest?
  4. @Recursoinominado I do kriya practices after the hatha yoga, I do Isha hatha yoga but Leo has some books he posted about kriya that you might find more beneficial if you don’t want to pay, travel and learn from someone who knows what they are actually doing. Do nothing meditation also works pretty well honestly, I do that also, and so does practicing creating non resistant though. Thoughts of appreciation, and gratitude for what you do have and general life are very very powerful not to be underestimated. The trick is don’t make it a part time thing.
  5. @Bryanbrax I do Isha yoga hatha, it takes time to get momentum building up behind the practice, whatever practice you decide to take up just commit to it
  6. So I have been on a regular Hatha Yoga practice for about a month or so now and it has definitely increased my well-being, healing, energy levels, and overall balance phenomenally. For me I was always pretty rigid in certain parts of my body specifically my chest, upper back, and hips/groin area. When I began practicing Hatha Yoga with my Kriya's everyday I didn't notice results right away it definitely took a bit but the past two weeks it has opened my over body, mind, and energies up in amazing ways. From my perspective what happened as I did Hatha Yoga was that it opened up new parts of my body-which is also connected deeply with my unconscious mind- then as I practice kriya this old baggage has more ease in surfacing. It opens my body up to new dimensions and I am sure that as I continue to practice I will become more aware of the subtle nuances of practicing this daily. It has also provided a proper alignment and strengthening for my spine which I have noticed is crucial to my meditation practices as well as my moment to moment practice. Overall I would highly recommend even a short practice, make sure it is proper not just your average hatha yoga or expect some average results which usually just means more flexibility. It has brought me more and more in tune with life, and more overall balance in my system. It doesn't have to be long and can provide many, many benefits.
  7. Amen and hallelujah brother
  8. @Fede83 the details are unimportant the feeling is what is most important, like last months big “dreams or desires” were somewhat the same as this months but it all started with the feeling. More and more my desires have been more and more about becoming Absolutely Balanced, and what that looks like to be in perfect tandem is the feeling I get when I look at the Buddha, his eyes and physical expression is absolutely blissed, intense, and balanced. Once the desire is juicy for you, the rest of the work will begin to commence. You see you can really feel it. Know your inner intelligence perfectly guides you into situation after situation, new circumstance after new circumstance, to lift you to this new place. It might not look like what you WANT, at first and this part is very important to take note of. Many times it won’t be immediately what you want, it will be what you need in order for you to get out of your own way and realize your perfection. It’s almost like the universe begins to immediately heal any part of you that is not on board with this vision and initially that may be painful. Another important aspect of all of this which I don’t know if it was mentioned yet is that it is all about the process, the process, the process, the process. I sometimes get very result oriented, “it’s not here now “ wtf, but more and more lately I see the love of the process, I see the glory of the process, I see that any moment spent non enjoying and resisting life is a gem that I haven’t had the fortune of truly seeing. Dont miss a thing And don’t over complicate it, trust in your feelings and you will naturally see that old habits fall away, because they no longer suit you, and that you are shedding layers of the old “you” so fast, you forgot you ever had those limitations. Your intention, your questioning, and this answer were all your love. Don’t miss it 🙂😉❤️
  9. Hello everybody, I am here to indeed tell you that the dream board is legit as fuck. Straight up. Works like a charm. But one thing that someone might want to be aware of when asking, is the amount of internal momentum that they have from receiving fully like @Nahm said. I can tell you from first hand that indeed there is alot of purification, deep, deep,(gut wrenching feels like your getting hit with a crowbar type) purification from fundamental lack of self love and self worth. Although one need not even worry about what you are getting, knowing what you want is important, but if you want other than an extremely joyful, intention, righteous, powerful life your just a bit silly your desires will be readjusted to tuning yourself up first, then the rest is easy peasy lemon fricken sqeezy. I just figured I'd share a quick review, something light , maybe get some people to laugh at the insanity of all this in the first place or just you know providing a good review so you can buy into this very simple, but unknowingly powerful. I swear there's been stuff on my board that I have forgotten about then maybe months later when I have completely let it go or forgotten about it, it very simply manifested. It has also given me a source of creativity which is similar to a bottomless well that keeps on purging out new ideas with utmost confidence, love and intentionality. The energy that pours through my creations and flows towards me leaves me beyond grateful, and dumbfounded at how little I actually have to do to create my self, and my life Love you very much Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you one more sprinkle for you Love you
  10. @AleksM still looking for accountability partner?
  11. @mandyjw SHE is the most underrated went to a seminar, if you'd like to absorb alot of teaching perfectly suited to you hit up a seminar You'd certainly enjoy it a lot.
  12. @Chumbimba Hey so there are some in Italy as well as in England. Enlightenment intensives are by far very amazing retreats and most definitely are superior to vipassana and pretty much every solo retreat I have ever done. They are most effective if your willing to be Truly authentic, and you want the truth which you do because you are inquiring into it. I have done a 2-week enlightenment intensive in BATH, England and had a massive amount of growth and huge increase in authenticity, emotional stability, and clarity as well as direct experiences and a huge increase in intuition. The ones in Italy are supposed to be really good I think those teachers actually studied and practiced with Lawrence Noyes before he went into Mahasamadhi and discontinued physicality. Also one huge thing I forgot to mention is a huge increase in having deeper and more compassionate interactions with people. Just do it. This is your confirmation. I don't discredit Vipassana's but many people who have done both 3 day enlightenment intensive and 10 day Vipassanas pretty much all agree that Enlightenment intensives are a much more productive endeavor. https://www.enlightenment-intensive.net/en/enlightenmentintensives.php
  13. @VisionaryThere's just very deep truths in it, yes it does do this but think of it maybe more like a pointing toward your SELF. I can totally relate to this though, but as you hear other books, one for me recently has been the TAO TE CHING, it's premium wisdom, lol premium. Packaged the right way premium. Good wisdom is nourishing and so natural it feels delightful. BTW I would totally recommend the books Friendship with God, and Communion with God. They are even better if thats possible
  14. So the other day was the first day I have actually experienced death as a concept and was able to surrender quite gracefully. I began a meditation after my morning Isha Kriya Yoga, and it was in the same category as do nothing meditation. As I let go into deeper and deeper states, a state which everything was just outlined in an absolute beauty began to arise and sensations of erotic and almost feminine kind of love began to flow through my whole being. In this state I could both see and feel the divinity and beauty of EVERYTHING in a very very tangible way. The state was a lot like the imagery and highlights of divinity in this picture below of Krishna everything just had a serene beauty which I was never aware of before, and I could feel it down to a molecular level. After that I could feel this veil of death approaching me like never before and I knew that whatever was happening was going to happen regardless so I really had no choice but to surrender and it was like and inner "okay I am alright with dieing" and being COMPLETELY okay with it. After that the illusion of boundaries was shattered and I entered some state of energetic beauty and all the boundaries I had imagined began dissolving very very rapidly, the same speed dust gets blown away by a passing car. Following this there was an even deeper state that was infinite, and it was by far the most INTENSE state of consciousness that I have ever experienced before and it was a lot on my body . The final state of energetic intensity was quite literally mind blowing and it tore my mind and energies apart. Since then for the past few days has been a pretty random grieving process and quite a reset to my mind. There are parts of my mind and energy that are definitely changed for good after that experience. These Isha yoga practices are quite intense and no joke, follow YOUR OWN guidance system
  15. @Nahm Just reaching out to inform you that YOU have officially won conscious parent of year award. You will be receiving a reward via mail in 3-5 business days