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  1. Thank God I have knew about Leo's video and his resources because without it I would probably be a Scientologist . One of his videos I keep forgetting had a link to a test about your personality and more It was a 360 question test as I remember back. I remember that I was healthy emotional but struggled a bit on putting my idealistic views to reality. Then no too long after that (p.s I took these tests many times varying answers so I could only speak on what felt right to me) I live in Hollywood so I was walking down Hollywood Blvd then I pass by the usual Scientology building by Highland and there were people giving out flyers I decided fuck it I got it and it read Free Personality test! It said this is a legitimate test that Standford University uses. So I wasn't feeling it right then but tomorrow I skateboarded up there and I talked to the lady in the desk and asked for me free test. I was so amazed on how nice and professional she was. She lead me to a seat to watch some basic videos about Scientology. I knew it was a cult but I didn't bother asking them any questions like that. She asked me what do you know about it yadayadayada. And recommended me some books that helped her about relationship and how to be successful and manage your time and money. It seemed right at first nothing bad. I saw their video about their meter to detect sins or something I don't know. She said it's a legit way to do something I forgot. Then she lead me to the room it was so many people waiting I was amazing how caring and passionate they were the staff was from different races and cultures I was shocked. I waited till it was my turn this test took me I say 20 to 25 minutes. I raised my hand indicated I'm done and waited again to talk to one of the guys that is going to evaluate the test. The test had hand eye coordination test to see if your going to be part of a car accident and math test and other psychological test. It was my turn to talk to this guy who had my results. This is when it got ugly This guy vibe was not friendly more like pessimistic and bland. He was checking me out trying to figure me out. He then said my test scores came back really low. He asked me if I took drugs and goes family and where you from and other stuff pertaining this test. I was in shock because It said that I was depressed and low self esteem. That was so weird because I never been like that well it happens to the most of us at times but not like that 24 7. He tried to give me deal on some seminars and books he reccomends he said he doesn't give this secret that this "deal" was the best. My response was basically no thank you etc.etc. He got upset and tried to put me down but I forgot what he exactly said. I was so shocked at this so I left. The only nice person that seemed genuinely trying to help people was the lady in the front and started asking me how did it go and what your results was. I brushed it of and laughed that this doesn't make any sense and I left. If it wasn't for Leo I would have been desperate enough to ask for their help. Thank you leo
  2. Lucid dream helps with unconscious work and it may be an angel guiding you. I say research more about lucid dreams maybe you should follow that advice
  3. Here in this forum. I talked to an enlightened guy in this forum called Mu_ hit him up he will give you a free chakra tune up just message him. When you video chat him on facebook messenger he has a certain aura from him. Very knowlegable very kind.
  4. Since i have been meditating like leo said i also bought this pendant that made me double my sensitivity. I have noticed that people who look down on you is just trying to maintain their flase sense of power over you. Like you are their servant. I notcied this will working and then other workers came and acted superior. I just felt bad for them. I see this everywhere. Narccisist Women and men. Gangsters. Supremacists. Priest. Parents. Friends. Its sad i do it too but Istop by being aware of it. Slowly it will fade away lol
  5. @Mu_ doing good making an effort doing more self inquiry. Since your sessions Ive gained new perceptive on my emotional body. Thank you!
  6. And did you buy any of his products? Im curious if buying his megahydrate and his neurophone will enhance my spiritual journey. For those who dont know who he is he claims that he is the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla. The megahydrate is a mimic of hunza water claiming to be the purest form of water avaliable on earth. And the neurophone is a device that enhances your meditation making it deeper it does other suff too.
  7. @Joseph Maynor ive aten two edible chips bags containing high amounts of THC it was so uncomfortable but it helped me grow it think it was 300mg each bag if hot Cheetos edibles lol not the healthiest pick.
  8. My last time I got high was from edibles anyone knows why I cry ? I cry about emotional stuff from my past I don't really remember what it was because of my ego trying to defend itself. I used to be an avid weed smoker in my high school days I didn't have any deep rooted emotional effects to it I was just high. Now since I'm more Into personal development, meditating everyday and experimented with LSD, MDMA, and Shrooms I can see why this is. But concerned why I get so emotion when I'm high on weed now. I get really sensitive and I act like I'm I'm crack I move involuntary even a simple car trip feels like a rollercoaster to me and social interactions seem impossible
  9. Do you have to do your kriya 3 times morning noon and afternoon? Or can you do 12 rounds each in on session?
  10. I heard little about it . Just wondering about anyone experiences and benefits of it.
  11. @Hellspeed shits and giggles co
  12. It works I'm pretty good chakra wise it's all leveled and open except my throat chakra and a little navel
  13. @lmfao theta made me very calm while gamma made me feel up. Delta is the same as theta . Alpha same as gamma.
  14. @Nahm we heard this a billion times say something original
  15. Watch documentary inner world's outter world's it's on YouTube
  16. Research sofelggio, earth vibration, quantum healing, 3rd eye vibration, theta ,aplha, gamma. I like gamma feels like a cup of coffee. Isochronic you don't need headphones. Normal binural is needed headphones. Takes about 15 to 20 min for it to take effect. Using it for sleep is good. Or basic meditation or for studying
  17. I actually dont know. Contemplate what purging means then compare both concepts.
  18. Its the same ego but you just adding to your persona. Like leo said focus on the formlessness.
  19. Me and my gf will for sure attend in your talk n dinner in LA!
  20. Are you more inclined to do chakra work listening to gurus and doing kriya yoga or more inclined to listen to more like Leo or Rupert and doing normal meditation sessions and self inquiring?