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  1. @Meditationdude How long have you been using it for? What was your dosage? What did you use it for?
  2. I became God my thinking affected reality directly I had chaotic thoughts and it manifested and when I stopped thinking it my reality stopped making it One good insight is you care too much what people think one way to reverse that is to repeat this to yourself that there perspective to my perspective. This is a good mantra because you're practicing emotional intelligence and at the same time reminding yourself that these are just thoughts on what you think what the other person is saying and the only point of reference in this reality is God. Remember when you are in paralysis by analysis that is their perspective, not yours.
  3. I'm moving to Mexico southern part I'm planning to live there start a business Any tips from a spiral dynamics point of view I consider myself stage green type
  4. Look into AVS system helps with meditation almost effortlessly
  5. I just bought this Proycon Mindplace AVS system and it works wonderfully only in one session I feel more focused and have more energy and this presence sense I'm having is way more than I usually have. This is a game-changer.
  6. Phenibut this is a compound that is strong and legal. It feels like your drunk without the impairment. I recommend taking 1 to 2grams they sell in lift mode or any other vendors online. Warning it is addictive the reason to take this is a powerful anti-anxiety medication it is called a nootropic but its technically a drug from Russia. I took this compound for the past two months and it gave me mega confidence I aced a job interview and I'm a boss at social interactions. You take it on an empty stomach since HCL takes a while to settle in. There is also another way FAA also. I never had any experience with acid but I seen reports it works . TRY IT YOULL LIKE IT
  7. Hey I'm planning to move into a stage blue country Mexico but I'm going to the southern part where there is TONS of nature and wondering if I could do my spiritual path over there because I live in a busy city and I can't stand energy that can be so negative and I want to be a sage and meditate all day. Logistics and rent are all covered since I have a house there maybe do Airbnb or start a small business for income. Maybe start a retreat center for shrooms who thinks about this plan?
  8. Just curious I wanna pick brains today ?
  9. I have tried Xanax couple of time , X once , 1 gram of shrooms twice via lemon tek, two instances of LSD half a tab and one full tab, and a bunch of weed so you know Ive been fucked up before. Im thinking of getting some 5 MEO DMT via online but I really want to buy 1CP LSD to get my reference points. So you think I should bite the bullet and try a low dose 5 MEO or high dose or get my reference experience from 1CP LSD??????
  10. try DPT or use drug kits to make sure its real.
  11. try Paris there's, shamanic groups, you can join and meet people there.
  12. im going into my second year of spiritual work my eating habits is better than most i do have emotional issues i have to deal with I want a nondual experience so I can see my petty problems evaporate and see my true Self. I think im gonna buy some 1CP LSD and work my way up then try some DMT then ill go boss mode and do 5 MEO thanks for the feedback . STAY SEARCHING SMOKE 5 LEO DMT
  13. what do you think about Hollywood and about their esoteric content? Spirit cooking, illuminati, freemason, witchcraft. Are they promoting free thought or a satanist agenda?
  15. crown chakra vibration in some hz number i forgot