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  1. Being human means being a social creature and we're hard wired to build societies and function within them. Unless someone has a mental disorder we all do reflect and care (some more, some less) about how we're perceived by others. There are brain regions that get formed within the first years and where the 'cultural imprint' happens. Overall that's not a bad thing and has contributed to where humanity is today. However it does lead to suffering too one aspect of it being the individuals fear of being judged. That again stems from lower brain regions that can perceive other people as a potential threat, and beside genetic factors it's early child development that plays the key role here. If our care givers have done a good job with providing us with enough attention, love, guidance and physical contact were at lower risk of developing social anxiety and other neurotic behaviors. If instead, for whatever reason, a child doesn't get those basic needs met, it most likely will suffer from that for the rest of his life in one way or another unless the person goes through some serious therapy. Trauma being the buzzword for sever cases here. We can not entirely outtalk or outthink ourselves of being a crippled people pleaser. On a day to day basis we're run by our emotions. I'd leave the thinking for reflections afterwards and reading in order to get a better understanding of the mechanics that are running you and other people. This is a so called top down approach and part of therapy. Bottom up means involving the body and safe space group interaction. we're already entering trauma therapy territory here, which needs professional guidance, but I think there's some good insights to be gained from that for the 'functional neurotic' too. So, what can be done? Basically: move your ass! The benefits of physical movement on body and mind are countless. Even walking is a great help for a start, but eventually you'd have to move towards increasing flexibility, strength and your cardiovascular system. Strenghen your parasympathetic nervous system with breathing exercises and cold showers and training your voice. Join an improv or speech training group in order to play with your 'persona' in a safe environment. And lastly: see a therapist if your case is more severe. If your upbringing was a mess, there's surely much that has negatice impact on your social life and needs to be worked through. PS I'm not a professional, there's probably better and more profound advice out there than what I was able to give. PPS spirituality is great, but aiming for a nondual experience in order to resolve our oh so human problems is quite a BS if you ask me. That's just escaping... And hinders real spiritual growth. Hugs, R
  2. And two more: - we're hard wired to follow groups and authorities and that turns out to be a trap at some point. Develop more self reliance. - spirituality should not be used as an escape for issues that need therapy.
  3. Love this post and hope it'll grow and get pinned. However here are mine: - there is noch such thing as strong or weak, only trained or untrained - free will is an illusion, therefore willpower is an illusion too - when you think you're done and exhausted, there's actually a lot left in the tank, it's your brain that makes you think you can't get any further - a shitty mind produces shitty ideas, don't trust your mind to much when being on a low operating level of mind - stick to the fundamentals, get those right first - addiction to self-help content is keeping you away from real self-help - don't rely on external advice too much, develop trust in yourself that you can figure shit out too - stillness is key. Truth and real growth are to be found here.
  4. When you THINK you kind of got it, you didn't get it. When you get it, you'll know. And actually I should stop talking about things I haven't grasped myself yet
  5. Hours shouldn't be treated like a guaranteed recipe for financial success. Like work x hours per week for x years and you'll see success. There are hundreds of thousands of people who work as much and hard if not harder as the tech billionaires, but remain at a regular income level.
  6. If done right the idea to tax consumption makes more sense than taxing work/income. The 'trick' of hoarding money in foreign countries or using other tax saving tricks evaporates, wealthy people will automatically pay their taxes as they usually consume more, unless they want to start all over and leave the country. That said, there have to be different taxation on goods for daily needs and luxurious goods/services. Also, not taxing income can result in higher motivation for work and wealth creation among the working class.
  7. I'm quite suspicious of these people too, not a to say i think they're nuts. 1) they charge an insane amount of money for the initiation/giving the mantra. 2) they claim there is scientific evidence for it to be most effective way of meditation. Yeah sure...
  8. Hey Peter, fellow sufferer of anxiety / depression / cptsd here. First of all I would like to remind that you that you're anything but alone with this! Most of the people around us, though they appear to be part of this "normality blob" we call society, do in private suffer form these kind of problems too in one way or another. Yet, in our desperation and narrowed thoughts, we use to think that we're alone with this or that life has dealt us an exceptionally tough hand, but we forget that we all sit in the same boat. I have to agree with Nahm and the others, that thinking your way out of this complex situation entirely, most likely won't work. It feels very intuitive to do so, but life is often times counter-intiuitive. To go even further, our thinking is so strongly influenced by our emotional and physical state, that when being depressed it's usually too shallow and dumbed down and hardly makes a good tool to help us. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself how the quality of your thoughts will improve all by itself once you get to more well-being. Speaking of well-being, there have been a few things mentioned already and I'd like to share this video, which contains some great ideas as well. The tough part is to decide what practice(s) to do and actually do it/them on a regular basis while still being in a negative state at the beginning. Be always patient and kind to yourself - that alone will improve your internal state and leave more energy for the actions ahead! And remember that these actions won't intuitively feel like the best thing to do - so there will be moments of doubt and frustration, which are part of the journey. If possible, have a therapist too, best would be someone who is familiar with western and eastern methods. I hope this hasn't been an overwhelming amount of ideas and wish you all the best.
  9. I find the title of the of the first video to be quite 'clickbait-ish' and therefore misleading. But it's rather the uploader to blamed for that than Kwik himself.... However, if you go through the comments of both videos, you'll find summaries of the main ideas/points (for those folks who don't want to watch the entire video and take notes). And those ideas are neither revolutionary nor new but things that have been known and taught for ages in Ayurveda and Yoga - therein even to a greater depth and aligned with the spiritual path.
  10. Leo Eckhart Tolle Peter Ralston Sadhguru Jaggi Vasuev David Goggins and the Stoics (sounds like a good name for a music band lol)
  11. Hi folks, Avid reader of the forum and long time fan of Leos work from Germany here. Feeling it's ime to get more interactive and finally start participating in the forum. A big Hello to you all! I recently stumbled upon this video covering the concept of "Kayfabe" and thought it's worth being shared and discussed on here. It's about how the narratives in pop-culture, economics and politics are intentionally construced on a way deeper level than we usually think they are. (Maybe same might be said about our Egos and that they do the same with us in order to construct our own narrative... just a thought that popped up in my head while watching. lol) Anyway, it would be intersting to hear your thoughts the concept of Kayfabe... This is the video: And this is the NY Times article that is mentioned there: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/27/magazine/is-everything-wrestling.html