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  1. >Livestock already takes up nearly 80% of global agricultural land. my mistake - you could be even more wrong - I'm out - this vegan logic is too stupid ...
  2. @Shiva >Factory farmed meat is actually better for the planet you couldn't be more wrong than that - everything is about healthy soil - fungi< - bacteria - plants - animals - in it a complex system - and nothing humans do are better for planet!
  3. no, the fool shiva talks about - said "I never felt better and stronger in my life" - but his doctor said he was going to die because of BAD cholesterol - really? that is stupid - for a doctor say that - and for anyone to believe such nonsense in 2020 - but then again people believe a lot nonsense just turn on the news....
  5. enough limited thinking?! WOW!
  6. no they don't - there is a lot of grassland - and you can even recover desserts to grassland using cows but even in U.S. it can be done it is not the cow it's the how
  7. then you are living in the wrong country.,...
  8. WHAT? REAL cows eat grass and grass only! - and on grassland you can't grow vegetable without an extreme amount of chemicals. and cows on grassland REDUCE the co2 in atmosphere - and methan helps the grass to regrow and 99% of the water they use are rainwater and sorry, nobody should ever eat soy - humans or cows - nobody
  9. Nina Teicholz: big fat surprise Shawn Baker: the carnivore diet
  10. then enjoy your Avocados
  11. rats? bees? snakes? parasites? don't be stupid - nature rules -
  12. don't - but drop the bad stuff; grains, vegetable oil, junk food, plants....
  13. yokes are great thing about eggs